Grilled Tofu with Summer Squash and Soba Noodles

For this week of Get Grillin’ we are going meatless. Cookin’ Canuck and I have grilled up some vegetarian vittles for you and we can’t wait to see what recipes you will be linking up. Our summer grill event has been so much fun so far. As we roll into week four Dara and I have enjoyed meeting so many new online friends and welcoming back folks we have known for a while.

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Up until recently I had never grilled tofu. I have admired it for some time on Foodgawker and Tastespotting, and couldn’t wait to experiment with it. I love the way it gets clearly defined grill marks and it is a great alternative to meat, poultry or seafood.


Tofu on the grill for summer barbecue party

If you cannot find super, extra firm tofu then please take the time to press it the night before. To get the most flavor out of tofu and to keep it from being mushy and bland it must contain as little water as possible. The blog Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen has great tips on how to press your tofu. Averie at Love Veggies and Yoga also has amazing Tofu Tips and a hugely popular recipe for Peanut Sauce Baked Tofu.

Vegan vegetarian summer squash with grilled marinated tofu

With July 4th around the corner this would be a wonderful option to serve your vegetarian or vegan guests. I also have these Almond Butter Chickpea Cookies if you want to stick with the vegan theme. My Telluride Trail Bars make a great dessert or snack to have available too.

Vegan vegetarian summer squash with grilled marinated tofu

You could even slice this tofu into little squares and serve them on skewers for appetizers.

Vegan vegetarian summer squash with grilled marinated tofu

It is always fun slurping up noodles. You can use buckwheat based Soba or gluten free pasta.

Dried buckwheat soba pasta noodles in white cup

There are a few ways you can prepare these veggies on the grill. Usually I use my grill basket as I did for these Balsamic Grilled Vegetables. In this recipe I wanted to try out my new ManPans and see how it cooperated on my grill. I am in love with the results, a bit different than the basket but a wonderful option. If you want some char then go with the basket. If you want steamed and saucy than the pan is a great option. Either way is a win.

Vegan vegetarian summer squash with grilled marinated tofu

Have you ever grilled tofu? What is your favorite way to prepare it?

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60 thoughts on “Grilled Tofu with Summer Squash and Soba Noodles

  1. I have so many vegetarian/vegan recipes.

    As in, 99.99% of them are plant based. I have 1 fish recipe and 1 turkey recipe on my entire site of 400+ recipes so anything I have is veggie friendly pretty much.

    But I dont have any pics as pretty as yours 🙂

    Stunning. Just LOVE THAT PINK plant underneath…did you make that? Buy it? I need to really go to home depot and get it going with the DIY wood plank painting projects but kinda busy for all that these days!

    1. Averie I am afraid those boards need to be more distressed but for now they will do. Looking like a paint job & not an old farm table. But….that takes a lot more muscle and time. Guess they get the job done 😉 I am not sure what pink plate you are talking about. The wood?

  2. I LOVE grilled tofu, and this recipe looks like a good one. Unfortunately, my grill is currently broken at the moment, or I’d totally enter the meatless portion of this contest! I’ve been loving following the themes, even if I can’t participate.

    1. Grace, we are accepting all recipes for each category. Not just grilled. The idea is to build community, share great recipes and not leave anybody out. So please go ahead and link up those recipes. I know you have tons of great ones!

  3. We have so many friends who do not understand just how tasty tofu can be if you prepare it right. The super firm tofu can do just about anything, and it works with so many different flavors. Great recipe for this one!

    1. Hopefully we can convince all of those disbelievers that tofu can taste as great as any animal or creature of the sea. Though I will be keeping those in my bag o’ tricks too 😉

  4. These looks SO delicious Marla! This is one of my favorite things to eat. I think I should live with you. And I’m glad Man Pans signed on to be part of this great event you and Cookin Canuck are doing!

  5. Marla~marla!
    Just pinned this!
    You make everything look YUMMY…and CUTE!
    You are my favorite cook!
    I adore YOU!
    YOU know that…right!
    Hugs from Bainbridge!

    1. Hi Teresa! Thanks for stopping by friend. Also, thanks for pinning this recipe. You know me, always trying to pretty up all that healthy food.
      For some reason Pinterest does not set up my account & I would LOVE to join the party over there….hmmmm
      Hope your summer is fabulous so far. I need to pop over to BIB to check out your Canadian travels.

  6. What a beautiful recipe (and photos), Marla! I’m excited to see the recipes for this week’s Get Grillin’ event – I need more vegetarian meals in my rotation.

    1. Dara, howdy partner! I know it is always great to have lots of vegetarian recipes available in the recipe box. They are so quick, easy and tasty. I nice diversion to all the meat, fish & poultry we eat around here.
      Can’t wait to see everyone’s links 🙂

  7. I love grilled tofu but I haven’t made it in so long! Yours sounds really delicious with that balance of flavors — love the oj in there! And what a pretty dish, Marla!

  8. Here’s my recipe (it’s roasted in the oven, but you could probably achieve the same result on a grill.)

    –Roasted Fennel–

    2 Fennel Bulbs, cut into wedges
    olive oil
    parmesan cheese

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss fennel wedges with olive oil. Spread on a baking sheet in a single layer. Generously sprinkle fresh parmesan cheese over the fennel. Bake for 30-40 minutes, until the fennel turns a lovely light caramel color.


    1. Jennie, thanks! That fennel sounds wonderful. The only difference with the grill is I would probably cook it shorter, flip more and watch it carefully. I must try this! Thanks for sharing a recipe for Get Grillin’.

    1. Hi Kris! Because usually the tofu we all make doesn’t get all prettied up for the camera & then have light bounced off it! 🙂

  9. I have a great tofu recipe I can definitely add for this week – I think ‘vegetarian’ food is always my favorite, because often it just means I am eating healthy and seasonally. 🙂 Love your photos on this post Marla!

  10. You’re reminding me how much I like grilled tofu.
    A vegetarian grilled recipe? Cool. I did that twice this week already. I wonder if my husband would get out the grill for me just once more…?

    I just read your father’s day post too. Your wedding pictures are sooooo cute. And what a sweet tribute to dads. xoxo

    1. Thanks Mariko. Wish I could actually get my dad outside grilling for me. I could use someone else cooking for a change. Ahhh the thought of it. He is extra good on the grill. Would probably need to twist his arm to do tofu though, he is a steak lover and not easily swayed 😉 Beg your hubs… he will if you are extra sweet.

  11. I dont have a blog, but my favorite vegetarian recipe for summer has to be a big watercress salad, with grilled pears. you combine a big head of watercress (making sure all the stems are trimmed to a length of your liking), with a simple dijon mustard-lemon-olive oil-garlic vinaigrette. (i like to let the vinaigrette sit for a while to let the flavors meld before i add it to the salad) you simply core and slice the pears and brush them with a mixture of lemon juice and brown sugar, then place them on the grill, flipping them when they start to brown. after you remove them from the heat, add them to the top of the watercress. next, take blue cheese and crumble it on top of the pears (i like to do this as soon as i remove the pears from the grill and place them on the salad, so that the cheese starts to soften or melt a bit). grind some black pepper over the top and add the vinaigrette, and enjoy! this is an amazing, incredibly sophisticated summer meal, and even the most dedicated carnivore wont miss meat at all when eating this!! feel free to add strawberries, some sweet corn, sugar snap peas, red onions, or any other kind of vegetable or fruit, if you like!
    i can only imagine how great the pears would taste if they were cooked in that amazing pan, by the way- it would be a great way of making this dish in the colder months!! 🙂

    1. Caroline, that sounds fabulous. Bet that brings out so much flavor in those grilled pears. The dressing sounds fabulous. Makes me want to grill your recipe and take some photos – then have a feast! Very sophisticated, yet very do able recipe.

  12. I like to do a grilled salad – brush olive oil on peach halves and grill. Sprinkle with feta cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.

  13. As requested I added my potato recipe. I’ve done all the steps to help you promote your event. I’m not in the US so not eligible – best of luck to everyone!

    1. Maureen, we LOVE having you anyway. Thanks for adding your delish potato recipe & thanks so much for helping to promote Get Grillin’ on your blog.

  14. Well, I’ve never grilled tofu before but I think I’m going to need to for this upcoming barbecue weekend! Yours just looks too good not to!

  15. YUM! I bake tofu several times a week but have never attempted grilling it. I am going to do so now!

    One other thing–buckwheat IS gluten-free, but commercial soba noodles almost always contain wheat. Thanks for the recipe!!

    1. Deb, I did not realize Buckwheat was gluten free – I was almost certain those soba noodles were not. If the package does not clearly say GF then I know to be careful. Thanks for stopping by & I hope you get to grill up some tofu soon. You will love it!