Old Barn in Victor, Idaho

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Sometimes we need to simplify. Distract our mind from daily distractions.

This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Time stood still here. This old barn took my breath away.

I hope you enjoy a brief break from food today…

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Look don’t touch I kept reminding myself.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

There was so much beauty everywhere…

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

I even felt a bit guilty to take a peek inside.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

I did not want to disturb the peace.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

I did not want to see anything that was not meant to be seen.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

This barn has stood the test of time.

Weather (snow, rain, heat, ice, storms) and great use by the farm that once worked this land.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Now it is a beautiful golf resort & spa. A place for people like us to unwind.

Feel the cool breeze.

To Laugh. Love,  Live & create new memories…

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

The barn stands guard…

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

I will never forget the feeling of that scratchy tall grass nipping at my legs.

It tickled and poked all at once.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

It made the whole experience to be alone out there more real…or maybe even surreal.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

I am thankful they left this barn and I hope to see it again when I return someday.

Old Barn in Victor, Idaho on ©

What happy place brings you deep comfort and joy?

~ Marla Meridith

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32 thoughts on “Old Barn in Victor, Idaho

    1. Grace, this was shot late September. It was perfect fall weather. The sun was bright and the leaves were changing….absolutely gorgeous! Glad this could warm up your dreary day 😉

  1. What a gorgeous barn!!!! I’m so glad it was not torn down and replaced with metal barns like so many are now days. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

  2. WE really do have some of the best barns, here in Idaho. I did a series on them a few years back. I thought they were beautiful before, but since then, my love and appreciation has quadrupled.

    1. I can see how that love can quadruple Misty. I would love to take a barn tour of Idaho. We saw a few amazing ones on our press trip ~ but I had the time to get up close and personal with this one. Did you post your photo series anywhere?

  3. WOW!!! What a great find!! It has stood the test of time!!! And may it have many more to come! Thanks for sharing . I just love old barns!

  4. Of all the travel posts that you’ve done, you’ve shot some really ‘majestic’ scenes, some real jaw-droppers. Mountains, oceans, sweeping vistas, but this, this…this may be your best work ever. The rustic simplicity and of the ability to make a barn and this setting look jaw-dropping good is true art. Bravo!

    1. Averie, it is really interesting to hear you say this. Out of all the shoots I have done this one really took my breath away, It was the perfect crisp fall morning. I was wide awake, with a coffee buzz and nothing in the world could take away the magic…nothing.

  5. LOVE your photos! What a beauty. There used to be an old barn in my area for years, but last winter, it finally fell apart. It was so sad for me, because that barn had memories. (some friends used to own it, but after they sold the land, it went into disrepair….)

  6. Oh Marla, these images are stunning! I love driving through the small towns here in the South and seeing the old barns out in the pastures. There is just something about them that make me feel at home. Thanks for sharing these pictures and your special moment.

    1. Awwww, thank you Meg ~ glad I could bring back your happy memories too. The old barns are such a foundation to our past. So many drive by without looking. Thankfully we know to stop & smile 🙂

  7. This makes me miss Idaho even more, it really is gorgeous there. I grew up there and love it. I’m hoping to move back in a year or two.

    1. Suzanne you are very lucky. Idaho is a place I hope to go back to again and again. So much to see, great people & great potatoes 😉 Best of luck on your move back!

  8. Thanks for taking a break from food. I loved scrolling through the pictures as if on a journey. Such a peaceful break from my work day. I love your pictures Marla and I’m so glad I found your website. Your pictures inspire me.

    1. Andrea, your comment is so important to me. Think I will present these photo offerings from time to time. You all really seem to like the diversion 🙂 I am glad you found my blog too!

  9. Such breath taking photographs! This kind of photos make me so calm and almost bring in front, a strange, nice feeling as you would be there. Fields of grass, wheat or poppies always make me feel I’m in a safe and wonderful place.

  10. Marla- this is so touching to me. Besides that fact that your pictures are so beautiful they are also nostalgic. My late grandfather used to travel across the country photographing barns and then making paintings from them. Very sentimental.

  11. There is an old red barn that stands just off the road on the way to the coast near where I live. I have always loved it. It’s still a functioning barn and it’s been painted and repainted several times over the years–the same barn red. I love it. It stands with dignity and a stark contrast against the rest of nearby Silicon Valley.

    Beautiful images.

  12. I know this barn! I missed this post on the first go-round but just spotted it after seeing your red barn photos. We spend summers in Island Park, ID and this barn is on our way to Jackson. I too, love old barns. Great photos, thanks for giving me a smile this morning!