Bruschetta Three Ways

I know. You are blushing you are so excited about these recipes. And just in time for your fabulous Oscar parties!

Bruschetta Three Ways: 2 savory and 1 sweet recipe will rock your world. In three ways.


Mmmmmm! Dinner Rolls |

I am super happy to be partnering with King’s Hawaiian this year. This is one of four recipes in which I will feature their rolls & breads. They take the star status in these recipes, perfect for awards night (or anytime at all.)

We all know how to identify these famous rolls with the bright orange signature packaging. We also know how soft & delicious they are, with a touch of sweetness.


Mmmmmm! Dinner Rolls |

They are even more fun made into these tasty bruschetta appetizer bites.

I toasted them with some olive oil in my handy dandy grill pan. Then made 3 different toppings to dress them up.


Bruschetta Three Ways | Classic Tomato, Greek & Sweet Berry with Cream Cheese |

These days bruschetta takes on many styles, forms & functions.

It goes way beyond classic tomato, garlic, basil & olive oil.


Classic Bruschetta |

I have a Classic Bruschetta recipe…

Classic Bruschetta |

Greek Bruschetta

Greek Bruschetta |


And a super special dessert version. Sweet Berry Bruschetta with Cream Cheese


Sweet Berry Bruschetta with Cream Cheese |

Enjoy this simple & delicious appetizer!

Sweet Berry Bruschetta with Cream Cheese |


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 Disclosure: I am working King’s Hawaiian to bring fun new recipes to you. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

~ Marla Meridith

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23 thoughts on “Bruschetta Three Ways

  1. The berries one especially looks YUMMY. Just did one for a friend’s birthday that was fig preserves with blue cheese on top. It was wonderful. Love these simple little bites!

  2. So many delicious options Marla! I think I love the sweet Bruschetta the most feeling it to be so unique and unexpected….but I guess I should have expected it from you! You always serve up food beautiful to the eye and palate.