Vintage Glamour at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons

Beverly Hills CA, 90210. Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel entrance

A day away can transform you. Really. Just 24 hours can change your world. It did mine. Sometimes you do not need to travel far to have a wonderfully blissful vacation. Recently I visited the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel. This landmark beauty is right in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. I snuck out from behind the Orange Curtain (The OC) to visit the great land of 90210.

Lots of fun to be had! Come on, let’s check it out…

Beverly Hills CA, 90210. Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel entrance with smiling bell man

Upon arrival & everywhere in the hotel there is great service with big smiles. The ultimate in professionalism.

Each smile reconfirms that you are somewhere extra special

Beverly Hills CA, 90210. Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel lobby

Everywhere you look there is visual splendor. From the flowers to the lighting. To everything.

All of it.

Lobby at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. Pink flowers

We all need this tote bag. And the headband. Quite the impression would be made at the gym and around town when you sport this beauty around!

90210 Tote bag in purple, lavender color

All fabulous hotel weekends should be accompanied by a trip to the spa.

I was greeted by Daisy with this gorgeous berry smoothie and cooling towel. It set the stage for perfect relaxation.

The Spa at the beverly Wilshire. Berry Smoothie

I had a wonderful deep tissue massage by Megan. She used the Argan oil from a line of products called Kahina. Kahina is a organic, sustainable line of beauty products with a vibrant mission. “Kahina represents empowerment and vision for women worldwide.”

The spa boutique has a beautiful collection of skin care products and gift items. I felt like a kid in a gem encrusted candy store! Isn’t that heart jewelry box beautiful?

The Spa shop at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons hotel.

These blue sinks dazzle…

The spa at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. Blue glass sinks.

Here is a little peek inside the Nail Bar. A visit there needs to happen in my world.

The Nail Bar at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel.

After the spa it was time for lunch at THE Blvd restaurant, which was a very good thing because after a spa treatment a girl needs a big healthy lunch.

The reception was wonderful as was the meal. The staff was really excited about the sunflowers. The manager told me they brought brightness into the grey day. Sunflowers do have a habit of doing that don’t they? They are always sunny, warming and happy.

Brunch and lunch at the Blvd restaurant at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons hotel

Sticking with my all time favorite meal, I enjoyed my go-to wild salmon with steamed vegetables. It was light, fresh and full of flavor. Eating clean like this sets me up perfectly for the energizer bunny vibe I want to have for the rest of the day. Every day. Even when on vacation.

Brunch & Lunch at the Blvd restaurant at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire
Lunch was followed by an artisan cheese platter. You guys all know how much I love cheese

Cheese platter at the Blvd restaurant at the Beverly Wilshire hotel

The raisins and vanilla bean infused apple compote offered a sweet balance the tangy cheese & nuts.

Let’s head to my room, shall we….

Suite at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire, bedroom and living room

As soon as I walked  into my suite,  I realized that there would have been some extra space for my hubs and kids. There was plenty of room for cartwheels, board games, the sillies and the wiggles.

But I was here to get serious…serious about relaxing.

My suite was well lit, spacious and could have handled the littles running around without a problem.

Bedroom suite at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel

If it was warm outside I would have swam in the pool and lounged in this aqua cabana. Aren’t those iridescent tiles stunning?!

There was a lovely chill in the air, so instead I opted for my daily workout in the fitness center.

Aqua mosaic pool and lounge at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire hotel

After my workout I took my camera out on a stroll around Beverly Hills. No trip here is complete without some fun on Rodeo Drive!

Van Cleef & Arpel, Beverly Hills CA

Lady walking around Beverly Hills, CA. Breuget store.

Remember the super duper famous movie Pretty Woman? It was filmed at this hotel. And of course in the streets of Beverly Hills…

Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, CA

When I popped back into my room after glittering through the streets of Beverly Hills I was welcomed back to my suite by this guy…

Blue fondant twitter bird and pastries at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel Four Seasons

Can you believe how cute he is?! A fondant Twitter bird with all sorts of sweet little treats.

Thank you Beverly Wilshire for such a fabulous experience filled with vintage charm and true Hollywood style! XOXO

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All of the photography in this post and (unless otherwise noted ) is ©Marla Meridith Please contact us for usage or to photograph your needs. I was hosted to stay at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire.  All of the thoughts, opinions, images and such are my own.

~ Marla Meridith

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45 thoughts on “Vintage Glamour at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons

    1. Marina. I think that sounds like a splendid idea!! It would be well worth your time. I could meet you there….then again you might want to take in all that relaxation on your own 😉

  1. Marla! You are right! We are lucky enough to live in California a place where people come to vacation. Sneaking out of the OC and escaping to the blissful four seasons is a real treat. Love the photos!

  2. Oh Marla, just splendid photography!

    The only problem?

    I wasn’t packed up in your suitcase and traveling along with you. Bring me with next time, ok! 🙂

    We’re leaving on our own little journey on Friday. I’ll have more time to email once we get there..but til then, hope you’re doing well. Miss you!

    1. Thanks Averie. Next time I will be sure to pack you….until then I hope you enjoy your travels and time away in your “happy place” I look forward to connecting with you for reals after the holidays 🙂 XXOO

    1. Shelly, I am assuming our Girl Hunter weekend is going to be top notch too! I can’t wait to see the Joshua Creek Ranch 🙂 And to spend time with all of you gals.

  3. Gorgeous photos! My dirty secret is that I often go to the 4 Seasons wherever I am just to use the gym and spa. It’s like a home away from home. There’s no hotel like it, and the service is unparalleled.

    1. Thanks G! Everything you say here…agreed. The service is unparalleled & every desire & need so well tended to. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  4. OMG on that aqua cabana!
    The next time you’re treated to The Beverly Wilshire…let me meet you there!
    I really want to snuggle up in one of those robes!!!!
    How adorable is that TWITTER bird!
    Too cute!
    That would have been my fantasy night!
    I love a night on my own…at a SPA!

    1. Teresa, you would have loved this. Totally your kind of trip girl. One day we must do something like this together!!! We also need the twitter bird. It was the cutest thing ever! XXOO

  5. Wow….that’s a beautiful getaway! I wish we had a place like this in Canada, I could desperately use some time away.

    BTW…I’m in love with the heart jewelry box!

  6. How fun! What a lovely review. I’ve been there for Father’s Day brunch with my family but didn’t stay over night nor visit the spa! What have I missed? Guess it’s time for a re-visit.

    1. Hi Amy. Glad you liked my post on the FS Beverly Wilshire. Bet that Father’s Day brunch was a blast. Yes, you do need to get back over there for some pampering 🙂

  7. What a lovely getaway! You created an inspiration to bring places to your readers! The pictures were magnificent. What camera do you use? Do you ever use camera phones on your posts?

    1. Hi Marie! So glad you were inspired by my experience at the Beverly Wilshire. I love sharing unique travel experiences with you guys. All of the photos you see on my blog are taken with a Canon 7D and multiple lenses. For kicks and in a pinch I do use my iPhone and have gotten many a great photo with that. The iPhone is especially handy on steep ski slopes!