10 Stay-at-Home Activites to Inspire During Quarantine

Hi everybody! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I know that days are blending into each other and things are not like the way they were before the stay-at-home lifestyle. No matter when you choose to do these activities there’s one thing I know for certain….they will all inspire and help you feel like you are being productive. Let’s face it, there’s just so many naps you can take! These 10 Stay-at-Home Activites to Inspire During Quarantine should help you pass the time and keep you inspired and motivated to live your best life!

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1. Procreate for the iPad

Ignite your inner artist with Procreate® With this app you can create all kinds of artwork. From drawing to painting to coloring, have fun making all kinds of pretty. This app is what I used for the cute little illustrations that decorate my photo in this post.

2. Bake this!

Homemade Blueberry Pop Tarts are a fun baking project and the time you spend making them are so well worth it. Flavor with any fruit you have on hand, you can mix flavors too! Love sweet rolls? Try these. Are cookies your thing? These are some of the best Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve every tasted.

3. Organize

I know it can be difficult to motivate and organize…but just a few minutes creating order can make your day feel brighter. Organizing is kind of like exercising. It can be hard to motivate to start, but when you do you feel great! Follow my Organize board on Pinterest where I’m always updating and pinning inspiring posts to help get your entire home in order.

4. Get Some Exercise!

Even just a little exercise can make you feel so much better. Not only is it good for your body, but also great for your mind as well. I have been loving the mini workouts by this gal on Youtube Madfit. She targets each body part and many of the exercises require no equipment which means there are no excuses!

5. Read a Book

I absolutely love true stories and nature. The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Adventures in the Wild by Craig Childs is fascinating. In this book the author recalls his up close and personal experiences with all kinds of animals in the wild.

6. Listen to Podcasts

There are a few podcasts that I just can’t get enough of! I love listening to inspiring women speak. Two of my favorites include the LikeToKnowIt Influencer Radio and Goop’s Beauty Closet. On both of these I learn so much about fashion, beauty and being an entrepreneurial Girl Boss.

7. Coloring Books

Coloring is not just for kids! I have a great collection of coloring books and this awesome colored pencil set. You can also get a sketch pad if you feel like creating your own art.

8. Get Crafty!

If you’ve always had Martha Stewart aspirations now is the time to start or finish those craft projects. I love to tie dye anything and everything in my path. Get yourself some white tees (I love these Hanes tees), pillowcases, hand towels, sweats, etc. and have a tie dye craft day. This is my absolute favorite tie dye kit, the colors are great and the application process is so easy. It comes with rubber bands too. Looking for more crafty projects? Follow my Pinterest board Cool Crafts.

9. Handwash & Defuzz Winter Sweaters

I’m obsessed with keeping my cashmere and wool garments very clean and defuzzed. Did you know that you can keep your sweaters looking like brand new with the help of this inexpensive Defuzzer? I keep this battery powered fabric defuzzer at the ready and my sweater collection looks great! This Wool & Cashmere Shampoo cleans so well and your sweaters smell great afterwards. Now your sweaters look like new again and are ready to store until next winter!

10. Learn How to Dip Your Own Nails

There are great dip nail kits out there these days. Certainly helpful when there’s no time in the foreseeable future that we can go out in public to get manis and pedis. Learning how to master your own dip nails is a true skill indeed!

This post contains affiliate links which hopefully make your life a whole lot more fun and easier!

~ Marla Meridith

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