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Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl

Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl |

Ladies & gents it’s time for a super healthy recipe that can serve you best for lunch & dinner. Heck, you can snack on it too, should you desire.

This Soba Noodle Bowl is supercharged with nutrients, micro nutrients & loads of great for ya flavors & textures.

Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl |

There is so much in this noodle bowl beyond the Soba noodles

Bok Choy.

Pickled Ginger.

Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl |

Wakame Seaweed.

Extra Firm Tofu.

Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl |

Shitake Mushrooms.

Sesame Seeds, Toasted Sesame Oil, Garlic Oil & Tamari Soy Sauce bring in more flavor.

Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl |

If you use 100% Buckwheat Soba then is recipe is also gluten free. And vegan.

Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl |

Enjoy your noodle bowl!


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~ Marla Meridith

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24 thoughts on “Vegan Soba Noodle Bowl

  1. Well this looks delightful. I’m not sure I would eat the seaweed, but I would eat everything else. Maybe I would substitute the seaweed with collards or kale.