Essential Travel Oatmeal

Budget travel breakfast recipe by Marla Meridith

I have to let you guys in on a little secret….even when I travel I stay on my game when it comes to food. Eating right at all times makes me feel great and there is no exceptions to that rule. I am a huge fan of breakfast and couldn’t imagine skipping my favorite meal of the day. I travel often and always pack these oatmeal packets, one baggie per day. Not only do I wake up before most hotels turn on their ovens (4am) but I don’t want to spend the money on room service eating mushy $20 oatmeal.

Budget travel breakfast recipe

If you are traveling with your kids, then this is a convenient way to have breakfast at the ready. There is no need to spend gobs of money on room service or drag everyone out to find a restaurant. With jet lag and wacky sleep schedules you can rest assured that bellies will get fed when they need it most when you BYOO – Bring Your Own Oatmeal.

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It is a guarantee that I wake up starving. I agree with all the nutritionists that say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After hours of sleep our bodies need a good boost of fuel to kick start the day. I would never deprive myself of a nourishing and tasty hot breakfast. I look forward to each and every one of my 6 meals a day.

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My travel oatmeal is a lean, hearty combo of whole grain carbs, dried fruit, protein (powdered egg whites) nuts, cinnamon, a dash of salt and a packet of stevia powder. That is all there is to it. I pre-measure all the ingredients for each travel pack with my digital kitchen scale.

Budget travel breakfast recipe

With the hotel coffee maker I am in business. Before I brew my coffee I run water through the coffee maker and voila, boiling hot water to make my oatmeal.While my oatmeal steeps, large quantities of coffee are made. Breakfast is served. On my terms.

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Budget travel breakfast recipe

Many of my readers call me “the stevia queen” so what better than to be a part of this fun Twitter party. The hashtag for the event is #SweetandSkinny and you can follow along on Tweetgrid.

From cakes to cookies, oatmeal, french toast, muffins and pancakes. My sweetener of choice is stevia. You can read about why I left refined sugars behind and switched to this low glycemic, skinny sweetener.

Budget travel breakfast recipe

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~ Marla Meridith

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225 thoughts on “Essential Travel Oatmeal

  1. Fave dessert *this week* would be the Magic Eight Bars I made.

    Ask me again next week 🙂

    “travel oatmeal is a lean, hearty combo of whole grain carbs, dried fruit, protein (powdered egg whites) nuts, cinnamon, a dash of salt and a packet of stevia powder.” = THAT is great info!!!!

    1. Hi Averie! I know, you and I are the stevia queens 🙂 Your Magic Eight Bars are awesome girl. I want to dive right into those photos. Magical, yes?!

    1. Hi Danitza, you are so right about the texture of Truvia. I love it for it’s granulated texture & that little bit of crunch. Churros?? How fabulous, especially with the cinnamon!

    1. Hey Marci, great minds think alike 😉 I think we discussed on Twitter how essential it is that we travel with our own food. It is so easy & tasty! How was Aspen?

  2. Oatmeal isn’t a desert, but I’m going to say it anyways because of this post! I could literally eat it for every meal, snack, and dessert of the day 🙂 I am going to Boulder on Friday and I am totes going to pack my own oatmeal.

    1. Hi Lee. Yes, the bowl is from Anthro – can’t get enough of that place! As far as that oatmeal goes, I am with you, it absolutely dubs as a dessert. Boulder, how fun! What are you doing there? I was there last year for the Food & Light Photography event. Had the BEST time. Enjoy your oats on the road!

    1. Georgia, if Grandma Pellegrini uses stevia than I know I am onto a sure thing! Some folks are freaked to make the change, but when they try it they are pleased. I cannot even taste the difference anymore between stevia & sugar. Sugar does not agree with me anyway so it’s a no go.
      I am coming over to your place for those yogurt dips & puddings!

  3. Funny — my favorite breakfast is oatmeal! And I, too, always travel with a cooler packed of food, including baggies of oatmeal, flax, craisins, and slivered almonds so I can whip up my oatmeal any time, any place! But it’s not complete without adding a single-serving packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Nut Butter for some protein and a bit of sweetness. 🙂

    1. Natasha, I also bring those single servings of Justin’s Nut Butter. I love their natural PB & almond butters. I will add that to the post 🙂 Glad to hear you are a fellow prepared traveler. We would need to take turns using that coffee maker 😉

  4. Love Oatmeal and love that you are up at 4am my little energizer bunny friend!!! Still not sold on the Truvia thing – give me honey, maple or agave syrup any day – but glad it’s working well for you.

    1. Hey Lucy, I get that. At least I have you on the oatmeal thing. The only hotel breakfasts that were worth my time this year were at the Grand Velas. Nothing like an elegant meal any time of day that is all included in my hotel fee 😉
      And let’s not forget mini bars with m&m’s & wine…..

  5. If I could have oatmeal, that would be my fave breakfast AND dessert – at least for a week or so. Fingers crossed this giveaway is open to non-US residents!

    1. Hi Anne, unfortunately this giveaway is open to my US readers only. Hopefully down the road I can talk PR into shipping internationally. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.

  6. My favorite breakfast lately has been toasted oat bran with milk poured on top to cool it off and a huge glob of sunflower butter. I’ll sweeten my toasted oat bran with stevia and cinnamon.

    This is a great giveaway!

  7. Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast too, even in the summer. I keep packets of it in my desk at school because I like to go in early and have breakfast while reviewing the day’s work. I’ve never added powdered egg whites or protein powder to mine though- I’m going to start doing that! 🙂

    1. Betty, the protein gives the oatmeal a lot more holding power. So do the nuts. Anything to keep the energy levels high, the mind functioning and the belly happy!

  8. I’m an oatmeal fan as well. I make all kinds – one is tropical (unsweetened coconut, dried pineapple & cashews.)

  9. My favorite breakfast is an egg scramble. I’m more into savory for breakfast, but truvia at all other times of the day. 🙂

  10. if you asked me last month what’s my favorite breakfast meal I didn’t know what to answer. I used to skip breakfast quite often.
    Now, after some health issues I’m having my oatmeal every single morning and I’m growing to love it.
    One question Marla : egg white powder is the same as meringue powder or something else. Never had before.

    1. Hi Roxana, that is a great question. I just did some research and it looks like they are not the same at all. The egg white powder is a pure product with no other ingredients whereas the meringue powder is for pastries and has egg whites, sugar & guar gum. I’ll be sticking with the pure egg whites for sure 😉

  11. If you are a gastronomic adventurous and care to try something different, Just step into Hotel StudioEstique early in the morning and enjoy some delicate & healthy food without an enduring hollow in your pocket.

    1. Hey there Studioesque Hotel…looks like you guys are in India? How fun! I would love to get there someday to enjoy one of your “delicate and healthy” food 🙂

  12. I love cinnamon toast (Truvia + cinnamon) on Food for Life bread or OATMEAL. It is the number one fav because of ALL the different combos. I can have it everyday of the week and put new add ins to make it fun and never boring! Thanks for the chance and have a great day!

  13. 4AM?!?!? You are a rockstar. I get up at six and thought THAT was early.

    I never ever ever miss breakfast. I love it too much. And I SO travel with oatmeal also. It’s so deliciously dependable!

    1. Joanne, we are two very driven ladies. I started waking up at 4am when work got busier and I needed a bunch of “me” time in the morning. I love my long, quiet, hot breakfast and then a few hours of work time before my kids wake up. Miss breakfast? Never, ever.

  14. I’m a big fan of nonfat Greek yogurt with fresh or thawed frozen berries, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and if I’m feeling really daring some slivered almonds or Kaski 7 grain cereal sprinkled on top.

  15. I love your travel oatmeal mix, Marla! There’s a little bit of everything in there for a delicious meal and healthy fuel. Thanks for hosting this giveaway — oats are my favorite breakfast! 🙂

    1. Aimee, these little oatmeal packs are great on the plane too. All you need to do is badger the flight attendants for some extra cups and hot water. Simple & way better than that nasty airplane food. xo

  16. I get up early as well and start with a glass of hot lemon water. Then I either get to a 6am yoga class or go for a walk(today I walked).Then I come home and make a protein shake; organic blueberries, a bit of yogurt. I am not a coffee drinker, but I am into combining a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder and a bit of espresso powder, make a paste with boiling water and add it to the blender. I get my chocolate fix in the am which is satisfying me for the rest of the day! Loving the oatmeal to go, Marla! Brilliant!

  17. Hi Marla-

    My favorite breakfast (lately) is one egg with chopped garlic scapes, cooked in coconut oil and some brown rice or potatoes. My fiance cooks and packs my breakfast for me every day, so it’s always a surprise as to what I will get (always healthy and delicious, though)!

    I LOVE stevia, but have not tried Truvia yet. I am interested experiencing the nice granulated “crunch” you mentioned!!

    1. Melissa, are you a lucky gal or what! Awesome that your fiance makes you these amazing healthy & tasty breakfasts. Those eggs in coconut oil sound amazing 🙂

  18. Also, I saw that you eat 6 meals per day. May I ask what they normally consist of? I like to eat about 5-6 small meals/snacks per day, as well. It really keeps my energy levels up!

    1. 6 meals per day: Larger whole grain, carb dense breakfast, lunch & dinner are volume based with mostly veggies and then mindful portions of healthy fats & lean protein. My mid morning snack – a small muffin (my kind: sugar free, whole grain) or such with some nut butter, same in the afternoon between lunch & dinner. Before bed, thick fat free greek yogurt with stevia and peanut butter. I must do a post on this. I do however have a post called Mini Meals you might be interested in.

      1. Wow, that sounds a lot like what I eat! I need my carbs in the morning, for my mid-morning snack, and at dinner (post-workout), but the rest of my meals consist mainly of lean protein and tons of veggies, as well! It’s so nice having a bunch of tasty little meals to look forward throughout the day 🙂

  19. I love to eat rolled oats, uncooked with ground flax, honey and vanilla soymilk. Nice alternative for oatmeal on a hot morning.

    1. Paula, no matter what the breakfast is-excellent coffee & lots of it are essential! Let’s do pancakes, oatmeal & coffee together some day, OK?!

  20. My favorite breakfast is my Jar Breakfast parfait. I make 1/4 cup of overnight oatmeal (oatmeal, 1/4 cup of milk, pinch of chia seeds and sprinkle of cinnamon) stick in the fridge. In the morning I layer a mason jar in the following orer: 1/4 cup of greek non-fat plain yogurt, strawberries & blueberries, over night oatmeal, 1/2 Tbsp of Almond Butter, 1/4 cup of the greek yogurt, more berries and topped with granola.

    It’s so good and fills me for hours!

  21. My favorite breakfast is definitely pancakes of any flavor!! Yum!! Dessert will always be brownie a la mode!

  22. My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs in the microwave. SO fast and easy and no added oil/butter as I would w/ the stove method. Also love honey vanilla greek yogurt w/ half an emerald nut breakfast blend packet added. Don’t forget the coffee!!!

  23. I make whole grain, fruit and nut muffins or bread. I eat 1/2 cup of steel cut oats and a muffin or slice of bread, a glass of V8 Fusion, and usually a banana. Gets and keeps me going all morning!

  24. Your breakfast idea is brilliant – I love the addition of the powdered egg whites for protein, I always feel a bit of a rush if I have too many carbohydrates for breakfast so always like to have some protein in there. I am not sure we have Stevia here in the UK, i haven’t ever seen in.

  25. its hard to not to love a good ol pile of pancakes.
    buuuut my favorite breakfast would have to be a runny egg over spinach and tomatoes with a rudi’s english muffin for dipping! with grainy garlic mustard. mmmm.

  26. LOVE love love this idea! Does it count as an entry if you “tweet” on facebook? Just did, so I’m hoping. ..

  27. I LOVE oatmeal. I eat it at least once a day. Usually for breakfast I’ll do overnight oats, but if I get up early enough I like cooking up oat bran + oats +peanut flour. NOMS.

  28. During summer, it’s protein/yougurt smoothies made with fresh fruit and even veggies (can’t taste the carrots or spinach!).

    1. Christine, it is amazing how much nutrition & flavor we can pack into smoothies. Neat that you can toss in the veggies and just taste the fruit!

  29. Marla, what a great idea for traveling! I travel with food too, usually for the plane ride and our first meal on the ground. This is a terrific idea – we’re going on a trip soon, so this will be in my suitcase 😉

    1. Kate, it is essential over here & I would put that in all CAPS but then it would sound like I am screaming 😉 Glad to hear you are a breakfast junkie too 🙂

  30. My favorite breakfast probably is oatmeal. I love the plain so I can add whatever to suit my craving at the moment. I love this idea of bringing little baggies when traveling. It’s something I’m definitely going to remember.

    1. Plain is the only way to go for me too. I also don’t like the quick cook oats, kinda taste like card board to me. These cook up fast enough & waaayy more flavor than those little pre packaged store bought deals. So glad you stopped by 🙂

  31. I love this oatmeal!! What a fantastic idea! I too wake up starving and tend to be a bit grumpy when I don’t find something to eat soon enough. And, I love the fact that it has egg whites in it too. Thanks, Marla! This is SO great!

  32. 2 scrambled eggs and cottage cheese with a glass of milk starts my day! Although I do really like yogurt with some granola mixed in.

  33. My favorite breakfast would have to be healthy muffins. With eggs on the side if time allows. Great giveaway!

  34. I love oatmeal and eat it often, but I think my favorite breakfast would be pancakes topped with lots of fruit and a drizzle of syrup. It’s definitely a decadent treat when I have them!

  35. My favorite breakfast is a fresh, homemade belgian waffle topped with strawberries and bananas and real maple syrup!

  36. Gosh, it’s too bad I’m just reading this now – I’d have loved to join you ladies on Twitter last night!

    My oh my, you certainly do have your traveling breakfast down to a science! I love it. It’s totally something I would (and now will) do, and it’s comforting to know there are others out there who enjoy homemade, simple and nutritious breakfasts no matter where they are.

    Favorite breakfast – and this is just purely coincidental – oatmeal! But mine must be topped with a spoonful of nut butter. I love the way it melts over the oats!

  37. I am afraid this is a common answer, but I love oatmeal. In the summer, I like to switch to greek yogurt and fruit, which I sweeten with a little stevia.

  38. My fave breakfast is creamy non-fat Greek yogurt mixed with Stevia and fresh, chopped strawberries. Color and delicious <3

  39. I love your idea of portable “gourmet” oatmeal packets! Also, my favorite trail mix is much like your toppings: pistachios, craisins and chocolate chips.

    My favorite breakfast is egg casserole. I usually make one for the week and reheat a block with my copious cups of coffee before hitting the road to work.

    1. Beverly gotta have those “copious amounts of coffee” The egg casserole is really smart. I am a big fan of those too. Life is good when I have a big frittata in the fridge. Always handy for a slice at any meal.
      Love the way you say “gourmet oatmeal” I certainly feel that way when I eat it 🙂

  40. I love that you pack your own oatmeal. Such a great way to guarantee breakfast! I’m also really interested in stevia. I have yet to cook with it but I have a feeling it would be great for my diet. Fingers and toes crossed I win this awesome giveaway!!!

    My favorite breakfast is my grandma’s homemade country breakfast. She makes a spread like you wouldn’t believe! Her sausage and biscuits are the best 🙂 (Although totally not good for me….haha)

    1. Brandy, I bet that breakfast your grandma makes is beyond fabulous! Stevia has really allowed for me to enjoy sweets again. I am sugar intolerant and this is the perfect way for me to enjoy sweet, stay slim and not have energy crashes. Hopefully someday you can try it too 🙂

  41. What a tough question….. I’d probably say my favorite breakfast is a fossil between a bowl of cap’n crunch and Belgian waffles a la mode :^)

    1. Daniela, interesting breakfast combo! I have not had cap ‘n crunch in years. Had to sneak that kinda thing as a kid – only had access to the sugary cereals at summer camp, college etc. Feasted……

  42. Wow. This is an amazing idea and I am shocked that I have never thought of it before (mostly because I continue to eat oatmeal for breakfast in a climate where it is 35C every day). It is my favorite daily breakfast though on a day when I have more time/energy I do love fried potatoes with eggs and sometimes ham or sausage.

  43. my favorite dessert is a flaky apple pie slice topped with good quality ice cream. My favorite on the go breakfast is a fantastic breakfast cookie using healthy ingredients.

  44. Your oatmeal sounds delicious! I love to put frozen fruit i mine while it cooks. I may need to dehydrate some berries to add in when we travel!

  45. This is my ultimate traveling meal, but I’ve never thought to add powered egg whites or protein powder… good tip!