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Banana Creamy Pie – Gluten Free

Gluten free, healthy, diet homemade banana cream pie recipe.

Perhaps you saw this photo on Instagram a few weeks ago. A lot of you “liked” it so I decided that even though I did not have high resolution photos all was OK.

A few things you need to know about this pie: My son wanted a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. With all of my time in the kitchen and the feasting that went on that day a pie never happened. My mind was stuck on savories and the turkey. Other desserts were enjoyed, but not the little guys pie. The following morning he woke up and begged for a banana cream pie, in his footie PJ’s. And his bright blue eyes. With sweet little cheeks.

How could I possibly refuse…

Yellow birthday candle with a silver star.

He also wanted one single candle. Just because. It was no ones birthday, just a beautiful Sunday together. We sang Happy Birthday to Sunday before diving into pie.

There was no way I could let his expectations down. Especially knowing I had a Girl Hunter weekend coming up…

Georgia Pellegrini Girl Hunter weekend in Texas, USA

See all of those beauties?

You will be hearing much more about them soon. Did you catch the hashtag #GirlHunter all over twitter this weekend? In case you are wondering the hunters were: from left are Carrie Deliciously Organic, Amy She Wears Many Hats, Erika The Ivory Hut, Kristan Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, Me, Lori Recipe Girl, Angie Bakerella, Georgia THE Girl Hunter Georgia Pellegrini, Wendy Wenderly, Bridget Bake at 350, Dara Cookin’ Canuck, Shelly Cookies and Cups, Elana Elana’s Pantry and Cheryl TidyMom (thanks for these 2 photos Cheryl!)

We were in Texas to have girl bonding time and to celebrate Georgia’s new book aptly named Girl Hunter. Which by the way is all ready a best seller on Just saying.

It is amazing these days how moms can bake all kinds of healthy goodies and shoot guns!

Georgia Pellegrini Girl Hunter weekend in Texas, USA

Let’s get back to pie, shall we?

Gluten free, healthy, diet homemade banana cream pie recipe.

As if I was an Iron Chef, I whipped up this pie in minutes with the chosen ingredient: bananas. Thankfully, there were a few over ripe ones waiting for me in the fruit bowl.

Within seconds my little boy was standing on his Pottery Barn chair perch at our kitchen island with spatula and mixing spoons in his hands.

Very ripe bananas for homemade Banana Cream Pie recipe
This pie takes no time at all to make and it will rock your world. Within about 1/2 hour you can whip up this dreamy dessert that traditionally would take much longer to bake from scratch.

Mine is healthy and takes no time at all.

Gluten free, healthy, diet homemade banana cream pie recipe.

I keep billows of freshly whipped cream in the fridge. My hubs enjoys it with his coffee and my kids love dollops in their bowls of cereal or with fresh berries. With the cream handy, it went directly in this pie. I urge you to make your own whipped cream. It tastes so much better than anything you could buy in a can. It takes seconds to make. I sweeten ours with my favorite vanilla stevia drops.

I used my favorite gluten free, no carb almond crust (introduced to me by my pal Elana.)  Mash up a ripe banana in the whipped cream and voila! A pie is born.

If you want a slightly lighter option you can use thick greek yogurt instead of the cream. Just make sure your crust is at room temperature before topping with any creamy greatness.

Gluten free, healthy, diet homemade banana cream pie recipe.

Have you ever made a banana cream pie? Do you ever randomly put candles on your desserts just because?


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~ Marla Meridith

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77 thoughts on “Banana Creamy Pie – Gluten Free

  1. “Did you catch the hashtag #GirlHunter all over twitter this weekend?” <— Yes and I was envious of all that fabulous Girl Power in one place and that I wasn't there! Truly an amazing group of WOMEN. Love that you had the time with everyone!

    And this pie…homemade whipped cream + 1 banana for the filling…oh yum. Beautiful recipe!

    1. Averie, you would be an AMAZING addition to any group of fab girls! I hope you have a wonderful time in Aruba. You need to soak up that sun & be happy in your “happy place” xoxo

  2. I absolutely love that this is a healthy version of the ever-loved Banana Cream Pie, Marla. You have such a gift for that! I kow what you mean about the big eyes and the pjs–that gets me every time. 🙂

  3. I love how easy this pie is and the crust looks just so perfectly crisp!

    I saw all the tweets at the weekend about #GirlHunter – you girls look like you had so much fun!

    1. Kathryn, the crust on this is perfectly crisp with just the right crumb. Melts in your mouth with loads of flavor. A nice balance with the creamy filling. The unblanched almonds actually add a smidge more crunch factor that the blanched ones.
      Glad to hear you had fun watching the #girlhunter weekend unfold. A truly spectacular time!

    1. Lauren, I actually prefer this almond crust to traditional pastry crusts these days. The ground almonds have such a great texture & flavor. A richness that is not to cloying with the benefits of being good for you too. A energizing banana cream pie 🙂

  4. my husband is the only one in our house that eats bananas. sometimes they go bad and I usually whip up some muffins or a banana loaf. next time i have almost yucky bananas, I will be whipping pu one of these! love the happy sunday idea!

    1. Susan, glad I could help with a recipe for your banana lover. It is a fun twist to make this pie when you have those over ripe bananas. “Happy Sunday” or any happy days are perfect reasons to celebrate!

  5. Girl Hunter weekend sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear if you all got anything. Glad you were able to satisfy your little guy’s pie craving with this easy pie.

  6. Yummy! One of my favorite pies ever! I love the photo where the background is all black and white and the pie is in color! Fabulous!
    You are a kick ass root’in toot’in shoot’in girl! Ye haw!

  7. Cream pies must be in the air because I’ve been working on a coconut cream pie all weekend. My all-time favorite though is definitely banana cream pie so I’m sure I’d like your version!

    1. Xialou, you are correct. Absolutely no one should miss out on banana cream pie. Ever. I actually prefer this crust to ones with the gluten.

    1. Steve, your Monkey Cream Pie version sounds amazing. You cannot go wrong with chocolate, cream & bananas. That would taste awesome with this crust 🙂

    1. Georgia, I miss you bunches back. I am so grateful for our friendship. Thanks for hosting such a lovely weekend & for being such a wonderful friend. xxoo

  8. You are certainly enjoying a lot of cyber relationships becoming real. Kudos to you. What an incredible weekend! Did you know that Banana Cream Cake is President Obama’s favourite dessert?
    🙂 Valerie
    PS thanks for you thoughtful “likes” on my daughter’s wedding photos last weekend in San Fran. It was truly dreamy.

    1. Valerie, how exciting for all if you to celebrate your daughter getting married. Glad to hear SF was beautiful & memorable for you all. Just the way it should be!
      I did not know banana cream pie was President Obama’s favorite. Perhaps I need to post this link on the White House Facebook page!! xo

  9. your pie looks wonderful. Banana cream pie was I believe the first pie I ever made all by myself. It was more than 20 years ago and the recipient of my oh so fabulous pie still remembers it as I do. The most wonderful banana cream pie ever. Everything from scratch and deep dish too 🙂 Neither one of us will ever forget that pie!
    Looks like a WONDERFUL girls weekend I’m sure you all had a great time!!!

  10. What a wonderful pie! And yes, how could you possibly refuse such a request. I can almost see his little face.

    Had a great time hanging with you last weekend! : )

    1. Amy, I had so much fun with you and the rest of the gals this weekend. You are a total crack up. It was wonderful to get to know you better. I look forward to hanging out with you again soon 🙂 xo

  11. YOU are amazing; this is the most incredible recipe. I just made this tonight and it turned out beautiful!
    Thank you so much; I truly hope to meet you soon at at blogging conference. Will you be at BlogHer Food?
    Happy Holidays and thank you again!

    1. Amie…I am thrilled that you tried this recipe and loved it!!! I need to make one again like now 🙂 I might be heading to Seattle. Not sure yet, will be figuring that out in the next month or so. Are you going?