Valentine’s Popcorn Snack Mix

Valentine's Popcorn Snack Mix |

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is next week? Wow! Where is the time going? I guess it’s the perfect time to celebrate love, romance & most importantly…chocolate!

My Valentine’s Popcorn Snack Mix can be tucked inside a lunchbox, handed out to your co-workers or brought on road trip. Or just snacked on in your house.

Valentine's Popcorn Snack Mix |

So what’s in this sweet & crunchy medley anyways?

Well we’ve got coconut popcorn, mini marshmallows, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, Hershey’s Kisses (everyone needs a kiss!) semi-sweet chocolate chips, cherry licorice bites & anything else you can dream up!

Valentine's Popcorn Snack Mix |

Red & pink M&M’s would be super fun too. Not to be found in Telluride though.

Valentine's Popcorn Snack Mix |

Part of the thrill of living here is you have an abundance of nature & remote living. But sometimes you can’t find certain food items when you want them. Oh well I say.

Valentine's Popcorn Snack Mix |

Enjoy your Valentine & your popcorn!

Valentine's Popcorn Snack Mix |


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~ Marla Meridith

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17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Popcorn Snack Mix

  1. Thanks for linking up my Parmesan Ranch Snack Mix & for pinning it earlier today! You’re the best, Marla!! 🙂 Just pinned this one.

    I love the big red licorice nibs. I would cherry pick those right out!