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Are you throwing a Thanksgiving, Christmas or holiday party this year? If you are or even if you aren’t I bet you could use this awesome Blendtec Blender & Twister jar, right?

After all that holiday fun a lot of healthy smoothies & shakes will probably be on the menu too. Don’t worry I have your back ~ you will love the efficiency and speed of this blender.

Enter now to win!

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~ Marla Meridith

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533 thoughts on “Blendtec Blender + Twister Jar Giveaway!

  1. Sorry, I meant I would love a new blender to finally be able to make a green smoothie without bits of spinach running through it. I don’t like to chew my smoothies. πŸ™‚

  2. we use our blender almost every day and are notorious for killing them. i have been eying the blendtec blender for awhile and would love to have one.

  3. I’ve been wanting a high powered blender for whole food smoothies. I love to add veggies and whole fruit to my smoothie, but my blender doesn’t always get to “smooth”! πŸ™‚

  4. I want this blender for two different reasons. First, my blender right now is broken and I definitely need a new one. Also, this blender seems super powerful, and that would help so so much in the making of yummy smoothies for breakfast!

  5. Funny that there are 99 entries and only 7 comments. I wish rafflecopter had a better way to tell if somebody actually commented (for my own giveaway purposes β€”Β not because I’d be mad if I didn’t win this one!).

    I’d love this blender because I currently do not have a blender. I went through THREE blenders this year because I can’t afford to get a nice one. I’ve bought a bunch of cheap (under $50 ones). I’d make smoothies every day for at least one meal when I had one, and if I had a good one, I’d make hummus and nut butter as well.

  6. I’m in need of something so powerful as this. I love smoothies and so does my daughter, this would be an early Christmas gift for us both.

    1. Sorry, forgot to add my reason! Well, to put it bluntly, I’m having smoothie withdrawals!! After my blender broke a few months ago, I really can’t afford to buy a nice one right now and I don’t want to waste my money on a cheapy one, so I’ve been going without! I used to have a smoothie at least once a day, I love them! This would be amazing to have!

  7. My blender just busted, I would love to have this in its place! We have been missing our smoothies for the past few days!

  8. I would love a blender that works. I have one that was my grandmother’s but it doesn’t work as well as it should. I need one that actually mixes and blends. (does wheat it should).

  9. Would really like to have a blend-tech……..we make lots of smoothies and my son is a wrestler……..extra veggies and fruits in his smoothies keep him going……our smoothies just aren’t always very smooth……this would be an awesome addition to our kitchen!

  10. would love to be able to use it for holiday cooking and baking, as well as for other recipes. Right now I am using a hand mixer then to get it smooth I put it through a metal strainer

  11. I want this blender because I’ve seen tons of reviews that say it’s the best of the best! I would love something powerful to start creating green smoothies with to better lead a healthy lifestyle.

  12. other than that this is an awesome blender, mine broke and i really am holding out for a good one. i would just do a back flip if i won this!

  13. I want to win this Blender as I have never owned a blender before. I have heard this is the blender to have. I would make lots and lots of Hummus with it!

  14. Wow, I have been wishing for one of these for, I don’t know how long!!! They are just out of my price range. We make smoothies almost every night!
    Thanks for the chance to win

  15. We are long overdue for a good blender…my kids keep asking what these chunks of banana and peanut butter are in their smoothies!

  16. I have been looking for a good, high quality blender to not only make healthy smoothies, but also one that can puree and do a whole host of other things! This blender is awesome!

  17. I have been making all of my sons baby food. He has yet to taste bought food, and it would be really great to be able to make more than one item at a time. Plus it would be great for all of my winter soups!

  18. I would love this blender! I love protein smoothies or really any fruit smoothies and my old cheap blender cant break the ice πŸ™

  19. I want the blendtec to make my green smoothies!!! Standing at my Walmart blender everymorning poking my spinach leaves down with a chop stick is no longer cutting it!!! Lol

  20. I’ve been drooling over these for MONTHS! I started juicing in August and have lost 40lbs, so far! The Blendtec would add a whole new level to my fitness and nutrition way of life!

  21. I need a blender badly! Use it for so many things from shakes to sofrito for my food. My blendar is dying on me πŸ™

  22. I would love to win this blender. I have been wanting one but I am a pastors wife in a small town. We barely can afford a cheap Walmart blender. And I like smoothies and sauces too much.

  23. We really need to replace the cheap one we have. The last time I used it to make an all natural concoction for my hair, it leaked all over the place. What a mess! Lol This would be the best replacement ever!

  24. I am in so need of a good blender that will do more than swirl things around. The Blendtec has such a good reputation that I would be proud to place this on my counter.

  25. I have been looking into getting a blendtec for over 6 months now, I don’t like impulse purchases and it seems so amazing. There are so many things you can do with it, and it is exciting to think of all of the possibilities.

  26. I heard this blended is the best so the possibilities are endless but I love to make homemade sauces so this would be a great help!

  27. I had an okay blender then after washing the smoothie out of it, it slipped out of my hands. πŸ™ so right now i am blender free i would love this one as it is awesomeness.

  28. Would love a new blender! The last time I used mine to make an all natural hair concoction, I found out its broken. It leaked everywhere! What a mess!! Lol

  29. I don’t own a blender so I would really, really love one to make smoothies, soup, and I’ve read that this is the best one to use to make nut butters which is something that I’ve been dying to do.

  30. Ohh, I’d love to have the Blendtec so I could retire my trusty but very OLD blender. I’ve overworked and over used it. The Blendtec is dreamy. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  31. i would love this blender b/c i’ve been wanting one for what seems like forever so that i can make me and my family yummy/healthy smoothies (among lots of other things). the only way i can get my son to even think about putting a fruit in his mouth is through a smoothie so this would be great!

  32. I would love a high powered blender like this for making raw pizza cheese (from macadamias) and our own nut/seed butters among many other things.

  33. I want it because We have been without one for months now bc My son broke it making milk shakes and since I really want a more high quality one..This is just right on time..Especially since I was on my way to Bed Bath and Beyond today to look at a new one..

  34. I would love this blender because I could use it to make so many different things, like smoothies or ice cream! Yum!

  35. I do not have a blender. This would be so great cause my kids keep asking me for smoothies.With this mac daddy i could wip up some killer ones!!

  36. I spent $40 on a blender that has been slowly dying. I would love a new blender that would mix and blend my smoothies to perfection without taking 5 minutes! This is a great giveaway!

  37. These are fantastic, I go through blenders every 3 or so years. Would love not to have to worry about it anymore.

  38. I use my blender on a daily basis and would love this one! It would allow me to cook and try out so many new recipes!

  39. New to you blog! Follow you on pinterest for all your amazing pins!! Saw the contest and would really like to have a blendtec!!

  40. My daughter is off to college and wants my blender. I would love for her to have her own blender for healthy smoothies.

  41. I would love to have this blender so I can finally make some of the things I have pinned from your site onto my page! I currently don’t have a blender because they are expensive, but love to cook and bake fresh foods for my family. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful recipes with everyone!!! πŸ™‚

  42. Why do I want this? Because I want to pay it forward and give it to someone who does not have the means to have such a life changing appliance in their home. I have a Vitamix and if I win this, it will be given to a person who truly deserves a break. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  43. My last blender melted at the base! So i would love to win this! πŸ™‚ My family loves smoothies, strawberry shortcake and shakes. This would be amazing to win!

  44. My current blender is actually broken, and it was a cheapy anyways, so I actually do need a new one and this one is SO nice, id be thrilled to win it!

  45. I would love a new blender. My husband has cancer so we do a lot of healthy immune building smoothies and my kids love them too.

  46. Want this BlendTec blender because we watched Forks over Knives documentary, and we are working toward vegetarian/vegan plant based diet. Be good to have to make those smoothies, hummis dips, and all the new recipes I’m trying to make to make plant based diet, an easier thing.

    Thank you!

    gaileee at yahoo dot com

  47. I would love to to win this BlendTec, I heard such great things about it. I have been trying to win one for awhile now. I received the 100 Shakes cookbook and would like to make some of them but I need a good mixer. I will cross my fingers again.

  48. I go through blenders like candy–they like to die on me even when I follow the instructions for care to the tee! It would be a huge blessing to have a new blender, especially one that nice!

  49. I would love to be able to make soups and not worry about the blender melting. My current blender, a smoothie maker, is limited in its capabilities.

  50. I would like to have this blender so I can finally get rid of the one that I currently have that leaves lots of chunks and un-blended areas! I have been needing a new blender and I would absolutely love to have such a nice, reliable one!

  51. A great blender is so essential to any kitchen. I still don’t have one that works well enough to blend ingredients finely so this would be awesome!

  52. I would love a new blender to help out with all the holiday cooking I’ll be doing! And of course, all the smoothies I normally make!

  53. I would love to have this blender. I love all kinds of smoothies and I keep burning out blender after blender. I know this blender would certainly hold up!

  54. This is the coolest blender ever! I can make all sorts of great stuff with it. Nut butters, nut milks, ANYTHING!!!

  55. Im a blendaholic. I make butters, pancakes, smoothies, jam, and baby food. My blender cant keep. up. Would love a blendtec. Ive had my eye on these for a long time

  56. I’ve been using the same blender that we got for our wedding 10 years ago. Last time I used it, I’m pretty sure I smelled smoke.

  57. We have recently added homemade sunflower butter to our diet and would live to be able to get a smoother consistency with a blender that is not going to burn out right away.

  58. I’d love this blender because the one I’ve had for a while is kind of cheap and doesn’t work very well anymore!

  59. OMGoodness!!! I would love to win this! Have been looking at this for a few yrs now and they are just too expensive! Married with two girls and anotherr on the way! Can make my own baby food with this and smoothies for the older girls πŸ™‚ so much you can do with these! πŸ™‚ super excited for this giveaway!!!! =D

  60. This blender looks awesome – would love to win it!! Love doing smoothies, shakes, sauces, etc… in a blender :-).

  61. I need a blender so bad! Want to make green smoothies and can’t right now. Am trying to eat healthier. Could really use it for the holidays, too!!

  62. I want this blender to make green smoothies, healthy ice cream, healthy soup, and nut butter (using the twister jar)!

  63. To make homemade ice cream! My blender broke while I moved from my college apartment this last summer, unfortunately. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I want this blender because I have gone through THREE sets of plastic Ninja blenders – they keep melting in the dishwasher or going bad on me. I need a quality blender..I’m obsessed with smoothies and nut butters!

  65. I have been coveting the Blendtec for years! I would love to be able to make my own nut milks (almond milk in particular – we go through a lot!), green smoothies, nut butters…. My currents blender is not even able to blend bananas smoothly…

  66. I would LOVE to win this blender- I have heard it is an awesome brand- very powerful ! I have been using the blender that I have for over 37 yrs ! It was a shower present and yrs ago we did not use our blenders the way we do now- they have many more uses in the kitchen and I have found that my current blender is not very powerful and limits my use ~~ I could think of so uses for a MUCH better blender !!

  67. I have tried to win this blender before…no luck! πŸ™ But, undaunted, I’m trying again because I would like to have it so much. That’s what you get for your wonderful enthusiasm and description of the product. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. πŸ™‚

  68. I burn through blenders like crazy, but haven’t bought a good one. I hear this one’s the best, would love it!

  69. I’d love to update my cheapie blender…I could use a heavy duty one like this for all the smoothies, soups and dressings I make!

  70. I’ve been dying for one of these blenders. My boys LOVE smoothies and I’ve burned through 2 cheap models already.

  71. I don’t own a blender, so this would be nice to bring home — it could be my early christmas present! πŸ™‚ Thank you for this giveaway.

  72. I want this blender because our food needs have changed with allergies and it would make life and food prep so much easier and more FUN! Thanks!!!

  73. I would really love a Blendtec Blender because it would really change the way we cook, and I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t ever be able to afford one.

  74. I heard this is the best blender ever! I’ve had the blender I have now from when we got married almost 20 years ago.

  75. I would love to win this Blendtec Blender! I make a lot of smoothies and soups, but would love to try making nut butters!

  76. Love this blender! I’m wearing out mine, after 30. The knobs dont work & everything blends on fast! Looks like this one will blend another 30 years!

  77. Why do I want this BLENDTEC BLENDER?? Because it is the BEST blender in the market, that is why!!! I just want a blender that WORKS!

  78. Trying to get healthy, both hubby and I. After almost 5 years of daily chemo medication has caused so may non fun side effects – I Want to be fully healthy!

  79. My blender broke in my move across country so my family is blenderless! This would be a great Christmas surprise for all of us! Especially the RED one Thanks!

  80. I would like this blender because I have never had a good blender. I would like to blend something and not have chunks of ice.

  81. I hear the greatest, most glowing things about the Blendtec. Family & friends who own one tell me it is a kitchen must-have for smoothies, soups, and baby food–my first use, for right now,

  82. I would LOVE to win this blender! I want to make some recipes that I have seen on Pinterest that require a blender to make. I have heard that BlendTec is one of the best brands of blenders on the market!

  83. I’ve heard of the Blendtec Blender and how it can really change the way you cook/eat foods. I would LOVE to win one and put it to the test! Thanks for this giveaway offer!

  84. I have burned through so many blenders making my smoothies. I need this one because they stand the test of time.

  85. I could use a Blendtec. I make smoothies really often .I think this would make them even more fun to make. Love Family Fresh Cooking, some of the best recipes EVER!

  86. I would LOVE a new, high quality blender because my diet, already restricted due to a crazy food allergy just got more so due to other health problems. The healthier diet is a great thing, but having the right tools makes it so much easier!

  87. Wow…I do not have a blender and have been wanting to get one. What a blessing this would be to win! Thanks for offering this!

  88. I would love to win this Blendtec to make soups, smoothies, frozen yogurt, hummus and so many other delicious things. πŸ™‚

  89. I have been looking to buy a blendtec for so long but have been dissuaded by the price. It would be an awesome addition to my kitchen. It is the best blender out there for making smoothies, nut butters and so many other great recipes!

  90. I have wanted one of these for so long! The possibilities are endless-nut butters/milk, coconut butter or milk, smoothies! I can’t have dairy, and most of the homemade alternatives require serious blending power!

  91. I would love this blender for SO many reasons: smoothies, soups, sauces and salad dressings, baby food…just to name a few!

  92. My blender’s blades are so dull it will barely mash a banana! It’s ready to retire to our local Good-will! Would love to give a RED model Blendtec to my family for a Christmas gift! Thank you!

  93. I want the blender so I can make a smoothie that actually crushes the frozen ingredients. I am tired of frozen chunks that I need to chew.

  94. I would love this because I could eliminate my juicer, blender and food processor! It would save so much space and time! Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. I would love this powerful Blendtec blender! I make all kinds of green smoothies, and vegetable purees. I also really like the wide shape of the container!

  96. I just started school at this past September at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I would love to have this to use in the my new career as a health coach!

  97. I want it because it could take the place of so many other appliances…I can grind wheat berries and make my own flour, make smoothies and shakes, grind meat, crush ice…the list goes on and on and on!

  98. Great giveaway! I’d really love to win because I’m a newlywed and my husband really enjoys when I make smoothies for him. This would also be great to have to make fresh homemade salsas, dips and protein shakes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Boy howdy, why *wouldn’t* I want this blender?!?!?! *grin*
    Right now we’re using my uncle’s mother’s old small-size Oster from the early 80s (potentially earlier?). And for what it is, it does remarkably well. It’s a good little blender… but it’s not a Blendtec. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  100. For the sake of having and amazing blender for soups, smoothies, and margaritas! I hate having ice chips/chunks in something that is suppose to be smooth. This is the blender to get me the results I want πŸ™‚

  101. I would LOVE a Blendtec to make bread and soup in!! I go through blenders about 3 a year – burning out the motor making shakes and avocado dip, smoothies in the mornings and for the kids after swim team in the evenings. Wow, a Blendtec sounds HeavenLY!!

  102. My mom has this blender and it is SO useful for making baby food and midday smoothies. I would love to have one at my own place.

  103. I see so many recipes (soups, sauces, smoothies, etc.) that use either a food processor or a blender. My blender is old and weak and when I’ve tried to use it to create a puree, for example, I wind up with a major mess and a recipe fail. I would LOVE this blender!

  104. We’re adopting our 2nd child (due in the beginning of December) and I so want to make homemade baby food for him:-) and healthy smoothies for my 5 year old too! Pretty please send one of these terrific blenders our way!

  105. I would love this blender for all the homemade nut butters and soups and ice creams and flours I like to make. regular blenders just don’t cut it!

  106. I currently don’t own a blender and it’s actually on my Christmas list! Would love a Red Blendtec to make veggie smoothies, hummus and all kinds of healthy nut butters!

  107. I would love to win this blender as I love to make smoothies, snacks & soups! I definitely would love to be able to make my own nut butters. It would be such a great money saver to own this blender.

  108. I LOVE making smoothies, but am limited with my dinky blender. Would love to expand and be able to make nut butters and hummus!

  109. My family loves to make healthy smoothies, soups and sometimes even milkshakes, this blender would be awesome for all those!!

  110. Not only do I love the Blendtec advertising campaigns, but I know a Blendtec would be great for creating new Skinny Dinner Starters in my “lab”!

  111. I would LOVE to have this blender! I am trying to cut processed foods out of our diet, but it is almost impossible without the right tools. I entered last time to win, but maybe I will fare better this time around! I can’t imagine all of the DELICIOUS, HEALTHY recipes that I would be able to make for my family with a BlendTec! I am drooling over here! πŸ™‚

  112. I have been so in to smoothies for breakfast, but I really need a new blender to get the job done. In love with this one!

  113. My blender broke a couple of months ago, and I would love to have this one. I am a bit of a health nut and have found lots of new recipes I want to try that require a blender. My hubby misses smoothies, too!!

  114. I need this blender so when I add coconut oil to my smoothies there won’t be little clumps left in it.

  115. Wow looks like a fabulous blender! I desperately need a replacement for our blender, it doesn’t blend very well anymore.

  116. I want to win because I make green veggie and whole fruit smoothies. That takes a powerful blender and few will hold up for long. I think this BlendTec would do the job with ease and longevity.

  117. I would love to give this to my sister for Christmas! She absolutely loves spending time in the kitchen and would go crazy over this!

  118. Having the Blendtec would really help me to get my daughter to eat healthier food. She is not impressed or interested in broccoli sitting on her plate, but if she could help me make a green strawberry monster smoothie, she might be a little more willing to give it a try!

  119. I would love to win this blender because I know that my mom would appreciate it. She is using a hand-me-down blender right now.

  120. My husband and I traveled for a living for 8 years and have just settled down. We have 2 small frying pans, 1 pot, and 2 plastic plates πŸ™‚ We’re slowly buying things but a blender would be amazing πŸ™‚

  121. I want to improve my health with having a green smoothie at least once everyday; as well as make my own vegan cheeze and nut butters. I have already “killed” a couple of blenders trying to do this already.

  122. I would love to have this blender for making green smoothies! My blender doesn’t blend greens very well, so I don’t make them as often as I would like to. It would also be great for creamy soups and nut butters!

  123. I enjoy creating healthy, whole food meals for my family. A Blendtec will help me make homemade nut butters and a slew of other tasty treats. Smoothies for everyone!

  124. I really want this Blender…because I need one. My super old blender went dead a couple months ago when I was making my kids’ favorite smoothie. The smoothie got some frozen fruit in it and the blender just couldn’t handle the job and smelled like burned old car and went dead. I heard the Blendtec is the ultimate machine to have and it’s way more than just a blender. I really want to put it to the test with my frozen fruit smoothie. πŸ™‚ Thanks for a chance to win.

  125. I would like to enter the contest. Thanks for sharing your site. I found it from a link on twitter. If you get a chance stop by my blog Recipe for Life where I share some of my family favorite recipes at: Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  126. i have been wanting a blendtec for years, i just can’t afford one πŸ™ we do juices and smoothies daily.. not to mention i want to try all the other cool recipes

  127. i can’t tell if my previous coment went through… sorry but yes please! i can’t afford one and been begging for christmas for years i keep burning through cheap ones

  128. I’d love to win a blendtec blender and twister jar! I would make lots of soups, and banana smoothies for my pet monkeys. πŸ˜‰

  129. Just as I was beginning to get into green smoothies, my blender broke! I would love to win this blender because I know it would be the best choice of a blender for me to have to help me live a healthier lifestyle, drinking more green smoothies and getting all the vitamins I need.

  130. Seriously, my husband and I have been figuring out how to get one of these for MONTHS! We just can’t afford it right now being broke newlyweds. What an awesome win for whoever gets this!

  131. I would love to win this blender because I have heard great things about this brand. I want a blender that is high quality and will do a great job.

    Entered the Rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  132. I want to win this for my husband, he’s started eating healthier and making smoothies, his blender is awful, I’d love to win him this new one!!

  133. Blend-Tec rocks! Protein smoothies and veggie smoothies that are truly smooth! Probably won’t need a food processor anymore, either.

  134. I would love to win the blender as I am learning how to cook vegan andGF for health reasons. It would make smoothies and grinding nuts, etc. much easier.

  135. I don’t currently have a blender, I would love the opportunity to win this one though, I hear great things about it!

  136. I would love the twister jar to make thick stuff and regular jar because the light is currently out on my blender’s display.

  137. I would love to win this blender because I would really like to make my baby homemade baby food and I want to make some healthy smoothies for my husband and I.

  138. I like to make smoothies for breakfast and our current blender is sooo loud, plus it could replace my 20 year old La Machine food processor.

  139. I love your blog and would also LOVE to receive a blender! We currently have a blender that was probably around when dinos were roaming the earth. πŸ™‚

  140. I’d use it to make pumpking soup!!!! I make it every year for Thanksgiving, and only for Thanksgiving, and I bet this blender would give me awesome results, and our daily smoothies.

  141. I am a smoothie addict! I NEED one of these! I’ve entered to win several other times…hope this is my luck entry!

  142. I would love to win this blender because I am moving out of my parents’ next Spring and would love to be able to have my own blender!

  143. Why? Maybe I can finally realize my dream of drinking everything. Seriously….I want a good blender than can handle whatever I might throw at it.

  144. I don’t have blender and I so need one. I want to make my own frappes soups and smoothies. If I had this blender I could save money by making my own mayonaise, powdered sugar, and so much more.

  145. Why do I want this Blendtec? Because it’s awesome and because…well that’s it, it’s awesome. Oh and it’s made in the USA 100%. Just like me. πŸ™‚

  146. Because my blender can’t even make smoothies πŸ™ I would love to make cookie dough and pasta sauces in this Blendtec blender

  147. I have heard so many wonderful things about the Blendtec Blender and I would love to win one for myself…I make lots of smoothies and pesto and my current blender is terrible. This would make it a lot easier

  148. This is the only thing i want for Christmas! i have done tons of research on blenders and didn’t think anything could sway me from my desire for a Vitamix, but THIS takes the cake. I just want this Blendtec. I dream about the things i will try with this thing. and it’s made in the USA…that is SUCH a bonus for me! yay.

  149. Great website! Just found you via Elana’s Pantry, and I’m so pleased. I’m dairy free, and a real blender would make life so much nicer; mine is a Waring circa 1960-something. A workhorse, but limited, to say the least!

  150. I am trying to change my families eating habits by eating more clean foods and incorporating smoothies. I have heard that Blendtec is a good quality blender and would love to have a blender to facilitate that!

  151. So I’ve decided to take the plunge… Out with the old and in with the new. Out with the boxed, preserved, hormone and GMO laden frankenfoods and in with the fresh, juicy, abundantly alive food from nature. To embark on this journey, I need a few kitchen staples and a Blendtec seems the way to go. How I’d love to show all those sceptics in my life that eating well doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in the kitchen!

  152. I don’t have a blender, would love one that could fit so much inside. I have a small magic bullett but it’s not too roomy. THanks for the giveaway!

  153. The short answer is that I don’t have a working blender. Longer answer is that I’d love a Blendtec for it’s power! I’d make homemade green smoothies and nut butters which were impossible in my previous blender.

  154. I am a mom who throws HUGE Christmas and Birthday Parties for my kids. My blender that I had gotten from the hubby last year for Christmas committed suicide the same day I had to throw my annual New Years Day party.. and of course I haven’t bought one to this day cause I can’t find one that can handle my great baking and cooking..

  155. I DESPERATELY want a Blendtec-Blender for 2 reasons:
    1. I registered for one for my wedding and never got it πŸ™

    2. I have ZILLIONS of amazing smoothie recipes and pictures on my Pinterest page and I have yet to try any of them!!!!! I’ve been hoarding them for when I get one! πŸ˜‰

  156. To be inspired by an awesome tool assisting me to creatively eat better, feel better, live better, and be better.

  157. I would blend up greens in a smoothie. I need a way to get iron into my 5 year old son besides an iron supplement. The side effects of iron supplements are horrendous for his reflux.

  158. Would love to win this blender, Ive been wanting some good vibes sent to me and to win an online contest, which seems to never happen, would be awesome.

  159. I would love this blender for so many things! I love to make an iced coffee and cream slushie, I love to make green smoothies and fruit smoothies and our cheap blender is not handling it very well. Have heard this is the one to get even over Vitamix by some.

  160. The blades on my current blender are bent, dull, and just not up to the job anymore. It also has decided to start leaking its oil/lubricant, so I need a new one for sure!

  161. I want this blender for a dear friend of mine. My friend Sheena’s daughter Laiken is 2 years old, in a vegetative state, and on a completely blenderized diet. They have been caring for her at home, and handling all her medical needs at home for the past 2 years. She is the most dedicated mother and wife I have ever known. She cannot afford to buy the blender herself, so she uses a regular blender. Tonight, she had to stop her daughters feed for 2 hours to unclog her g-tube, which was clogged with a strawberry seed that her regular blender could not blenderize. It would mean the world to her if she could get this blender and be able to give her daughter new foods to taste! πŸ™‚

  162. I would love this blender for my daughter who is 100% g-tube fed because she has severe brain damage. It would definitely allow me to feed her a lot of things a traditional blender just can’t handle.

  163. I’d love to have a blender that’s easy to use and clean, that works really well, and is durable for things like making flour or nut butters. It’d be a great help in the kitchen!

  164. I would love to win this blender because my current blender cannot make smooth smoothies especially with greens added. I would so love a smooth smoothie!

  165. I’ve heard great things about the Blendtec blender, and the one I have now just isn’t strong enough. It can barely handle ice!

  166. I need a new blender to help make homemade peanut butter. It’s my latest obsession but I can’t get it smooth enough!

  167. Because i’m on a big health kick at the moment and am totally over trying to make power juices and smoothies in my 10 year old blender that coughs, splutters and leaks!!

  168. I’m trying to encourage my teenagers to make smoothies as otherwise they tend to rush out of the house without any breakfast. I’ve no doubt that having a shiny new blender would spur them on!!

  169. I would just love to win this so I can pop it under the tree and surprise my darling wife with it on Christmas morning. She has been after a new blender for ages, but since I was made redundant we haven’t had a penny to spare!

  170. Blender, blender oh beautiful Blendtec blender – how I love you so. Please come to my house and make yourself at home!

  171. I don’t have a blender and this one is a great blender. I could make smoothies, shakes, sauces and even breading mixes for chicken.

  172. What an awesome giveaway Marla! I’ve always wanted to try Blendtec to make dairy-free milk. I think I need to cut out or reduce my dairy in a major way πŸ™‚

  173. I would love this blender because we make a lot of smoothies and homemade peanut butter and it takes forever in our not so good current blender

  174. I make protein shakes and smoothies every day for my meals, and my current blender is ready to bite the dust. I would love this!

  175. Because my daughter has been raving about the blendtec for months and all the wonderful things she could make. She was in a bagel place this morning and came out saying that they had not 1 but 2 Blendtecs and how the ice cream place they were at last night also had them She wants to make shakes and smoothies

  176. I’m trying to eat healthier foods, and it would make eating fruits and veggies easier if I could throw them all into a blender

  177. We don’t have a blender, which makes it hard to make a lot of recipes, especially good soups. We have a lot of chowder instead πŸ™‚ This would help us out a lot. thanks.

    a marie hj saver

  178. Thanks for the giveaway… our last two blenders suffered premature motor burnout from use; have heard that Blendtec is a more robust machine.

  179. I want to win this because my current blender really sucks at making smoothies, they always come out more like chunkies with my current blender.

  180. Would love to be able to make SMOOTH smoothies, soups and hummus. My budget doesn’t allow me to purchase out right.