Funkins {giveaway}

Funkins ~ Washable Cotton Fabric Napkins | Giveaway on #projectlunchbox

I’m so excited to share bright + practical Funkins with you! With my history as a textile designer I am smitten with these colorful re-usable, washable napkins.

How FUN would these beauties be in your kids lunchbox? Or your lunchbox? They make meal time more important, festive and fun!


Funkins are great for: Project LunchBox, camping, placemats, burp clothes, picnics, travel, party favors, stocking stuffers ~ and whatever you can dream up.

I have a 5 Sets of Funkins for 5 lucky readers! In each set are 3 designs (you can choose which set you prefer | value $30 per set) This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 midnight PST. Winners will be chosen at random. Giveaway will ship to USA entries only.

To Enter (up to 4 entries per person)

  • Mandatory: Leave a comment telling me how you would use Funkins.

Extra Entries: Leave a Separate Comment for Each


~ Marla Meridith

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172 thoughts on “Funkins {giveaway}

  1. I need to be better about bringing my own lunch to class and to work, instead of buying fast food every day. It would save on money and on calories! These would definitely pretty up lunch!

  2. I always pack my kids lunches… but NEVER remember to put in a napkin. Having a basket of these on my kitchen counter would be pretty AND a good way to remember to include a napkin for lunches!

  3. These are so cute…and fun! I would have my girls (9 and 2) use these at the dinner table. Much better than paper napkins!

  4. these are absolutely adorable! i’d want them to put in my daughter’s lunchbox at school. what a fabulous idea and festive way to make lunch more exciting! i can see my sweet girl’s smile now when she opens her box!

  5. I will use Funkins with my 4 boys (at least the 6 and 1 yo) and their many cousins under 6! The napkins are so cute 🙂

  6. this would be perfect for my son … well, he uses his sleeve to wipes his face during each meals ..or he would use 5 paper towels/napkins ..but this would be the best solutions for this little guy of mine 🙂

  7. I would use them for lunch with my grandson. He has such a fun time being happy and silly while we eat. He is so precious!!!

  8. I would use them in my children’s lunch boxes. I have five children all younger than 10 years old. They would love them. I prepare their lunches every school day and write notes on their paper napkins. This would change things up nicely.

  9. My daughter has sensory issues and doesn’t like the feel of paper napkins, so these cloth napkins would be a great alternative!

  10. I would use them to line bread baskets at the table for one use. Of course for meals, and tucked into picnic baskets. The kids would love to use them for tea parties I am sure as well.

  11. These funkins are adorable! We would totally use them on picnics or when we have “dinner parties” (ie- when my daughter “cooks” in her play kitchen for us! So cute, and environmentally friendly!

  12. We homeschool so we would use them at home – in place of the cheap, worn-out washcloths we are using now! These are so cute.

  13. I can think of several uses for these napkins–of course the obvious would be to put them in my napkin holder on my kitchen table, but I can see them making adorable fabric for a quilt or a picnic blanket!

  14. I would use them for our picnics…The kids always love a good picnic and amazingly they all sit and eat quietly as opposed to indoors.

  15. I would use these in my son’s lunch box. His school is certified green, and I think I’m the only mom left who still sends paper and disposable plastic! 🙁

  16. I would use these with my 4 year old nephew on our sleep overs. I make ham and cheese sandwiches and I let him pick out a cookie cutter and use that shape to make them, he thinks that is the best thing in the world,and instead of him using his sleeve he can use a brightly-fun covered napkin. I am very pro recycle so these would be perfect!

  17. My daughter isn’t in school yet but these would be perfect for the diaper bag and throwing in the beach bag and picnic basket.

  18. We just moved and the kids will be attending new schools when the ice and snow clears, LOL! I have one child in Grade school, one in Middle School, and one in High School! I also have my first Grandbaby on the way!!! All the children can use these fun and colorful Funkins!!! Lunches, dinners, holidays, get-togethers, family picnics…unlimited uses for these wonderful creations! They are cute and handy!!!!

  19. I would use them in my lunch box for school to wipe off my water bottle when I squeeze it too hard because my friends and I are laughing at the stupid stuff we do. I love lunch!