Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips on

Dips thrill me. So do chickpeas. Creamy dips transform simple foods into even better food. One of my all time favorite dips is hummus. This simple, versatile spread can be enjoyed with pita, chips, crisp veggies, toast points, crackers, or as a creamy sauce. Hummus can be adjusted to taste. A creamy paste forms easily with garbanzo beans, tahini, spices and lemon.

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips on

I never realized how much I love to dip until after I had kids. I took awareness to the magic in it. Taking something simple like an asparagus spear, piece of broccoli or a cherry tomato and dipping it into creamy hummus, salsa or dressing. Happiness prevails.

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips on

There are endless amounts of flavors and spices you can add to hummus. You can use any type of bean too. Versatile, simple and fresh ingredients are key with the busy lives we lead.

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips on

Lately I have been obsessed with my food processor. It is a one stop shop for savory or sweet sauces and spreads. This kitchen gadget rocks my world. Really.

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips on

Chips are always great dippers. These chips I made out of Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas. A spray of olive oil, pinch of sea salt and a quick toast under a low broiler for 4-5 minutes. Voila! Crispy, healthy chips.

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips on

Recently I was sent a new cookbook to review, Big Bowl of Love by Cristina Ferrare. Not only was Cristina a super model and actress, but she sure knows a thing or two around the kitchen.

These days you can catch her cooking show on Oprah’s OWN network. Her book is loaded with simple, fresh and delicious flavors.

The photos capture her recipes with style, elegance and vibrance. They are shot and styled by the fabulous Todd and Diane, White on Rice Couple.

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips on

If you are looking for recipes that take advantage of bountiful whole food ingredients then Big Bowl of Love is for you.

It is a one stop shop for 150 amazing recipes that are meant to bring people together through food. Cristina’s bright personality shines throughout the headnotes, flavor combinations and recipe selections.

Healthy home cooking recipes in Big Bowl of Love cookbook

I will never forget the moment I cracked into this book at the local Starbucks. Each page flip had me excited for more.

For me cookbooks are inspirational launch pads. I gobble up beautiful photos and ingredient lists and then I re-interpret recipes to suit not only my taste palate, but the gamut of ingredients I have on hand. Cristina has a wonderful, simple hummus recipe in her book. I will not post her recipe here, I encourage you to peek inside yourself to get all the fabulous nibbles.

What is your favorite hummus recipe?


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~ Marla Meridith

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169 thoughts on “Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus with Crispy Chips

  1. I LOVE hummus. I am rarely without it, I always make my
    own, and I have a new flavor all the time. Lately, my favorite has
    been “mixed vegetable” where I just throw in whatever small
    leftover scraps I have to use up. I steam them and then puree. I’ve
    never made one I didn’t like!

    1. Nisrine: Those Ezekiel tortillas actually taste a whole lot better once you toast them. With out heat they are a bit bland – with heat some kind of magic happens. “Spunky Hummus,” I like that. I love the color it turns with the sun-dried tomatoes, and the tomato paste kicks it up some too.

  2. Marla…amazing pics! “It is a one stop shop for savory or sweet sauces and spreads. This kitchen gadget rocks my world. Really.”– love that. I am a dipping queen. I like a little food with my vat of dip 🙂

    The fact that Tood & Diane shot her book…makes me want to tear into it! I bet it’s GORGEOUS!

  3. I love homemade hummus! It beats the pants off of store bought any day. I also love cookbooks and would love to win this one!

  4. I already have a copy of the book so I don’t need to be entered in the giveaway…

    But I just wanted to say your pictures are beautiful. I love the chalkboard approach! And I’d be lost without the double-batch of hummus I make almost every weekend to get me through the week 🙂

    1. Shawnda: I had loads of fun with the chalkboard concept! I am with you, the bigger the batch of hummus the better. It does last a good long time in the fridge too, which is a bonus.

  5. As I was reading your post my oldest took a glance at your photos and said, wow that looks good! There you have it, I happen to concur with him we both happen to love hummus. PS: I already have the book, so you can exclude this little comment from the giveaway. XOXO – Josie

  6. I absolutely LOVE your labeled photos – so cute and
    original. This hummus looks fantastic. My favorite kind of hummus?
    It’s a toss-up between roasted red pepper version or one with
    kalamata olives.

  7. I just picked up some Tahini this weekend to make hummus! I
    love lemony hummus, but I have some sun dried tomatoes in my fridge
    right now so I may have to try this. They aren’t in oil – do you
    think they go bad in the fridge? I’m also going to make chocolate
    chip maple hummus as a dessert soon!

    1. Kulsum: I remember when I first saw your gorgeous fatteh hummus recipe. It looks creamy & heavenly. Must try it over here – a full meal indeed. Glad you like the blackboard. My kids could not keep their hands off it when I was done with my shoot!

  8. First off I love how you set up your photos for this. The
    different elements are too cute! Dipping is so much fun. My
    favorite flavor of hummus is roasted red pepper. White beans have
    been really fun for bean dips lately too. My food processor is one
    best friend in the kitchen. I love a time saving tool!

    1. Heather: I have been seeing white bean hummus all over the web and I am so tempted by it. The lighter color would also show off all the other ingredients too. Must try!

    1. Rachel: Thanks so much for sharing that hummus link. Love the green color and flavor combo. Jalapeno & cilantro is now on my must try list.

  9. My fave hummus is whatever my friends serve me when we are over – I am the only one in my family who loves it so I don’t make it very often!

    1. Maris: I almost went with kalamata hummus for this post, next time. Those olives are an ingredient that is universally loved in my house. Thank goodness for that!

  10. I’m such a hummus lover. My favorite is artichoke hummus…it’s amazing. Your pictures are beautiful Marla! I love how you made your chips with my favorite tortilla wraps!

    1. Aggie: Do you have a link for your artichoke hummus. Sounds amazing – I assume you use marinated artichokes or no?? Glad to hear you are on the team Ezekiel too!

  11. Mmm, hummus with EXTRA garlic is my absolute favorite. I
    love toasting pita bread, and cutting them up into toast points for
    dippers- as well as any kind of raw veggie 🙂

  12. Hummus with red peppers, garlic, oregano, pine nuts, olive
    oil, salt, cumin, and lemon, and ofcoarse chickpeas!

  13. I love a variation on hummus that is made with white beans,
    olive oil, garlic and honey, also a hint of cumin. It’s delicious
    with Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers and veggies:)

    1. Colleen: I have been hearing so much about those Mary’s Gone Quackers. I have not yet tried them. Think they are gluten free? Love the addition of honey to your savory hummus.

    1. Amanda: That mellow garlic hummus from Fine Cooking sounds wonderful. Like the way they cook the garlic first to simmer down the flavor.

  14. My favorite hummus is from Trader Joes. It’s a three layer hummus with plain hummus, Jalapeno hummus and roasted red pepper hummus!

    1. Mac: We love the line of hummus at Trader Joe’s, gotta admit I have never had one there that I did not like. The three layer one is wonderful.

  15. This recipe looks so good! I’ve never made hummus, but have wanted to try it! My favorite kind is with garlic, but honestly, I’ve only tried a few flavors. I would love to win the cookbook, it sounds great!

  16. I love hummus… pretty much all kinds! I love the basic one I make with garlic, tahini, evoo, and lemon juice. Dip some crackers in it.. yummo! Thanks for the chance!

  17. Your addition of dried tomatoes to this hummus is an great innovation that I absolutely and positively plan to copy. Luckily, I have all the ingredients on hand except the Ezekiel’s tortillas. Such a smart, healthy idea too to use those as chips!

  18. Hummus is for sure my favorite dip to have around and this post is reminding me that I haven’t made it in far too long! It looks like yours is just the right amount of creamy, tahini-infused deliciousness! My favorite hummus to date has been a cilantro jalapeno version I make that is a mimic of one sold at Trader Joe’s. Addictive!

    1. Joanne: I love all the hummus at Trader Joe’s. Seems to be they are the go-to store bought hummus for all of us. Think I need to develop recipes for each flavor. A fun project, dont’cha think?!

    1. Kimby: My kids and hubs loved munching on those after the photo shoot. Veggies become so much more tempting when we pretty up the presentation. My 4 year old was digging into the celery & asparagus like it was candy! Note to self: must do this all the time 😉

  19. I like traditional hummus with pine nuts and a swirl of olive oil on top. I’m also growing to like ones that mix in roasted peppers too!

  20. Love the idea of sun dried tomatoes in hummus…not only add color and flavor as well. Great pictures and have a wonderful week ahead Marla 🙂

  21. I love hummus with spinach and artichokes. Your hummus with the sudried tomatoes sounds wonderful. I will have to try that real soon.

  22. I just “liked” you on facebook. My very picky eater daughter loves hummus. It is one thing that I can always count on that she will eat.

    1. Mimi: It is awesome when we can find things out picky eaters love. At least hummus is a healthy food for her. Sometimes it’s not that easy!

  23. I love any kind of hummus and very excited to try making it myself! Thanks for the recipe. I found out about your blog from Picky-Palate!

    1. Debbie: I am so glad you found me. Jenny (Picky Palate) is an awesome friend of mine. Love that girl and her blog. I look forward to your visits 🙂

    1. Lauren: Yes, you gotta try making your own. When you realize how simple, easy and quick it is – you will wonder why it took so long to try DIY hummus. That is how I felt at least.

  24. Oh my gosh your photo + illustration is to DIE for it is so cute! Chickpeas are one of my favourite foods…and hummus, well that is an obsession! That is funny because I have made chips with those same tortillas before…they are so good!

  25. Yum… Hummus! I love how versatile hummus is. I like adding Kalamata olives to my hummus for extra flavor. Although roasted garlic is always a classic flavor too.

  26. I love all kinds of hummus. One of the most interesting flavors that I’ve tried from the local farmer’s market is peanut butter flavored hummus.

  27. I have a hummus recipe where I blend in sweet pepperdews and hummus. It’s awesome! I Liked on Facebook and even put on my One Mile One Meal wall. So happy to find your site 🙂

  28. Love Love Love this! Hummus how I love thee and this cookbook sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try out both! My favorite hummus would have to be this spicy avocado hummus I make with pine nuts! So good! Thanks for visiting the other day- so glad you did so I could find your site! Will be keeping in touch! Oh and would love for you to enter my recipe challenge next wed. you can see the details on my sidebar – just click on the recipe challenge button

    1. Jessica: Thanks for stopping by. Spicy jalapeno hummus sounds awesome. Do you have a link to the recipe? Are there garbanzo beans of tahini in there?

  29. Hi Marla, I’m not entering but I just had to say what a beautiful post and the diagram photos are genius! 🙂 Hope you’re having a nice day!

  30. I know I’m late for the giveaway (boo) but I had a question. How well do you think the hummus would turn out if I left out the tahini? I’m allergic to sesame but love hummus. I usually try to eat only a little so I don’t break out in hives….haha. Not really the best thing to do.

    1. Brandy: I would totally try the hummus without the tahini if you cannot eat it. Silly, don’t eat the sesame seeds if you are allergic to them. I would add a little more olive oil or oil from the sun dried tomatoes. Might sound weird, but maybe a dab of almond butter would add that creaminess. Adjust oil or nut butter for taste and texture.

  31. I’ve been eating a ton of hummus lately. It really fills me up for being a vegetarian meal. I get a spicy garlic hummus from trader joe’s that is really good 😉

    1. Carrie, I am in love with so many of the hummus flavors at Trader Joe’s. I dig how many flavors they have too & that they are so natural.