Mushroom Delight Scramble

Mushroom Delight Scramble | Gluten Free & Paleo | #breakfast

Mushroom delight? Whats that you might ask…

Are you as delighted by mushrooms as I am? I can’t even choose a favorite because i dig ’em all. I love the boldness of Shitake, the sweetness of Chanterelles, the fuller flavor of Porcini & really we could go on & on…

One of my favorite ways to prepare eggs is this Mushroom Delight Scramble.

Mountain Home | #telluride

Why that image of my house today? It’s the first photo I snapped with my new camera. There is so much to learn on it….will take loads of dedicated practice. Good thing I love taking pictures!

You can use any mushroom varieties that you love in this dish.

Find your favorites & scramble away!

Mushroom Delight Scramble | Gluten Free & Paleo | #breakfast

This is the perfect savory breakfast, makes for an elegant brunch too. Also nice for lunch or dinner.

If you can source wild mushrooms all the better! They have more flavor and you can feel the joy of foraging for them with your own hands. Around here in the high country we have an abundance of King Boletes (Porcini), Wood Ear and Chanterelles ~ they are excellent on their own & paired together.

Wild Mushrooms | #telluride

I highly recommend you experiment with your favorite mushroom combinations.

Mushroom Delight Scramble | Gluten Free & Paleo | #breakfast

Do you have any truffle oil? I hope you can get your hands on some as it really adds flavor to the eggs.

When I scramble my eggs I like to use a splash of half & half. To keep this Paleo all you need to do is omit that & scramble with a splash of water to keep the eggs fluffy.

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Mushroom Delight Scramble | Gluten Free & Paleo | #breakfast

On a more personal note…can someone please tell me where the summer went?

These photos make me so grateful for my family & the special times we share together…

Living the Mountain Life | #Telluride #Colorado

Living the Mountain Life | #Telluride #Colorado

Living the Mountain Life | #Telluride #Colorado

OK…thanks for letting me share all this, here is your recipe!


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~ Marla Meridith

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  1. Marla,
    I’ve never had truffle oil, but the flavors of egg and mushroom sound really good to me. I like half and half in my tea, so I’ve always got a splash handy. Simply gorgeous–and the house and family too!