White Blanket

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

Around here SNOW is not a four letter work that gets kicked to the side of the road and cussed at.

SNOW to Telluriders (or anyone visiting for that matter) is the best possible thing that can happen to us, a ski resort town.

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

In other areas of the world snow is a hinderance. Pesty.Β Somthin to be scraped at with shovels, snow blowers lots of mean words. Sure we gotta do snow removal here ~ but we pray for it to grace our high altitude peaks as often as possible during ski season.

Now we might have a different attitude come May, we are ready for spring then…

But for now….LET IT SNOW!

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

If you don’t want snow in your neck of the woods. Please send it to us.

Branches thick with frosting. Heaps of snow that cover our ground with sparkles of delight.

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

Powder that allows us to swoosh down ski slopes….wearing a tutu. Of course.

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

What is it about fresh snow that invigorates and wakes me up?Β I want to burrow in and out of it all at once.

I drop to do snow angels…

Angels cool my fire that burns bright. It is a good fire sometimes and other times it gets in the way of me.

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel
Times when my fire takes over are not my favorite. When balance gets thrown off I know it is time to escape my over active mind and cool down.

I ski. Walk. Do yoga. Take pictures. Anything to release the pressure. I reach out to others.Β How can I be of service?

Gotta take me outta my own mind….

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

The snow is good for people like me. Steamy hot weather, not so much.

I live in the mountains for many, many reasons.Β This crystalline covering from the heavens is a big reason why.

Everything seems to look better with the white blanket on…

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

Perfectly frosted aspens and pines line paths, they guide. They look, watch and listen.

They protect.

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

The blanket holds so much mystery below…

Things to be revealed when it all melts.

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel

For now I will stick with this cozy white blanket of pure white delight.

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel
And not wonder too much…

Winter in Telluride, Colorado | #travel


White Blanket | Winter in Telluride, CO | #travel

~ Marla Meridith

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30 thoughts on “White Blanket

  1. My god Marla, this is beautiful! I am dying to hit the slopes and have yet to do so. Here in Philly, we’ve gotten very little snow. I took a trip out of the city this past weekend to a town where the trees and fields were covered, and I was reminded of how much I miss the beauty of the white flakes. Your town looks gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to play hooky from work and go play in the fresh snow in our mountains today! And move to Telluride. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous photos and prose!

  3. Beautiful! I would love snow a lot more if I didn’t have to commute 100 miles round trip to work. When I can stay home and no go anywhere I love when it snows πŸ™‚

  4. I LOVE that photo of the fence covered in white. So pretty! I always look at your pictures for photo inspiration. (I think I told you that once, but its true!) Always so gorgeous! And I love that you skiied in a tutu! So funny πŸ˜€ I would seriously love to retire in a mountain town like that… or by a big beautiful lake. Or both πŸ™‚ But thats a long time off! Im glad you love where you are living πŸ™‚ You can tell by the way you write about it.

    1. Carla, you are too sweet! People like you encourage me to take lots ‘n lots of photos. I am so glad you enjoyed this post (and my others!) Hopefully one day you can live somewhere like this….if you dream it you can DO IT!

  5. oh, these are beautiful. i miss the mountains…haven’t been on a plane since my 3.5 year old was born. my sister actually lives in breckenridge and LOVE it. i’m sure telluride is amazing as well!

  6. We moved from Colorado to Kansas about 35+ years ago. When it would snow here and everyone would get all lathered up about it I would say, I miss REAL snow! Well, yesterday and today we got REAL snow! 14-16-18″??? Somewhere in there and I am I get why people who aren’t used to it don’t like it (like my brother in law spending 5 1/2 hours on a 55 minute drive today)…but I just love it, it’s so beautiful! Now I feel like we have finally had winter, and I won’t be so tempted to shush people who are whining for spring. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

    1. Lisa, my inlaws live in KS. They have been telling us about that storm….huge! Happy to hear that you get to enjoy the powdery benefits and not that 5 hour drive πŸ˜‰

  7. I really do miss Telluride. It’s been over a year since my last visit—much too long! Keep the pictures coming because I never tire of seeing the familiar spots. Who could ever get tired of Telluride anyway? Love your pic with the tutu–awesome!

    1. Jean your wish for many more photos will be granted. This place is a supermodel. No bad angles. No bad seasons. No bad lighting. Stay tuned….oh also you must come out soon for a visit!

  8. SNOOOOW! I grew up in a ski town and fully understand the importance of snow…for mental and physical health and of course for tourism and the economy. I still haven’t been to Telluride and am so anxious to go! Looks like you guys have gotten more powder than we have…in Tahoe, the winter has been GRIM this season! Hopefully it picks up for some late winter storms! Best tutu and snow angel I ever did see, Marla! Cool photos!

  9. Gorgeous pictures! I’m not a huge lover of winter–but snow is a whole different thing, I just love it. It always evokes such peaceful feelings and makes you just want to cozy up at home, make great food, and enjoy time with family. The DC area has been super lame with snow these past years, I’m hoping we at least get a bit more before spring! πŸ™‚

  10. I will be headed over the pass this weekend to get some of the goods so maybe I’ll see you on the slopes! We live in Silverton and did not get much out of this storm unlike T-ride. Sounds like this weekend will be pretty epic! I have to make some of your Telluride Trail Mix Bars before we go! Have fun! (PS. I think I’m made of snow because I literally melt in hot weather – its not pretty)