Asian-Style Chicken Strips {Gluten Free}

Homemade oriental chinese chicken strip recipe.

Hope everyone had a super fun Halloween. We sure did. Today I am gonna bring you savory because we probably had enough sweet the past few days, weeks & month.

This chicken was awesome! My kids loved it and that made me very happy. I say make a big batch so you have plenty on hand for lunch, dinner, leftovers and lunch boxes. It is delish with a side salad, steamed or roasted veggies, brown rice or pasta.

Simple, quick and easy family chicken recipe.

This is a simple, quick and easy lean protein recipe that has lots of flavor. It will keep you away from take out Chinese food that is loaded with all kinds of mysterious ingredients. Real Food Fast. Not Fast Food here at I’ve got your back guys.

Simple Chinese chicken recipe for the home cook.

I always use organic chicken breast and trim off any excess fat. You can keep the interest in chicken if you change up how you cut it up and style it. Sometimes I cube it, other times I grill up the whole breast and in this case I made strips. Looking at these photos I am thinking these would have made great skewers too.

Homemade organic Chinese Chicken Strips recipe on food blog

I used gluten free brown rice bread crumbs to coat this chicken. It is very fine & not like the coarser, traditional bread crumbs most of us are used to. This has a delicate texture that adds a nuttiness to the overall flavor. I always like to use ingredients that add to the taste & nutrition rather than just being something to use for the sake of it, such as refined white flour.

Homemade chinese chicken strip recipe for the home chef.

What is your favorite kind of Asian cooking? Do you love Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean? (I dig all of it!)



  • Serve over your favorite pasta or soba noodles.
  • Serve over a green salad. Mandarin orange slices & slivered almonds or peanuts would be a great addition.
  • Make this recipe into skewers. That would make it great for a party appetizer.

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~ Marla Meridith

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45 thoughts on “Asian-Style Chicken Strips {Gluten Free}

  1. Wow, how gorgeous are these chicken strips?! Forget take out, I am staying in and enjoying this beautiful recipe 🙂 Love it! Have a great Monday friend! …..Stumbled too 🙂

  2. You are so far beyond my realm of capabilities girl.. this looks so delicious and beautiful I would be terrified to try it! Well done! (you know I had to stumble it!)

  3. These look super tasty, Marla! Definitely better than any takeout I’ve ever seen. 🙂 My favorite kind of Asian food is by far Indian…loooooove it!

  4. The julienned vegetables look divine, and the chicken couldn’t help but be! I just did 60 retro cordon bleu for my parent’s 60th anniversary next weekend (they are rolled and in the freezer awaiting step two: coating and baking… but I therefore have 60 tenders in freezer bags awaiting a recipe just like this!

    1. Teresa: “Shine” such a pretty word 🙂 Thanks for showering me and my bloggy with sweet sentiments & kindness!

      Susan: Sure, i’ll make this for you & i’ll accept the take out – – I need a break! LOL.

      Angie: I know, double rice bowls are in order.

  5. The brown rice breadcrumbs are a great idea. Where did you find those? This is exactly the kind of dish I need to get back to healthier eating after all of those Halloween treats.

  6. What an appetizing dish you concocted…love Asian food.
    Japanese Sushi is a favourite of mine…however, Chinese Schezuan is what I usually crave…especially peanut butter dumplings ;o)

    Marla…thanks for your thoughtful comments on my last post…very appreciated.

    Have a great day and flavourful wishes,

    1. Nancy: The brown rice crumbs are a nice change from what we are all used to when we think of bread crumbs. I am also happy that we can give our gluten free friends a nice breaded option. It is nice to have a diversion from the heavier stuff. I have that coming soon though!

      Claudia: Sushi is my favorite too. I could eat it every day. The peanut butter dumplings you mention sound amazing. I have never tried anything like that. Must find them some day – or make my own. Sorry to hear you have been stressed, your blog friends are here for you girl.

      Lisa: Yes, perfect for spring cooking in Australia!

  7. Asian chicken salads absolutely never fail to please. The flavors of sesame and ginger just appeal to me so much! Great dish.

    My favorite Asian food to eat is Thai…love those sweet/salty/savory combinations!

  8. Marla! Gorgeous photos, hun! I am blown away…they look too good to eat! Well, almost anyways…that chicken looks amazing!! 🙂

    I did get your comment the other day — it had gone into my spam 🙁 Glad I check that regularily, I don’t know why some comments end up in there!

    1. Nicole: So happy to know that you checked your spam folder. So many of my comments have been put in bloggers spam folder because of an Akismet filter glitch. We are on it over here & trying to resolve asap! Thanks for your sweet compliments.

      Jeanette & Dara: I found the brown rice bread crumbs at a local store called Mother’s Market.
      Whole Foods might carry them, but I am not positive. You can also find them at

  9. Marla, this is my kind of meal. Easy and healthy are two of my favorite things to aim for when planning. Fish sauce is one of my favorite ingredients too. Your presentation is fabulous on spinach with coleslaw. I’m not familiar with the brown rice bread crumbs, so I’ll keep an eye out for it at our store.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for following along. I really appreciate it and it’s very nice to have a chance to get to know you. Your blog is fabulous and your photos are outstanding. I’m having a great time looking around and getting hungry. (smile) You have a great artistic eye with your photos. Lots and lots to learn here. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Sam: I am so happy that you stopped by and checked out some of my recipes. Easy is essential over here so is letting whole food ingredients speak for themselves. I look forward to getting to know you better around the web 🙂

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  11. Thanks for the inspiration. I made this for my family last night and it went down a treat. Only addition I made was that I added lightly roasted pumpkin seeds as a sprinkling over the top. They love these and they are so good for them as well. These strips are on my weekly menu for sure.