Homemade Raspberry Applesauce

Can we talk about something delightfully simple? How does Homemade Raspberry Applesauce sound? Simple fruity flavors combine to razzle dazzle your tastebuds with joy!

Sinfully sweet with nothing added but sun ripened raspberries and plump, juicy apples…

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 I first started I had never made homemade applesauce.

I know that sounds kind freaky, being that a cooking/lifestyle  blog has become my foull time job.

Homemade applesauce is easy, delicious and a great starting point for so many other recipes. I love to dip my Stuffed French Toast in it too.


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These days you can usually find some saucy creation in our fridge and freezer. I love to experiment with all different fruity combos, herbal and spicy seasonings.

These infusions are aromatic and can be fun flavor twists. Try my Cherry Earl Grey Applesauce ~ a simple elegant recipe.


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The great news is you really cannot go wrong.


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The other great news is this is perfect for Project LunchBox too. Pack some homemade applesauce in your kids lunchbox, for camp or school. You can freeze it in little to-go containers. It then doubles as an ice pack and a healthy sweet treat.

By the time lunch or snack time rolls around your frozen applesauce becomes and icy or super chilled treat.


Homemade Raspberry Applesauce on blog IMG 8476


Do you ever make homemade applesauce? If so what do you like to add to yours?


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For Recipe Details Click Here


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~ Marla Meridith

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70 thoughts on “Homemade Raspberry Applesauce

    1. I agree with you Katie ~ makes you never want to purchase the jars at the store. Soooooo easy, tasty, healthy and it makes your house smell amazing! Chai tea vanilla is one of my favorites as well!

      1. I made some crockpot applesauce last night. I added apples, raspberries, sugar, water and cinnamon. Towards the end it started to get thicker really fast, Does the lemon juice help slow that or is it just for flavor?

  1. We go through a ton of applesauce – both of my kids love it! And I know that they would love the addition of raspberries. Sounds delightful!

  2. Raspberry apple sauce sounds and looks divine! The raspberries add such a beautiful pop of color and summer! Gorgeous photos Marla!

    1. Stephanie, homemade applesauce is beyond simple and the best part is you can make giant quantities at one go. Refrigerate some and freeze the rest 🙂

  3. I’ve never actually made homemade applesauce- bad right? haha. But I love my grandma’s homemade applesauce, store bought can’t beat it. I was just thinking today about how excited I am for raspberry picking coming up. They are my absolute favorite fruit. This looks so good!


    What came first the raspberry applesauce or the beautiful napkins/prints? They look like a match made in heaven, as does the apple & raspberry sauce combo!

    We might be visiting CA in October. Possibly around the 13th. Depends on the date of a possible post wedding reception for Jill & Neil.

    Love to you and the family!

    1. Andrea, that is so exciting!!!! October 13th would be a perfect time to visit. No travel plans scheduled for me at that time. Yet. Let’s chat so we can figure out a plan.

      The Liberty print and raspberries all kinda happened together 😉 Glad you likey!!

  5. What a fabulous idea! Raspberries always tend to get moldy in my hands VERY quickly. I love this way to use them before that happens!

  6. Love the colors jumping off the screen in the post – the raspberries against the Liberty print are so vibrant. Big applesauce fan and especially like the idea of using frozen in a lunch box for a mid day slushy!

  7. I just found your blog via this post, and your photography is STUNNING! As a portrait photographer turned blogger of all things, I want so badly to be a better food photographer–it’s tough to make food look good! Your book is currently in my amazon shopping cart, I’m hoping to learn some things to help me in this area! I’m also changing my families eating habits to eat better, so excited as I peruse all over your recipes, and I’ve added your wonderfully colorful pinterest to my reads as well. Anxious to “get to know you better” via these social mediums;)

  8. What a terrific use for this summer’s raspberries. They spoil so quickly that I usually have to freeze them in order not to waste them. I would never have thought to combine them in an applesauce. The flavors would pair well together.

  9. This is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (and sounds so divine)! Loving the ideas for applesauce mix-ins (and dipping french toast into it – genius). I usually drive over the mountains in September or early October to retrieve a big, huge box of fresh apples from Eastern Washington, then I spend a day making a big ol’ batch of the stuff to can. Though the most fancy I get is throwing a few Asian pears into the mix.

    I’m inspired to try a few new things this year. Thanks for that – and thanks also for the link to my applesauce pancakes!

  10. Oh my goodness. This is amazing! I’ve made strawberry applesauce before but I love raspberries even more so I have to make this! I’ll give it a try tomorrow. 🙂 Love that it’s sweetener free and your pictures are absolutely amazing! So bright and cheery.

  11. This is delicious! I used really tart apples and sour frozen raspberries, doubled it, or something like that, and had to add 1/4 cup honey. So little sweetener for 3 1/4 pounds of fruit. Sounds good to me! And it’s a beautiful color. WAY prettier than the strawberry applesauce I made a few months ago. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

  12. My raspberries, unfortunately, had gone bad quickly, so I haven’t tried it with them. But, this recipe was forgiving! A friend that tried it said I could make a fortune selling it, that it was better than any applesauce he’d tried. I told him I couldn’t take credit! Hahaha Thanks for a wonderful treat that our family just loves.

  13. I made this recipe a couple days ago and am blown away by how fantastic it tastes! I did have to add a little bit of sugar because I used apples that were given to me from a friend’s apple tree, and they’re a tart variety. But I wanted to find a way to combine the fresh raspberries I picked on Monday, and the apples that were given to us…what a great recipe to have tried! I decided to can my batch though…and I HWB’d in pint jars for 20 minutes. Now we have some to enjoy through the winter!
    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

  14. This was amazing! I never liked store bought applesauce, but this is much much better than that crap. I put a few extra raspberries in it, along with a pinch of cinnamon and some maple syrup. Thanks for the easy recipe!