Cookware From Anna Boiardi GIVEAWAY {$200.00 Value!}

Win this Cookware From Anna Boiardi GIVEAWAY {$200.00 Value!} |

Did ya’ll get what you wanted for Mother’s Day? If not (or even if you did) I have something special for you. Check out this beautiful line of cookware & slow cooker by Anna Boiardi.

Recognize the name Boiardi or maybe as BOYARDEE? Yep, Anna comes from a long line of amazing cooks in her family. Her passions led her to create this beautiful, useful, well priced, strong & highly functional cookware collection.

Here are a few things to note about this cookware:

  • Made of cast aluminium, the way cookware used to be, for longevity, durability and superior heat conductivity.
  • Features a unique & convenient “tool buddy” that functions as a resting place for utensils.
  • Available in trend-right colors–pretty enough to take straight to table.
  • Fusion(TM) ceramic non-stick contains no harmful chemicals, making if safer for you and the environment.
  • Easy view glass lids allow you to monitor the cooking process.
  • Traditional dutch oven shapes for perfect simmering and slow cooking, and deep skillets for greater capacity.
  • The line is priced at $132.00 and is available on giveaway

Giveaway Details

One winner (USA please) will receive a 12 piece Anna Boiardi cookware collection ($129.99 retail value) and a slow cooker ($69.99 retail value) TOTAL VALUE: $200.00!

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Remember the more ways you enter ~ the more chance you have to win!

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Disclosure: I’m working with the folks at QVC to share this line of cookware with you. All thoughts & opinions are my own. 

~ Marla Meridith

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173 thoughts on “Cookware From Anna Boiardi GIVEAWAY {$200.00 Value!}

  1. That is too pretty to cook in and get dirty, love the color. I would have to pick a recipe with colors that go with the blue because you know many photos with those pans will end up on my facebook page. Maybe the contrast with a stove top mac and cheese with brocoli would photograph well.

  2. I was just thinking the other day about how I need new pans! We are a family of 4 with allergies to many foods. We cook from scatch all the time. These pans would be perfect for us!

  3. First dish that I would make would be spaghetti and meatballs! Love the color of this cookware.

  4. If I win this beautiful cookware, I will make my families favorite meal, Chicken Piccata. I would then continue to make every meal more memorable by using this cookware.

  5. Oh my….I am not sure what I would try first. I am just learning to cook gluten free, so it would be a new recipe of some sort. I love the fun colors!!!

  6. Such a beautiful cookware set to giveaway. I would first cook some fresh clams pasta…and then kids favorite tomato soup…and a lot more after that. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  7. I would make a lemon chicken picatta! yum! I need new cookware SO badly lol

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

    Joey J.

  8. I am going to make Shrimp Scampi with risotto in this cookware! What gorgeous cookware and such a pretty color. Thanks for this giveaway.

  9. Carolina Blue, my favorite color! I would try making your honey sriracha chicken in it! I made it about a month ago in my boring, plain pans and it turned out great!

  10. The first recipe I would prepare would be chicken cacciatore, my husbands favorite. Perfect for father’s day.

  11. Beautiful color, I would feel like a professional chef with this set. I would cook cheesy potato soup.

  12. I’d make a big Italian dinner for my family with meatballs, sausage, braciole, pasta, salad, and garlic bread.

  13. Shrimp and Lobster with Lemon, Basil, Tomato Linguini from scratch..yum…and, such pretty color..perfect for South Florida and MY kitchen..thanks for the chance.

  14. I don’t even know what I’m making for dinner tonight so I can’t even think of something to make in these pans, ha! It’s the sleep deprivation ugh.

  15. I’ve been obsessed with falafel lately, and as a college student I need something that keeps well. So falafel it would be 🙂

  16. I would probably make a tofu dish in the skillet with mushrooms, rosemary, onion, coconut oil and Sriracha! I would also make a side of rice noodles 🙂 trying to help my boyfriend eat healthy, home cooked meals instead of the usual TV dinners he takes to work!

  17. I would have to make some kind of thai coconut chicken, just for my mom because that’s who I would give the cookware to! We need new pots and pans so badly but don’t have enough money at the moment to do that. She would be so happy!

  18. I would make Shrimp Risotto. I love making this dish at my Mom’s house as she has really good cookware.

  19. These are so cute! I’ve been looking everywhere for a nice set for my new apartment. If I got them, I’d invite friends over and cook my all time favorite Tonnarelli all’Astice!

  20. spicy pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes or potato latkes , chunky cinnamon,mango & apple sauce, beautiful cookware! would love to win it

  21. I would love this set of pots they are beautiful. My cooking would be so much better and the food would come out really good. My pots are old these would be a great gift. Thank you for the opportunity

  22. Everything! Ok I make far too many pancakes a week so of course that would happen. Aldo stews, lentil soups, and rice pudding for dessert.

  23. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a chicken Marsala. This cookware would be a wonderful medium to cook it in.
    Thanks for this opportunity! Good luck everyone!!

  24. I have the Low Pressure Pan already and I cook EVERYTHING in it! Takes less time and less burning! I adore it!! Clean up is so easy as nothing sticks! It’s awesome!! I would sleep with it but then I’d just hurt myself…Oh I’d make Porkchop Casserole!!

  25. Oh my, what beautiful pots and pans… be still my heart! The first thing I would make with them would be omelettes. I love all kinds of them… savory, sweet, they are such great fun to make. But alas, my pans are getting a little rough around the edges to say the least and these would be fantastic to use for them and everything else I can think of. What a nice give away. 🙂

  26. I would love to cook a wonderful roast and potatoes with green beans for the first meal I would cook with it!

  27. The best test of non-stick cookware is scrambled eggs so I’d probably give those a try first. I love these cute colors!

  28. I would make my mom’s famous chicken in tomato-artichoke-caper-madeira sauce, garlic mashed potatoes & crispy prosciutto-wrapped asparagus!

  29. The first thing I would make with this cookware..I’d saute some vegetables and eggs and ground beef.

  30. Thank god I’ve arrived here before expiring such amazing offer. I really like this cookware package and hopefully whoever is gonna won it will be delighted. 🙂

  31. This cookware is so beautiful and since I’m a soup fanatic, the first thing I’d make is soup – Tuscan Vegetable soup.