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Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Shallots

By Marla Meridith / November 19th

  If you LOVE Thanksgiving side dishes then you have come to the right place. Sure the turkey is great...but for me the sides are for the win! I've got a great archive of side dish recipes for you here on MM blog, simple type what you are looking for into the search field. If you already love brussels sprouts ...Read More

Skillet Bacon Cheddar Cornbread Stuffing

By Marla Meridith / November 17th

  When it comes to Thanksgiving I am all about the sides. Give me all the stuffing, green beans & sweet potatoes. Let's not forget a glass or two of holiday cheer and a great dessert. Bookmark and make this delicious Skillet Bacon Cheddar Cornbread Stuffing recipe, I bet this side dish is gone before any other on the table! ...Read More

Brown Butter Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Marla Meridith / November 13th

  How could three of the absolute best ingredients in world come together in one cookie? They sure do in these Brown Butter Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. This cookie recipe will definitely become a seasonal family favorite. These cookies will be great at your holiday dessert table or just as wonderful for munching on after a busy day at work or ...Read More

Spinach Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Shallot Vinaigrette

By Marla Meridith / November 12th

  It's nice to have a balance during the holidays. A balance in everything we do...busy, quiet. Heavy, light. This salad will help to satisfy the lighter side, while also being belly-filling as a main ~ maybe served with some soup and bread. This healthy and delicious Spinach Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Shallot Vinaigrette recipe is a gluten ...Read More

Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce

By Marla Meridith / November 8th

  There's no reason why Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes need to be complicated. Try this quick and easy appetizer: Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce Serve as many guests as you need to with ease. All you need is a wedge of brie cheese and warmed  homemade cranberry sauce, chopped candied nuts and some of your favorite crackers. One of our favorites simple ...Read More

Cheddar Cheese Dinner Rolls

By Marla Meridith / November 6th

  Dinner rolls. Two words that are unavoidably, completely mouthwatering! Adding cheddar cheese to these rolls makes these even more irresistible. This recipe for Cheddar Cheese Dinner Rolls has no seasonality, they are always best served up warm...with plenty of softened butter alongside them. Include this recipe to your holiday table and of course, they are perfect for family meals as ...Read More

Apple Pear Betty

By Marla Meridith / November 2nd

  It's so fun to gather around the table this time of year for a big belly-filling meal. Top it all off with a delicious dessert and it's total nirvana. I love desserts that make the most of seasonal harvests. This Apple Pear Betty recipe does just that. Bursting with ripe apples, juicy pears, brown  sugar and cinnamon spice, this ...Read More

Sweet Potato Scones

By Marla Meridith / October 30th

  Here at my house we love scones. They are really easy to prepare and freshly home baked scones taste so much better than the ones you get in your local bakery or cafe. This time of year I always have sweet potatoes at the ready...they are so great to use in all kinds of recipes. These Sweet Potato Scones are ...Read More

Appletini Cocktail

By Marla Meridith / October 28th

  With the crispness in the air that means there are apples aplenty! Have you gone apple picking yet this year? It's one of our favorite things to do here in Colorado. We love Big B's Orchards in Hotchkiss, CO. It's a wonderful place for apple picking, there's a great market and the biggest treat of all is the hard ...Read More

Cast Iron Skillet Veggie Lasagna

By Marla Meridith / October 25th

  Looking for a new recipe for #MeatlessMonday or any time you crave a vegetarian meal? You have got to try this Cast Iron Skillet Veggie Lasagna. I am completely smitten with my cast iron skillets, so any chance I have to use them I do. One of the most popular recipes here on MM is my Family Favorite Vegetarian Lasagna, ...Read More