Kahlua Mint Kiss Martini

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week was’s time to flip the switch gears over to the weekend! Thank goodness…

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Here in the high country we’ve been dialing back our taste buds to the good old days. In college (I went to Syracuse University) there was a whole lot of Kahlua and Rumple Minze on the drink menu. University is long ago & these delights have been set aside for other libations. Not any more…it’s time to bring these liqueurs back into the limelight! My Kahlua Mint Kiss Martini will do just that. A simple cocktail recipe that will warm you from the inside out & might even bring back some of those fun college memories.


All you need for this winter drink is coffee liqueur (Kahlua) mint schnapps (Rumple Mintze) and heavy cream. Shake it all up in a cocktail shaker filled with ice & top with a candy cane. What could be easier?! Pure bliss.

We will be enjoying these in Telluride over the weekend for sure! My son starts his ski club program tomorrow & you can bet that the adults will be celebrating aprés with some of these in hand. Nothing like watching the littles kill it on the ski slopes, plenty of reasons to celebrate!


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~ Marla Meridith

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