Thanksgiving Tostadas Two Ways


Hope you all had a wonderful turkey day! Before we wrap on Thanksgiving I wanted to give you a few more ways to use up those delish leftovers. In my last post I gave you a Monte Cristo sandwich. If you have not tried that I suggest you do. These tostadas are another way to enjoy your leftovers. I have created two versions and there are many more you can come up with too. This post includes a Mexican twist and a Thanksgiving flavored one. Either way you go, you will be very pleased.


Mexican Thanksgiving Tostadas. Great way to use those leftovers! MarlaMeridith.com


The Thanksgiving version has leftover cranberry sauce, feta & rosemary. The Mexican one has black beans (regular or refried are both great) cojita cheese and salsa. In both versions I added a layer of sweet potatoes & spread some sour cream on the crispy tortilla base.


Mexican Thanksgiving Tostadas. Great way to use those leftovers! MarlaMeridith.com


These tostadas are simple to throw together and they look really pretty too. They are the perfect meal for lunch or dinner. Enjoy with a side salad, roasted or steamed veggies. I love all the bright colors in these layered meals. You can put each ingredient in a separate bowl & let guests or family members make their own stacked meal. Easy peasy & interactive for kids of all ages.


Thanksgiving Tostada Recipe. Great way to use those leftovers! MarlaMeridith.com


What is your favorite recipe using Thanksgiving leftovers?




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47 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tostadas Two Ways

  1. Gorgeous! I was actually talking about doing an all Mexican themed feast for Thanksgiving next year, these would be perfect. The use of sweet potato makes them even more fun

  2. Mmmm, these tostadas look wonderful. My little secret is I actually like all the cool leftover recipes and wraps much more than the turkey teeeheee 🙂
    Nice one, thanks for sharing Marla.

  3. I love how you came up with these two tostada recipes. That’s the beauty of tostadas, mix and match all kinds of ingredients. How can you go wrong?! I always think of tostadas as salads and most lack one ingredient that I think can really pull it all together or add something special. The ingredient? A little bit of an oil and vinegar dressing. Apple cider vinegar dressing with garlic powder goes incredibly well with Mexican recipes. Try a little on your next tostada.

    1. Robin: I agree all salad type recipes need a dressing to bind them & bring the flavors together. I love the idea of your simple vinaigrette. In these tostadas the sour cream & cranberry sauce/salsa bring the flavors together in a great way too.

  4. Both ways look amazing to me! I think you’re right, I’d have to make both because I wouldn’t be able to decide which to try first, lol! By the way, I wanted to let you know that I made your Monte Cristo the other day…it was phenomenal! Thanks for the inspiration, sweetie!

    1. Faith: I am so happy you enjoyed your T-giving Monte Cristo 🙂 Smiles. Hope your Thanksgiving was grand & that you have tons of leftovers to enjoy.

      Heather: Yup, a great way for those cranberry haters or lovers to enjoy their leftovers. I can’t get enough of both versions – just depends on my mood.