Lemonade Coconut Milkshakes

Lemonade Coconut Milkshake recipe on

I dreamed up this Lemonade Coconut Milkshake recipe while on the way home from picking up the kids from school on Friday. It was the beginning to a fun weekend & what better then to kick it off with a sweet, creamy shake! This would be a nice sweet to enjoy for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

My little guy was quite taken by it…

Lemonade Coconut Milkshake recipe on

Lately we have been enjoying all kinds of cool shakes and frozen popsicles. ‘Tis the season!

If you plan on making this shake for adult guests you can add a splash of rum.

Lemonade Coconut Milkshake recipe on

With the rum it would taste like a Lemonade PinΓ₯ Colada. With lemon, not pineapple.

No matter what, you are sure to please guests of any age!

These had no alcohol and my son could not keep his hands off them.

Lemonade Coconut Milkshake recipe on

What do you have planned for the long weekend?

Lemonade Coconut Milkshake recipe on


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~ Marla Meridith

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50 thoughts on “Lemonade Coconut Milkshakes

  1. I’ve never liked milkshakes as they are far too sweet and rich, but I’m sure I’d love this one! Gorgeous flavors and totally healthy.



  2. Keep dreaming of new ideas, because you have come up with a good one. I am going to try it today. Yummy.

  3. Your photos are amazing!!
    I hope you don’t think this is a silly question… It’s really a lemon shake of sorts? The coconut milk we bought recently was pretty flavorless. And…We have access to raw milk, yes or no? I’m remembering that lemon in milk makes buttermilk.

    1. Thanks Diane. Great question by the way. I am sure many folks are curious about this. I have never had a problem with coconut milk and citrus (the coconut milk is not dairy) The kefir I used did not curdle either ~ this has already been hit with an acid to make the kefir. Kefir is like a thin cultured yogurt if you have not tried it. What you get here is a nice, well blended, smooth + creamy shake! I did not try this with cow’s milk. If it works (or doesn’t) be sure to let us know. If you cannot get kefir, simply use more coconut milk.

  4. Yummy! I am trying this one this wknd! Great idea. I love the pics of your happy boy loving his shake! Kefir and coconut will be so creamy and thick. Who needs ice cream? You can always make anything guilt free. Thank u!!!

  5. Marla, your photos and recipes just continue to better with every post! These milkshakes look so fun and flavorful, and I love all your adorable adornments to them. Great recipe! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family!