Introducing Swapdom!

Introducing Swapdom! A fun way to swap your like-new items |

Have you ever heard of Swapdom? It’s an amazing new way to swap one of a kind items.

You might want to get your hands on something that someone else is swapping…they might want your item. That’s where the fun begins….

This Crock Pot can be yours on Swapdom |

How does Swapdom work? Easy peasy.

You take a quickie photo of a like-new item in your home that you really wish was something else. Maybe it’s some super cute clothes your kiddos have outgrown. Maybe it’s a pair of your jeans. Who knows. I know you will find something. Bet you have some home goods you would like to swap.

Swapdom takes the work and worry out of swapping. It uses an algorithm that matches swappers up in swaps. You just tell them what you want and what you’d offer for it, and they find a swap for you.

This Kitchen Mill from Blendtec can be yours on Swapdom |

The items you see are the ones I posted on my Swapdom homepage….

Marla Meridith on Swapdom |

They have fashion, baby & kids items & just introduced a home collection! Take a look around there to see whats listed.

This Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor can be yours on Swapdom |

So how can you get started swapping? It’s super easy! You can sign up for an account right here. There is a special kick-off event going on too that you must check out!

The Swapdom Team Tidy Challenge

This is a 4-week event to introduce Swapdom’s Home swapping category & encourage swappers to get excited about spring cleaning. Each week’s Team Tidy Challenge will focus on a part of the house to tackle, and of course, upload that stuff to Swapdom.

One random person who uploads an item to each week’s featured category will win free shipping on their next swap. It’s a chance to organize your space, clear out the clutter, and reward yourself for work by swapping for great stuff you’ll actually use!

Introducing Swapdom! A fun way to swap your like-new items |
Week 1
Crush Living Room Clutter
Week 2
Curate Your Kitchen
Week 3
Say Bye to Bed & Bath Clutter
Week 4
Consolidate Craft Goods & Games

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post. I’m working to help promote Swapdom, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

~ Marla Meridith

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11 thoughts on “Introducing Swapdom!

  1. OMG HALF MY LIFE/HOUSE this could be useful for!!! I am the queen of donating, decluttering, dejunking (there’s a mannequin at the local thrift store in the window wearing my old bikini, okay! LOL) but seriously, this is SUCH a great idea!! Thanks for the great post, Marla!

    1. Ha!!! Love your enthusiasm Averie. The mannequin in your bikini is fabulous 😉 Hopefully you can check out real soon.