10 Must Have Winter Accessories!


Baby it’s cold outside! And that means it’s time for you stock up on super chic winter accessories. Here are some that we can’t live without at the MM headquarters. Knits are all the rage this time of year, be sure to have plenty of cozy hats, headbands & scarves on hand. Leg warmers have made a comeback & are super cute with boots & jeans. Add an element of real or faux fur to the mix, it’s a timeless alpine look. A felt hat can style things up too, a cool, edgy look when out with your guy or the girls.

Sunnies are always important..that snow is super bright when the sun hits it. Best to be prepared! Canada Goose makes great pieces & we are in love with their down vest, a wonderful layering piece. Fingerless gloves make it easy to stay warm & still take those iPhone pics on the fly. Infinity scarves make it so your scarf never ends up in places you don’t want it (like dragging on the floor, gasp!) Boots, those should be both fashionable & have great traction. It’s not cool to slip on ice.

These not only keep us warm, but they are trés fashionable! Happy shopping!

Red Down Vest Canada Goose

Infinity Scarf Plush

Sunnies Vuarnet

Felt Hat Janessa Leone

Head Band Eugenia Kim

Knit Beanie Hat Minnie Rose

Fingerless Gloves Skull Cashmere

Insulated Boots Sorel

Ear Muffs Madewell 

Leg Warmers Sundance


~ Marla Meridith

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4 thoughts on “10 Must Have Winter Accessories!

  1. oooo i miss cold weather! I can’t believe I just typed that….

    I used to work at the north face, and they make these awesome gloves that have an “e-tip”- so you can use your phone while wearing full finger gloves! theyre awesome. I highly recommend them, as i like feeling my extremities heheh