St. Barths: Beach Tote Pack List

There’s a new crush in my life and thy name is St. Barths. This island oasis in the French West Indies has been on my bucket list for an extraordinary long time. The moment international travel restrictions opened up this spring, I immediately booked a long awaited vacation for my BF and I. We loved it so much we are booked again for April 2022!

My fave Luli Fama bikini! Top Bottom

This heavenly island combines the best of everything: it’s French, fashionable, there’s delicious food, it’s oh so chic, the locals are awesome and it has 14 breathtaking turquoise beaches. Exploring the beaches is super fun, but one must be prepared to make the most of it with a well packed beach tote.

Pastel pink Valentino tote bag
This Valentino tote goes seamlessly from the beach to the club and back again!

Some helpful tips I learned on our voyage magnifique!

  • Rosé all day is a FACT. Pack a bottle or two for the beach. Don’t forget the ice and the cork screw.
  • Ice IN your Rosé is accepted and is the norm.
  • Spending all day on the beach (or maybe touring a few beaches) is the lifestyle. Live it, love it, embrace it.
  • Beach clubs are great for day drinking and fine dining. Be prepared to end up back on the beach in your bikini.
  • The smaller the bikini the better, topless is acceptable and quite lovely.
  • Sheer, light fabrics & flip flips are essential.
  • Candy colored pastels are everywhere in the local boutiques. They look très jolie next to the turquoise sea.

Tote Bag: This should be large enough to hold the items in the list that follows.

A trip to the beach is complete without Rosé, Caribe and a tasty picnic….


French Rosé is the BEST!
Bonjour from our deck in St. Barths!
St. Barths beach picnic
Any trip to the beach is extra special with snacks, Rosé and Caribe!

Turkish Towel (aka: Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels): I prefer these thin, elegant cloth towels over thick terry cloth. They dry very quickly are super absorbent and don’t hold onto sand. They also don’t take up much room in your beach tote. They also double as a sarong.

Favorite large brim beach hats

Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat: Protecting your skin & hair with a stylish hat wide brim is essential. Crushable hats are easy to fold and pack. If your hat isn’t crushable it should survive the journey if you make a space for it in your suitcase..pack some socks or tees in the hat (top down) & carefully support the brim with rolled clothes (i’ll make a video for this!). You can also pack your fave non-crushable hat in a stylish hat box.

Hair Products: Your locks need love too, hair can easily dry out and get frizzy in the sun and salt water. Hydration a non-snagging brush and hair ties are great items to have on hand. I’ve become a big fan of the Kerastase line of hair products, it’s worth the investment for sure! Some of these products come in travel sizes which are handy for your beach tote. You can also get the larger sizes and transfer to small travel/TSA friendly bottles.


Best Beach sunglasses
I love my Ray-Bans & this cute floral protective case!

Sunglasses: The water and sand are extra bright, protect your eyes and they will be very happy.

Favorite non goopy sunscreen

Sunscreen: Sunburns suck, so does skin cancer. It’s way healthier to enjoy the great outdoors with a healthy dose of sunscreen.


Marla Meridith St. Barths Poupette St. Barths cover up
When on the island be sure to visit Poupette St. Barth.

Cover-Up: When it’s time to head back to the beach club bar it’s polite and fashionable to put on a cute cover-up. In St. Barths it’s worthwhile to invest in a cover-up that’s sassy enough to take you from day to night.


Luli Fama Swimwear
Luli Fama swimwear looks great on the beach!

Bikini(s): Wear one to the beach and bring another so you always have a dry suit on hand.

Water Bottle: Bottoms up! Stay hydrated with plenty of H2O. BYORB (Bring Your Own Reusable Bottle)

Goveneur beach in St. Barths

Beach Reads: Beaches are for relaxing and for diving into a great book.


Marla Meridith in St. Barths

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~ Marla Meridith

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