Acorn Squash Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

“Porridge” oh how I love thee. I have never actually used the word porridge on Such a comforting word…it’s got a cold weather, huggy, rustic food kinda vibe. Perhaps it’s a Goldilocks and the Three Bears thing ~ bears and people love that porridge. Do you think theirs is made with oats or quinoa?

Probably not quinoa…

Acorn Squash-Quinoa Breakfast Porridge | Recipe on

Quinoa is really popular with you guys and I love it too…. my Acorn Squash Breakfast Quinoa is perfect for the morning bite or any time of day.

This is a nice alternative to oatmeal that you gotta try asap…I do love my oatmeal too of course.

This seed (quinoa) is plentiful in health and flavor, takes hardly any effort to cook and happily accepts all kinds of sweet and savory pairings.

Acorn Squash-Quinoa Breakfast Porridge | Recipe on

Use any kinds of dried fruits and nuts you have. In this recipe, I used pecans, apples, sunflower seeds and raisins.

Acorn Squash-Quinoa Breakfast Porridge | Recipe on

Acorn squash adds texture variation and great flavor. You can also use butternut or even pumpkin (I know how much we all obsess over pumpkin!)

Once fall hits I bake a few squash per week. Sometimes I enjoy it simply with butter, cinnamon and maple syrup…other times I use it into recipes.

Acorn Squash-Quinoa Breakfast Porridge | Recipe on

This meal is gluten free and grain free. One size fits most.

You can even put it in a to-go box with your favorite vegan or dairy whipped cream…

Yummy huh?!

Acorn Squash-Quinoa Breakfast Porridge | Recipe on

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~ Marla Meridith

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37 thoughts on “Acorn Squash Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

  1. I call any type of hot breakfast cereal “porridge” it’s how I get my kids to eat it a-la- goldilocks style! This variety looks wonderful! How are the mountains treating you!?

    1. Nadia, funny you should bring up that plate. I purchased it last summer in my favorite little antiques store here in town. I used it for this shoot. Shipped it back to myself in CA ~ and BROKE it 🙁 Boo hoo. Broke that and many others in shipping. Lesson learned ~ have someone else pack for me. Happy that dish made it into one shoot 😉

      1. Good planning. My Dad and I went out camping this one time and I’d made a loaf of quinoa bread to take with us. We left the cooler on the picnic table for all of 10 minutes while we went back to the car to grab more stuff. We came back and the bread was GONE! My wild imagination created the story that it was a family of bears… a couple of hours later we were visited by a family of 3 squirrels that were as FAT as could be. Darn things ate my bread. haha

  2. Do you think it is wise to make the quinoa first and then add the rest of the other ingredients? Wouldn’t it be better if all the flavours got absorbed while the quinoa is simmering?… I have tried quinoa with frozen berries and I just threw them I. To cook with it. However when I made it with broccoli and other chopped veggies it never turned out. It was always a mushy mess! I’m just wondering if I so the same as I did with my veggie quinoa, would it come out a mushy mess. Thanks to anyone who can help.

    1. Hi there! I generally cook my quinoa first & end up with great results in my recipes. It stays light and fluffy – mixes really well with the other ingredients without getting mushy at all.