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You guys have been such a blast to have around here and I want to reward you with some of the best chocolate ever! Have you ever tasted Dagoba® Organic Chocolate ? If yes, then you know how great it is. If no, then now’s your chance.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate starts in the rainforest, where cacao trees thrive. Under the dappled light of the canopy, these trees provide a peaceful habitat for many native species.

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Not only does that make for some great flavor, but you can rest assured that your chocolate experience is free from chemicals, is full of rich flavor and is environmentally conscious. How neat, an eco-freindly chocolate that tastes great and helps to protect our environment!

What sets Dagoba Organic Chocolate apart is that they are a part of the Rainforest Alliance.

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The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and promote the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities. Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms support a healthy environment and ensure efficient farm methods.

See that cute little frog? He is a symbol of the Rainforest Alliance. If you win this chocolate you get him too. My kids love to cuddle with Greenie. Not to mention, they love the milk chocolate and the new moon bars.

Dagoba has delightful classic chocolates and exotic flavor infusion bars such as beaucoup berries, lemon ginger, lavender blueberry, mint, roseberry, chai and hazelnut.

Let’s have some chocolate!

*you can find Dagoba Organic Chocolate on Twitter and Facebook too!

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~ Marla Meridith

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156 thoughts on “Dagoba Organic Chocolate Giveaway

  1. My favorite thing to do with chocolate – make truffles! I’ve been thinking about trying Dagoba chocolate out for cooking & was just about to order some on Amazon.

  2. Great giveaway!! I’m a huge chocolate fan. I also love your blog btw! I made the no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies last night and they were amazing!!

    1. Favorite thing to do with chocolate–if it’s good dark chocolate–I love just eating it! But I do a lot of baking and my chocolate chip cookies have to have good chocolate.

  3. My favorite thing to make with chocolate is truffles…..raspberry fudge truffles are my favorite!!

  4. ohmygoodnes, I love this giveaway, Marla! Expecially all the unsweetened chocolate 😀 If I won I’d keep that for myself and give the rest to my chocolate-loving sis!

    My favorite thing to do with chocolate? Well, I love just eating a bar with some peanut butter, but this paleo chocolate cherry cake for one has been a favorite of mine lately:

  5. My favorite thing to do with chocolate is to make simple treats with it like truffles or homemade almond joy/ mound bars.

  6. I love the versatility of chocolate – sweet or savory. My favorite thing to do with chocolate is eat a piece of the bar! 🙂

  7. I like to chop the dark bars up into bite sized pieces and grab one whenever I walk through the kitchen. 🙂

  8. I have 2 teen daughters and every now and then we NEED a little chocolate..brownies are always good, but lately we’re loving the homemade larabars with dates, pecans, coconut, a little honey and dark cocoa…so good. =)

  9. My favorite thing to do with chocolate is make real hot chocolate with it during the winter for the family.

  10. Usually I just eat it by itself!!! If not, bake some kind of cookie and throw pieces of chocolate or chocolate chips in it 🙂 Dark chocolate makes everything better!

  11. Considering it’s summer time right now, nothing beats making s’mores with some good chocolate for me!

  12. oh, my goodness–I just like to eat chocolate! I suppose brownies and chocolate ganache are my favorite things to make with quality chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Currently my favorite is dipping pretzels in chocolate and adding rainbow sprinkles…my nephew loves them! Cheers!

  14. My favorite thing to do with chocolate is add it to my protein cookies along with frozen raspberries. YUMMO

  15. I love to eat chocolate paired with wine….my secret indulgence after the kiddos are asleep!! Also…truffles…mmmmm….nom!

  16. I love to just EAT the chocolate! But if I’m going to do something with it, I go with chocolate chip cookies or a chocolate mousse.

  17. I love to mix quality cocoa powder with melted coconut oil, stevia thrn mix in nuts to make an amazing and healthy chocolate bark!!

  18. My favorite thing to do with chocolate is eat it! Ok, more specific? Besides just eating it plain, I love to dip strawberries (or anything else for that matter) in it. Or cut it up and bake with it (chocolate chip cookies anyone?) Yum. I hope I win! :)Thanks!

  19. I love to melt it with a bit of agave and coconut oil and add it to the top of our homemade granola bars for a treat.

  20. I just learned how to make my own delicious chocolate sauce. And of course I love to make ganache to go on top of my chocolate cake. 🙂

  21. My favorite thing to do with chocolate is bake a crazy chocolate overload cake for my husband. It’s almost never the same twice, but always amazing and always way more chocolate than anyone needs in one dessert =)

  22. I love chocolate covering sunflower seeds. That’s probably my most favorite thing to do with it.