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Over here we LOVEΒ Pottery Barn Kids.Β This is one of our favorite places to shop for Back to School. Even though I want summer vacation to last forever ~ the reality is school starts in just a few weeks!

My kids love PBK’sΒ patterned backpacks and lunch totes.Β We also love that items can be personalized with names & lots of other things, including superhero’s and athletic team logos. PBK has hip, stylish and durable lunchbox accessories too including utensils, Thermos, Klean Kanteen, Lunchskins, sandwich punch cutters and more.

I am thrilled to offer a $100.00 eGift Card to Pottery Barn Kids so you can get started on your Back to School shopping pronto! I want to see your favorites for Back to School on Pinterest, whether it is recipes, blog posts, products, crafts….anything at all. (It’s OK if you don’t have a Pinterest account, there are many ways to enter this giveaway ~ see below.)

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To enter please follow the rules below. The winner will be chosen by and will be emailed after 8/22/2012. The more entries you have the greater chance you have to win!

For lots more lunch packing ideas please visit my Project LunchBox Page.

Good Luck!

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Disclosure: The photos in this post are from Pottery Barn Kids. This is self hosted and not solicited by the Company and their subsidiaries.

~ Marla Meridith

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243 thoughts on “Back to School Bucks! Win $100 Gift Card to Pottery Barn Kids

  1. Things I’ve packed in my daughter’s lunch that have been fun and yummy…homemade strawberry shortcake and pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving. A special treat for her.

  2. I’ve not packed any lunches yet as my youngest is now entering school…but I’m most excited to send him to school with notes in his bag!!! Just something fun and special!!!

    1. Heather, notes are always so special. We love to give them and kids love to get them. Stay tuned, I will be posting super cute lunchbox Printables soon!!

  3. My daughter’s only half day so I dont have to pack lunch boxes yet, but when packing lunches for traveling or picnics I love whole wheat zucchini muffins.

  4. “What is your favorite thing to pack in a lunchbox?” A special note from Mom!!! I forgot one day and my son told me the next morning when I asked him what he wanted in he lunch “a note! I didn’t get one yesterday!”

  5. My favorite thing to pack in a lunch box is yogurt. It’s an easy, no-brainer and requires no prep work.

  6. I’m not super creative in the lunch box department. Probably my favorite to pack is pbj because my 6 year old loves them and I don’t have to think too hard about them, plus they are easy to make cute with a sandwich punch. πŸ™‚

    1. Kimberly, we love PB&J too . It can be very nutritious, budget friendly and quick & easy. Too bad my kids school won’t allow any nuts πŸ™

  7. My favorite thing would be serrano ham and muenster cheese roll ups. I buy a pound each and as soon as I bring it home I’ll assemble the whole pound in roll ups,cut them up and skewer a couple on a toothpick. My daughter asks for them all the time!

  8. My favorite thing to pack in my daughters lunch box is hummus and red bell pepper strips. She adores this combo and doesn’t care if it’s healthy! It’s gluten-free and gives her a much needed energy boost to finish out the school day.

  9. My favorite thing to pack in a lunchbox is whole grain pasta salad with mixed vegetables. It’s simple, delicious and healthy. Best of all, it’s also my kids favorite thing to eat.

  10. This is a gr8 contest…right now my kids are loving to make their own pizza, copying Lunchables but homemade tastes better!

  11. Baby carrots, string cheese, pb&j, fruit, yogurt, noodle salads, etc. I got lots of practice during this past school year while my daughter was in kindergarten.

  12. my son LIVES for pb&j! i don’t think he would survive without them!! & applesauce!! **fingers double crossed** would love to win this!! πŸ™‚

  13. Favorite thing to pack in a lunchbox? Chicken Salad Sandwiches. My favorite from childhood that my grandmother would make me. It always reminded me of how much she loved me and now I pass that along to my kids.

  14. My favorite thing to pack in my hubby’s lunch box is the love note I leave him every day πŸ™‚ Foodwise, I love packing pasta with veggies for my lunches.

  15. I always add fruit and a cheese stick. Even if they don’t eat the “main attraction” those things always get consumed.

  16. This is perfect! I’m trying to “go green” this school year, while trying to make healthier, home-made lunches. I’d love to be able to splurge on lunch stuff!!!

  17. I love all school lunch products! My kids take lunch to school everyday and these options are fantastic!

  18. still need to wrap my head around the kids going back to school next week. these are all such happy options for our kids homemade lunches!

  19. favorite is to add a little note for my girls or a special surprise treat for them each day. Just a little note seems to make their day and mine!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  20. I try to always pack a little home-made sweet like a cookie or something. I always had them in my lunch so I like to carry on the tradition. πŸ™‚

  21. We pack the standard PB & J sandwich because I know it will get eaten. My daughter also loves fresh green beans.

  22. With 4 kids, back to school shopping is SO expensive! This would be wonderful to win!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. My son doesn’t need to take boxed lunches to school yet, but he loves lunch boxes! He stores his rock collections in them! We also use them on road trips. My kids love having their own snacks. My favorite thing to include in their lunch boxes is baby carrots and fresh fruit.

  24. I haven’t packed a single lunch yet so I have no idea what is going to be my favorite. I better start looking through your website!

  25. I don’t fuss too much with lunchbox items unless I’m absolutely sure my kids will eat it. One thing I know they both love is fruit. Grapes are a perfect lunchbox item – fun to eat, and they don’t need refrigeration during school hours. Best of all, they never come back home in the lunchbox.

  26. We homeschool but my daughter still likes to use her lunchbox. I make sure she has fruit in her lunchbox. It seems to be easier to get her to eat it when it comes from a cool lunchbox!

  27. Sorry, the instructions for leaving a comment were unclear. I have to pack snacks and lunches for my daughter due to food allergies…I like to pack fresh fruit and veggies in unexpected ways!

  28. Pottery Barn, no matter the branch, will always have a place in my heart. And since I’m not a parent and my more recent role has been the kid, I’d say my favorite thing to GET in my lunchbox was always leftovers from some dinner out. Always made my day so much better πŸ™‚

  29. I like packing cute notes and riddles in the lunchbox. We are lucky that our school has a salad bar, do she sometimes get hot lunch with fresh fruit and veggies too.

  30. My favorite thing to pack in a lunchbox is a note or special treat, especially on days when I know it will be a hard or long day and for special days.

  31. Since my daughter goes to a peanut free daycare, I love packing her a cream cheese and jelly sanwich cut into a cookie cutter shape (sometimes I’ll give the leftover crust to my husband in his lunch!)

  32. I love packing fresh Clementine oranges. They’re so easy to just toss in my son’s lunchbox and he has no trouble peeling them.

  33. shaped sandwiches…. I cant wait to try to make those tulluride bars! & is there a recipe for any whioe wheat zucchini muffins? They sound great.

  34. I would love to win! This is the 1st year I have to buy 2 backpacks & lunchboxes as my youngest starts VPK, sniff, sniff!

  35. favorite thing to pack is a note, joke, or some other personal bit to let her know we love her and make her smile.

  36. Mango. Yes, a little off the beaten path, but I love to see mango in my lunch box or slip it into my children’s boxes.

  37. Great blogsite! First time seeing it:) (via the Pioneer Woman) Nice topics~ Have a great day!

  38. I would love love love to win this! I send lunch with my daughter to school. She just started Kindergarten and I would love to get some of those stainless steel storage containers or the thermos ones!

  39. I try to pack something different each day so that the kids don’t get bored with the same old stuff. I am going to try more Bento Box ideas this year. Wish me luck!

  40. My oldest is going into the third grade this year and since last year I’ve been obsessed with her lunch! LOL I’ve scoured pintrest to find healthy and creative recipes for my picky one and creative containers to try them in. I’m ready for this school year!!

  41. Favorite lunch to pack? Pretty standard: sandwich, fruit or veggie, treat, drink, but to change things up I change up the types of drink, sandwiches, treats, fruit. etc.

  42. Can’t find the rules for the giveaway, but I’ll follow everyone else’s lead- my favorite thing to pack is PB&J, organic fruit, organic yogurt and small piece of dark chocolate for a “healthier” sweet treat!

  43. this is awesome! my son would love the super hero items. how fun, and I never thought to look at PBK for lunch box items! πŸ™‚

  44. pancakes! use cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes and put real maple syrup in a container (seperate) w/a lid.

  45. My kids’ favorite things to have in their lunch boxes are leftovers – it helps that their school has microwaves to use. They would LOVE to get some things from Pottery Barn! πŸ™‚

  46. I homeschool so i don’t have to pack lunches regularly, but when I do, i love putting salame, cheese and crackers so they can make their own “lunchables” sandwiches

  47. A special homemade gluten free casein lunch gets my son through a busy school day. A differrent note keyed to the particular day of the week feeds his hungry brain too!

  48. I usually pack a sandwich and fresh fruits. My kids love ham and turkey sandwiches with lettuce and cucumbers.

  49. I would love to win this. I try to keep all my kids item bpa free. My favorite thing in my sons lunchbox homemade healthy whole food made by my son and me. My son attends a charter school and the school encourages whole healthy foods. My son loves banana muffins and spinach and feta wraps

  50. fresh fruit. I love the fact that my son consumes lots and lots of fresh fruit, year round. Luckily we live in So. Cal. where we have access to a wide variety of fresh produce all year.

  51. I always try to sneak in a baked treat. That’s why I love to use fruits and veggies in brownies, bars and cupcakes. πŸ™‚

  52. Favorite thing to pack in a lunchbox…graham crackers and orange juice because that is my daughter’s favorite snack!

  53. This is the beginning of my second week packing lunch for my new kindergartener and I think my favorite thing is just knowing that it’s homemade. It’s like sending and extra hug from Mom in his lunchbox everyday.

  54. favorite lunch to pack is re-doing lunchables and making momables with healthier versions of the lunchables. My son loved it last year!

  55. Interactive lunches are a big hit with my 4 year-old. Build your own sandwich, bagel, taco etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. My daughter loves me to make her homemade lunchables. I like to use healthier ingredients. I always pack some vegetable and some fruit and a small special treat. Thanks for the chance, it’s an awesome prize!

  57. Our staple and favorite in lunches are yogurt parfaits. The ingredients vary widely from fruits, granola, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, etc.

  58. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway. Lunches are the typical sandwich type: pbj or ham and cheese, grapes, a treat, some sort of chips. This giveaway is amazing and would be a blessing for any of us struggling financially. Thank you! Good luck everyone!

    1. We have the Bento boxes and I my kiddos love to fill each compartment with something different! Subs, wraps, fruit, veggies, crackers & pretzels!!

  59. My favorite thing to pack is a turkey and chesse on pita, some white bean hummus and pretzels, and a fruit cup.

  60. Love love love! believe it or not, my kids love celery, so I add celery sticks and some salted almonds. They help me roast them so they love showing off their cooking efforts!

  61. What a wonderful contest! My daughter would LOVE to pick out her back to school items from pottery barn! Thanks!!

  62. I always liked to pack apples w/peanut butter for dipping. Drizzling some lemon lime soda over the sliced apples keeps them from browning in the lunchbox.