Ile De France Cheese Basket Giveaway! {For 5 Winners}

Ile De France Goat Cheese with pecans and red knife

Please tell me you love cheese as much as I do. Now that we have our mutual love exposed let’s talk about Ile De France. Are you curious about French cheese? Do you purchase it often? If you love Brie, Camembert, Comté and St. André then chances are you have enjoyed cheese from France. They also import spectacular goat cheese. Ile De France sources from the best cheese makers around that beautiful country. They have been importing to the USA since 1936!

Ever think of sending someone cheese as a gift? Now is your chance. If you win you can send your prize to a loved one of friend if you wish. Or you might just want to keep it all for yourself.

That is perfectly OK.

Cheese platter from the Beverly Wilshire Seasons Hotel

Besides eating cheese on it’s own, the gamut is wide open as to the recipes you can create with it. From grilled cheese to frittatas, casseroles, pizzas….the list is endless.

Here is creamy Ile De France goat cheese on my Sweet Potato Pizzas with Figs and Pecans. A heavenly combo!

Ile De France Goat Cheese on Sweet Potato Pizzas with pecans and figs

How about Berries and Goat Cheese on your pizza? Really, you need to try it!

Mixed Berries and Goat Cheese Pizza on blog

Let’s never, ever forget grilled cheese

Grilled cheese on artisan olive bread and cherry tomatoes

Grilled mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, herbs and olive bread

Cheese platters are such wonderful additions to serve at all of your holiday parties. If you want to learn more about how to put one together and about cheese pairings their website is very helpful.

Ile de France Camembert Cheese in package and melted on parchment paper.

If you are wondering why that boat is in their logo then you can check out the history of this wonderful company on their website. Here is a hint: Cheese was imported on HUGE ocean liners. Could you imagine being one of the first people to try such delicacies? These days we take this stuff for granted. All of this greatness can be delivered to your doorstep within days. Or even sent over night. Amazing if you think about it!

Do you guys remember when I started talking about Ile De France this summer for Get Grillin’? I am so happy to share this wonderful French cheese importer with you again…

Graphic with pink fleur de lis for MarlaMeridith.comVariety of French Ile De France Cheese

Giveaway Details

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for your entries! Congrats to these 5 winners:

  • #68 Lyn H.
  • #23 Susan
  • #172 Kristen M.
  • #238 Suzanne H.
  •  #302 Heather Lynn

To help you consume lots of fabulous French cheese, Ile De France is providing lucky readers with cheese baskets of decadence. Five of you will receive the creamy Ile de France Brie and tangy Goat cheese in addition to a fresh-cut selection from their imported gourmet French collection. French crackers will be included as well.

I am sure you can think of many things you can do with all that cheese.

This giveaway is open to USA visitors and will be open until Friday, December 2nd, midnight PST. The winner will be chosen at and will be notified via email, so please make sure your email address is correct. You will have 3 days to respond to me, or a new winner will be chosen. Open to residents of the USA.

How to Enter

Tell me all about how much you love cheese. Have you ever served a cheese platter at a party? What flavors would you like to try?

To earn entries, leave a separate comment for each of the steps listed below. You can leave one comment (entry) or many comments (entries) The choice is yours. If you don’t leave separate comments for each step, the number generator will not count them as separate entries

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  6. Head over to the Ile De France website and tell me a cheese you want to try.
  7. Tell me which Recipe you have tried or would like to.
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*You can stay in touch with Ile De France  and on Facebook too! disclosure: I am hosting this giveaway so you can sample some amazing Ile De France cheese. The opinions on this blog are entirely my own. I was sent delightful samples of their products to review.

~ Marla Meridith

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324 thoughts on “Ile De France Cheese Basket Giveaway! {For 5 Winners}

  1. I LOVE CHEESE, all kinds of it! I always serve it, pretty much with every meal.

    I love combining fruits and cheese, especially something like Quince Paste and Cheese, that is simply divine!!!

    But I also keep it simple. As a Thanksgiving app I served Smoked Gouda, Mozzarella, Sharp Cheddar and various dried Italian Meats and home crostini.

    Pretty much every gathering includes a cheese platter!

  2. I love cheese! I don’t have too much experience with the fanciest cheeses (like these) but we have a cheese factory in my town that we visit every week!

  3. I love cheese but typically stick to cheddars. Hubs is more adventurous than I am. A party cheese platter would be so much fun to put out for family though! 🙂

    1. Rachel, cheese platters are so quick & easy to put out for company. The nice thing is they have such great impact. People love them and always seem to gather around them to munch away. We gotta get you to try some new cheeses beyond cheddar. I do love a great cheddar cheese too though!

  4. Looks fantastic! I’m a huge cheese fan. I served an herbed brie, a brie with cranberries, a camembert, and a chevre on Thanksgiving. I’m a cheese-aholic!

  5. I LOVE cheese. I use Feta cheese almost daily.

    One cheese that is my favourite is cranberry maple cheese from a local cheese maker. yumm yumm

  6. I heart any and every kind of cheese! We do cheese platters all the time at our house, and we love snacking on cheese before eating dinner. All time favorite cheese is Persian Feta from Bin 36 in Chicago!

  7. I would love to try the Chèvre aux epices. It is beautiful with all the spices encrusting it. Would look beautiful in christmas spread!!

  8. I love cheese, especially french cheeses. In Atlanta I shop at DeKalb Farmers market and they have a large variety of french cheeses. I also buy cheese from a local creamery. I make cheese plates on holidays and my husband and I have “dinner” consisting of cheese, bread, apples or other fruit and wine. Yumm!

  9. I love serving cheese platters when company comes over and did so this Thanksgiving. Just this morning I was thinking about using the delicious homemade cranberry sauce with a warmed Brie round and adding some chopped walnuts to top it off.
    the cats litter box at yahoo dot com

  10. I love cheese! I think it all began with watching Wallace and Gromit where they go to the moon to get lots of cheese 🙂 I always serve different cheeses as appetizers for when I have friends over. And also make lasagna, pizza, mac n cheese, pasta, raviola whenever I get the chance because they all involve cheese!

  11. Want to try the Brie cheese from Ile De France in the next couple of days with my cranberry and orange relish with walnuts.
    the cats litter box at yahoo dot com

  12. Would like to make your grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. They look scrumptious!
    the cats litter box at yahoo dot com

  13. memories of eating a wheel of cheese with you in the summer. You can never have enough cheese – and when I read Amanda’s comment that she’s never tried brie I’m amazed – how can one live without Brie – or Comte or St Andre or any number of French cheeses – and if I won a cheese basket I would keep it all and give away the chevre – not as big a fan on the goat!

  14. I love cheese so much. Favorite food in the world. I love French cheeses… when I did a study abroad there, my roommate and I would eat cheese and baguettes for lunch every day and it was always the perfect meal.

  15. Wow, amazing giveaway! I am such a huge cheese fan – in fact, I’m holding a wine and cheese party this Friday with some friends from my church! 🙂 Can’t wait to go pick out the cheeses on Friday afternoon…there will definitely be at least one good goat cheese in there!

  16. Love cheese! I always think I am a tried and true Wisconsite when my cart at the grocery store has like 5 different kinds of cheese. I would love to try their Camembert.

  17. I adore cheese and eat it all the time. I secretly hope that my husband has to stay late at work so I don’t need to cook dinner…and then just eat cheese.

  18. I LOOOOOOVE cheese! I would choose it over every other food. I would give up my television for cheese, no hesitation.

    I am a graduate student and have been to quite a few “fancy” wine parties where they serve lots of different kinds of cheese and wines. My white-ish carpets prevent me from hosting 🙁

    I would like to try anything new that I haven’t tried before. My favorite is Brie. I tried it for the first time because it was similar to my name.

  19. I really loooooove cheese!!. I never had goat cheese but I would love to try it. My favorites are the flavored cheddar cheeses.

  20. I tweeted:
    I want to win a @IDFCheese French cheese gift basket from @MarlaMeridith #holiday PLS RT


  21. Unfortunately, calorie-wise, I’m a big lover of cheese. I love bleu, brie, chevrie, english cheddar, camembert, etc.. I could go on and on. When having a cheese platter, variety is the key.

  22. I haven’t cooked with spaghetti squash in awhile. I would like to try your recipe, Cheesy Bacon Spaghetti Squash Casserole.

  23. I love cheese so much that one year I gave it up for Lent because I knew it would be the most challenging and difficult thing to give up. I was right. I ate SO MUCH BRIE on Easter morning.

    I’ve never served a cheese platter because I’ve always lived in apartments without a full kitchen, so I never did any entertaining. I have “big girl” kitchen now, however, and if I had one of these cheese baskets I’d make a platter and invite all of my grad student friends over to enjoy it with me. I’d especially like to experiment with cheese and fruit pairings. When it comes to lovely French cheeses like these, no flavor is unwelcome.

  24. I’ve tried oh so many of your recipes…almost all your applesauces, a pumpkin cornmeal cake, other things I don’t remember.

  25. I have grown immensely in my appreciation of cheese since marrying my husband, who is a definite lover of cheese. I would like to try the goat cheese.

  26. If i could just live off bread and cheese, I would. Seriously. *grin* About the only kind I don’t like it blue cheese; everything else I snack on in slices.

  27. I haven’t tried any recipes yet, but I have a bunch saved in my recipes spreadsheet (yes, and it’s awesome! *grin*)… one is the cheesy apple bacon frittata.

  28. I am definitely a savory+sweet girl. So I love my Brie and apple sandwiches or goat cheese,honey and berries on oatmeal. Yum.

  29. Did someone say CHEESE??? I’m like a mouse! I like cheese that much! I would step on a mouse trap to get it even if I knew it was going to slam down on me!

    I want to travel the world and only eat cheese, try every kind imaginable!

  30. I once went to a party where we had to bring a bottle of wine and a portion of cheese that paired with it.
    We set all the wines and their respective cheeses on the table and went to town on them…sampling, tasting, learning textures and tastes.
    I’d love to do something like that again – it was so much fun.

    1. Alyssa, it is amazing how much I want to go to that party….
      Such a great idea & fun way to hang out with friends and meet new ones! Very engaging way to host a party 🙂

  31. We have all kinds of cheese around my house daily. My girls love going to the local farmers market and goat farms to try new cheeses. Our current fave is the fresh rosemary fig from Painted Goat. We just had a smoked gouda fondue at Thanksgiving.

  32. Yes yes yes I love cheeeeeese! My mom and I normally put a cheese and cracker (+ other snacky things) platter together for our family get togethers, but never use cheese this fancy! I would definately love to try some and share it with my family for Christmas!

  33. The next recipe I’d like to try is the banana blueberry milkshakes. Maybe I’ll wait til it stops snowing outside, though!

  34. My wife and I are always game to try new food and cheese is definitely
    on the list. I would love to win one of the 5 spots for the giveaway
    to give to my wife(a fellow food blogger). She has really gotten into
    blogging about her life and food(partly due to health concerns) and
    really enjoys the photography of it too. I am glad that she has
    because I consider myself a foodie from a very early age…I used to
    watch the Frugal Gourmet, Julia Child and Yan Can Cook on PBS when I
    was very young and food has always been a hobby of mine(my Hulu acct
    has like 300 queued just on food episodes). So please consider me for
    the giveaway and I look forward to following you on my Google Reader
    RSS feed.


  35. I am in love with goat cheese. With fig preserves. In a sandwich or a crepe. And I want to find even more ways to enjoy it. It’s just so creamy and dreamy!

    1. Debbie, that sounds like an awesome way to enjoy goat cheese. All melted with the fig preserves needs to happen over here. I like the idea of the super thin crepe so the flavors of the cheese & fig shine.

  36. I love cheese. I can eat it alone, with crackers, in salads, pastas and whatever else I eat. I have always love bleu cheese. I saw that they have a Bleu d’Auvergne which I have always wanted to try.

  37. voted again. I told my daughter last night about the giveaway, and she said, “I better win” 🙂 Then she said I better stop talking about cheese because it was making her hungry. She is a bigger cheese head than I am. When ever we have a little extra money I get something new for us to share. It is so fun to share a love of cheese with her. She is 9.

  38. Not only do I love cheese, but my housemate is OBSESSED with cheese. She literally grew up calling the refrigerator the “cheese box.” Because of her, I have tried tons of new types of cheeses and have gotten a “taste” of the skill that comes with pairing it with other foods and wine. So fascinating and so delicious to learn about!

  39. i’ve never really had cheese in general, but my sister loves it on crackers and she’s actually been to france. she makes a fun cheeseball for parties too though.

  40. I love eating cheeses of all types – grilled on sandwiches, grated and baked on top of casseroles or just sliced with crackers.

  41. We are a cheese loving family and with little ones around I would love to see them try all these new to them flavors : )

  42. I like cheese, but my husband is head over heels in love with it. On crackers, with fruit, sliced, melted, all of it! I’ve never made a cheese plate, but this would be the perfect opportunity to try one.

  43. I love cheese! Jarlsberg and Dubliner cheeses are my favorite. I like hard, flavorful cheeses. I do like some of the softer ones, but I have to pair them with fruits and crackers. Whole berry cranberry jelly is great with some cheeses as well!

  44. CHEESE! It makes everything better. My last cheese obsession was smoked gouda. Now I am between cheeses. I need inspiration!

  45. I am obsessed with cheese! For now, my favorite is goat cheese. I have made pizzas, omelets, grilled cheese sandwiches, salads, and spreads with it. So good!

  46. I’ve jokingly accused my husband of having a relationship with the lady at the cheese counter at the Pellston Market – he’d love to have this great giveaway!

  47. I’m from Minnesota…right next to the cheese state. I love cheese. My favorite food is cheese and ice cream (not together…though maybe one day…)

  48. Cheese is what I survive on! I am vegetarian and thank goodness for cheese. I especially love camembert and brie and would definitely share with my cheese loving daughter if I won!!

  49. 1. Tell me all about how much you love cheese- Cheese is the only thing keeping me from going vegan. Seriously, I could give it all up, but a slice of cheese… there is no substitute for it for me!!!

    2. Have you ever served a cheese platter at a party? No, but I have EATEN a lot of cheese at a party ha!

    3. What flavors would you like to try? ALL OF THEM! I have never had Ile de France cheese before, and your pictures are killing me! Goat cheese does happen to be my favorite!

  50. #6- what cheese do I want to try? good lord how does one choooose? Crémier de Chaumes, St. Albray… all sound good though.

  51. Lucky #7! honestly… I just now found your blog while procrastinating at work on foodgawker. I am starving, haven’t eaten dinner yet and it is 11:27 pm. Looking at all your food pictures is seriously torture, and I have already bookmarked half your recipes. If I have to pick one I’d say the Grilled Cheese Bruschetta, as I already have everything at home for it 😉

  52. Cheese is the one food that keeps me from EVER considering veganism. It is just soooo decadent. My favorite is Beecher’s Marco Polo (sharp white chedder with black peppercorns), but there are so many to try! I would love to get my hands on some of the stuff from Cowgirl Creamery some day, I’ve heard it’s really good. I think I’m lucky to have a store nearby that stocks so many different cheese from all over the world. 🙂

    1. Emily, some day I would love to try more cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery too. They are wonderful. That Marco Polo flavor sounds really good too. In the mean time you must try some Ile De France 🙂 Their line is so vast & fabulous!

  53. I love every kind of cheese there is. I haven’t met one I didn’t like. I haven’t served a nice cheese tray yet, but I am ordering them more as small plates at restaurants and learning of all the different kinds!

  54. Cheese is perfectly delectable. :] Goat cheese is probably my favorite, but I’d never turn up my nose at a good brie.

  55. I emailed but never got a reply. Just wondering if you knew when we would get our cheese? 🙂 thanks!