Roasted Kale Chips


Super Fit Kale Chips on MarlaMeridith.com

Are you looking to add some crunch to your day in a satisfying healthy way? Well have I got the thing for you. Often we buy overly processed, too salty tasteless snack foods. Have you ever tried kale chips? They have been all the rage for some time now. When roasted in the oven kale takes on a crunch that will satisfy any kind of crunchy cravings. They are a bit delicate and not really meant for dipping. You can use a spoon for that.

Super Fit Kale Chips on MarlaMeridith.com

This leafy green has tons of nutrients. I love it lightly steamed, sauteed and as a bed for a big hunk of salmon. If you have experienced this veggie and found it wasn’t your thing I bet these chips could convert you. I take ’em on the road too. Better than bags of processed stuff.

Super Fit Kale Chips on MarlaMeridith.com

Roasted Kale Chips


  • You can add more nutrients and a cheesy flavor with Nutritional Yeast.  Sprinkle some on before you bake.
  • These are best straight out of the oven. You can still munch on them later, store in a paper bag to keep chips dry and crispy.
  • Sometimes parts of the chips might appear soggy after baking, still pull them out of the oven before they burn. They will crisp up when left out uncovered for a few hours.


  • 1 bunch organic Kale
  • Olive Oil Spray
  • Garlic Salt or Sea Salt
  • Smoked Paprika or any other spice you like! (Cumin, Curry Powder, Garam Masala, Chinese 5 Spice, Herbs de Provence, Thyme, Oregano, etc…)


Preheat oven to 350˚F with the rack in the middle. Rinse kale & dry it well in a salad spinner or blot with paper towels. Trim leafy parts from stem and tear leaves into bite sized pieces. Spray leafs lightly with olive oil or cooking spray. Season with salt and/or spices according to taste. You will not need as much salt as you might think. Arrange pieces in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes or until crisp. Turn a few times with tongs while to ensure an even crispiness on both sides. Your chips should come out crispy and slightly browned on the edges. Once they start browning they burn quickly so be sure watch them carefully. Adjust seasoning if desired.


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~ Marla Meridith

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38 thoughts on “Roasted Kale Chips

  1. I love kale chips, and it’s been too long since I made them! I like to sprinkle a little parm cheese on top before cooking…so good! That’s a great tip about storing them in a paper bag, I always wondered if they would stay crispy!

  2. Kale Chips…girl. TRY these, please. They are one of my best recipes, the nooch (nutritional yeast) gives them a cheezy but vegan taste..OMG, like butttttah going down.

    or here

    Same concept, 2nd link gives you a slightly smaller batch. No dehydrator? Low oven 2ooF, watch like a hawk, flipping every 15 mins as necessary.

    Thank you soooo much for the yoga retreat linkage and yes, I cannot wait to do the interview, you’re the best, Marla!!!! And I hope you’re enjoying TRde.


    1. Lily: Sorry to read you burnt a batch of kale chips. Yup, you do need to watch them carefully towards the end of baking time. Once they get crispy they should get pulled out of the oven. You can always throw them back in a bit.

  3. I’ve learned if you take them out of the oven and they are still a little soft, they usually crisp up once they cool down. I’ve burned a few batches in my day (to the comment above me).

    Kale chips have changed my life. My kids love them, my husband loves them, I love them. They are the perfect side to a black bean burger. I sometimes wonder…can one eat too much kale? I’m being serious…

    1. Aggie, you are so right! I baked a batch in Telluride this weekend & they were not crisping up as quickly as I would have liked. In order not to burn them I took them out of the oven a bit soggy. Thought they were gonna end up in the trash. In a few hours they were perfectly crisp & thankfully not burnt at all. I will add this to the notes in the post. “Can one eat too much Kale?” I thought the same thing…..probably not as long as it is organic.

  4. I just made these. Man, I would have never tried Kale unless I did something like this. These are great! They bake down quite a bit, so I would suggest people getting double what they think they will want. You may have to bake them in two batches, but they will be gone in no time, so well worth it! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. A great recommendation Erin. A double batch is a smart idea. I could polish off one bunch of baked chips on my own. Isn’t it amazing how great these taste! I’m so glad I got you to love kale 🙂 Thanks for your uplifting comment!

      1. I do have a question about storing them. I put them in a container and they are starting to soften. Do I just leave them out, open, so they don’t get soft? I want to be able to take them to work or even the movies, but that requires bagging them or putting them in some kind of container. How do you suggest to keep them crunchy?

  5. I just saw a post about storing them in a paper bag. I will try that. They won’t last too long anyway. I hope they crisp back up. I will have to leave them out overnight, unless I can find a bag now. Thanks again!

  6. I love these, as do my kids! My favorite is just plain with a little sea salt but I also love a little parmesan cheese!

  7. I tried these tonight…and they do have a nice crunch and they’re perfect with some garlic salt. I have a question though…are they suppose to shrink, like a lot?

    I rinsed the leaves and patted them dry with a towel before putting them in the oven – but they might not have been completely dry, so I wasn’t sure if the reason they shrunk was because of that, or if that’s just what happens.

  8. thanks for the great recipe! if storing, how long do i leave them out after baking before putting them in a paper bag for storing? i think i bagged mine too soon after baking and they got all soggy :~(