Vegan Whipped Cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha

Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream {vanilla, mocha, coffee & chocolate flavors} | recipe on

Did you know that you can make homemade whipped cream out of coconut milk?! Oh yes you can and it might just be one of the best things you will ever taste.

In your lifetime….

Especially when you can make it in so many tempting flavors. Why have just vanilla ( though vanilla is amazing! ) when you can have naturally flavored chocolate, coffee and mocha too?

The sky is the limit here. Try some berry flavored creams too. ‘Tis the season!

*You can also see my recipe for Homemade Whipped Cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry

Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream {vanilla, mocha, coffee & chocolate flavors} | recipe on

I have been dreaming about making this vegan coconut cream for a while now. I first saw this recipe on one of my favorite vegan blogs ~ Healthy Happy Life

I often refer to Kathy’s coconut whip in my recipes. I figured it was time to post this genius creation!

Let’s take a closer look at my 4 flavors, shall we?

Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream {vanilla, mocha, coffee & chocolate flavors} | recipe on

There is really nothing to it. You put a few cans of full fat coconut milk (don’t use the light kind or it won’t whip) in the fridge overnight. You scoop out the thick creamy part. Then you whip it all up in in your mixer. Sweeten the whole batch, divide into portions and whisk in your flavorings.

Now that is easy huh!

Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream {vanilla, mocha, coffee & chocolate flavors} | recipe on

I pair this coconut cream with everything! You can enjoy it in my  Gluten Free Banana Cream Pie. You will crave it on your Extra Crumbly Plum Crisp and crumbles as well. My Vegan Chocolate Banana Scones would taste amazing dipped in this cream too!

Pipe onto cakes, muffins or cupcakes or just eat it by the spoonful!

Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream {vanilla, mocha, coffee & chocolate flavors} | recipe on

I love it with Coconut Blueberry Oatmeal, stirred into Homemade Skinny Frappucciono’s and Skinny Chocolate Lover’s Milkshakes. Try some on a stack of Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes or a dollop on Tutti Fruitti Stuffed French Toast.

You can also use this as coffee creamers. Really the sky is the limit!

Vegan Coconut Whipped Cream {vanilla, mocha, coffee & chocolate flavors} | recipe on

This recipe is great for folks on Paleo, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free diets.

Have you ever made coconut whipped cream? If so what are some other flavors to try?


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~ Marla Meridith

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80 thoughts on “Vegan Whipped Cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha

  1. I always keep a jar of coconut milk in the fridge because I LOVE making coconut milk whipped cream. It is the best!!! so tasty and so easy. I’ve made vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and cinnamon cream before…but I love the idea of coffee!

  2. Gorgeous. The recipes themselves (love coconut milk) and have never whipped it quite to that frothy state. But the photos…truly every shoot just looks better than the last. Love the old planks and yes, I can tell they are really actually vintage and not made to look vintage. I need to shop where you shop 🙂

    1. Averie, YOU would LOVE this coconut whipped cream!!! I mean lick off the spoon GREATNESS!! The “old planks” is actually a recent vintage table score ~ I flipped when I saw it tucked + hidden in the corner of a local antiques store. I mean doesn’t everyone want an OLD FARM TABLE??? Yes, you and I should go prop shopping some day soon. xo

  3. coconut milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who knew. love it. coconut cream pie and coconut milk whipped cream its a dream come true
    i am in canada. kristine (your biggest canadian fan) and i are going to whip up a little coconut whipped cream for our pancakes tomorrow morning, the kids will love it! us too!!

  4. I have been thinking about the possibility of whipped coconut milk into thick cream for a long time now. I never tried it and never even searched if it exist online. Thank you for making my life easier 😉

  5. I am thrilled to have this recipe! I have been looking for an alternative to a milk based whipped cream. Just in time for summer and all the fruity goodness coming our way!

  6. This is dreamy!
    Your pictures are amazing Marla!
    You seriously need to conduct photography FOOD styling workshops!
    Where on earth did you get that piece of distressed red/pink wood!
    Love it all!
    Bright and CHEERY just like YOU!

    1. Ha!! When I first started reading this comment I thought spam Miss Marina, those words took me by surprise!! You crack me up girl 🙂

  7. I LOVE coconut whipped cream! It’s delicious eaten as-is, but it’s also insanely good on top of coffee or a shake for a real treat! Can’t wait to try your mocha flavor, Marla!

  8. Oh my gosh Marla, this looks amazing! That mocha one has my name written all over it. I bet it would be so delicious on a chocolate milkshake. MUST try this!

    1. Rikki, the mocha is great pom everything and amazing for coffee junkies! Hope you can try some soon, great idea to put a few dollops on your chocolate milkshake!

  9. I’m confused and maybe a little dense. I didn’t know there was such a thing as unsweetened cocoa powder and cocoa powder. Is that a typo, or just me being ignorant?

    1. Hi Loretta, I have to make the differentiation between the two. Sometimes people think that cocoa powder is regular hot cocoa mix with all the sugar and other ingredients.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. After I posted my question, I saw that in one spot it said to use unsweetened cocoa powder and espresso powder/instant coffee and in another it said unsweetened cocoa powder and cocoa powder. Thus the confusion…

  10. I just made some {gluten-free} strawberry shortcakes last night with regular old fashioned whipped cream, but I’d love to give this vegan version a try. Such gorgeous whipped cream!!

  11. Marla, this looks like fluffy clouds of coconut bliss! I sincerely can’t wait to try this and to incorporate it into some of my desserts–and I love that it’s vegan. Gorgeous photos too! xo

  12. I finally tried this and am in heaven. Made the cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla (real vanilla beans) and they were all delicious. Will be using this recipe regularly thank you!!!

    1. Yay!! I am soooo glad you tried this!! I always have a batch ready to go in the fridge. Addicted to this stuff. I must try some with the vanilla bean too 🙂

  13. I’m curious, does it taste like coconut? I don’t care for coconut’s flavor, so I always shy away from coconut milk. But I agree, beautiful pictures!

  14. Got online specifically to find a healthy alternative to the traditional sugar-laden frosting…voila! So excited to try different flavors and in different things…how does it hold up?…say if I made some to use in coffee…does it keep to use the following day as well, or get blah like the real deal does

    1. Katie, you are totally in LUCK with this whipped cream. Mine stays perfect for many days….it actually thickens up in the fridge. Does not need to be re-whipped at all. You can decorate with it too. If you need it to soften up a bit take it out of the fridge a little bit ahead to warm up. Enjoy! I am thrilled that you found my blog and this recipe.

  15. I’m soooo happy that i’ve found this recipe. I HATE vegan synthetic cream, so i haven’t had any cream for such a long time. I will be making this at the weekend and using it to fill a chocolate birthday cake. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  16. Hi. I tried this and it didn’t whip at all. I used fresh coconut milk that I had chilled overnight in the fridge. But I spooned the cream off the top and don’t understand why it didn’t whip up. Any ideas? Thanks.

  17. I made some chocolate this morning and it was amazing!!! I love your recipes! My kids have allergies so sometimes things get boring for them so I’m always on the look out for things they can have. Thank you!

  18. Hello, This is so incredibly interesting and can’t wait to try it. Can I ask what brand of coconut milk you used for this recipe? I have 2 different cans, one can, Golden Star is approx 22g of fat, while another can, Coco Lopez Coconut Cream is approx 6g of fat. Thank you!!

  19. Not only am I new to your site, I am new to the gluten free, wheat free, corn free, dairy free world! (and quite overwhelmed by it) Just wanted to say thank you for giving me a recipe that is incredibly simple and so delicious! I am looking forward to looking through the rest of your site!

    1. Welcome Christina! So glad you found Family Fresh Cooking as well. Enjoy this whipped cream recipe ~ one of my all time favorites!

  20. I hope this doesn’t sound like a stupid question, but i’m slowly trying to ween myself off of dairy products & i was wondering if i could use plain whipped coconut cream to replace yogurt for my smoothies?

    Will it still give my smoothies that creamy texture?

    LOVE this idea & your blog btw!

  21. Hi. Does the whipped coconut cream store well? Can I make it the night before I need it? Thanks!

  22. Can you make these into icecream? I would love a big bowl of chocolate, peanut butter icecream but I’m staying away from dairy.
    I’m going to make the vanilla for my gluten free dairy free carrot pie.

  23. will this work in a trifle or will it wilt and get watery? I am trying to make a vegan pumpkin trifle with a vegan pumpkin bread and I’m going to try and make some vegan pudding of some sort too.

  24. Can I use coconut cream in baking like potato scallops? Will the potatoes end up tasting like coconut? Thank you.