Blueberry Quinoa

Looking for a great new breakfast, brunch or snack?

Great! Blueberry Quinoa is here to make your day. Yes, something soooooo simple is really that good. GREAT actually…


Blueberry Quinoa | Delicious, gluten-free breakfast |


If you adore blueberries than this is a no brainer. Here we have blueberries that have been heated & ones that have not. This adds to the flavor.

A super quick ‘n tasty meal that can be prepared the day before you need it.


Blueberry Quinoa | Delicious, gluten-free breakfast |


This gluten free & grain free recipe will satisfy quinoa lovers & will make you a quinoa fan if you are not all ready.


Blueberry Quinoa | Delicious, gluten-free breakfast |


A hard sell? Nope not at all.

Instead of your typical bowl of oatmeal or cereal (which by the way I love both of those) you can go all wild and have this! I have a few other quinoa breakfast recipes on if you would like to check them out…


Blueberry Quinoa | Delicious, gluten-free breakfast |


Did you know that quinoa comes in a few different varieties? Red, white, black & rainbow…(rainbow is really not at colorful as it sounds, it’s a combo of the three)

Close-up this red quinoa is quite seductive…


Blueberry Quinoa | Delicious, gluten-free breakfast |

Especially if you add the whipped cream. Which I always do.

But you all ready knew that! Enjoy…

For Recipe Details Click Here

Breakfast Quinoa Recipes




~ Marla Meridith

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40 thoughts on “Blueberry Quinoa

  1. It is so pretty and a great breakfast for these last few weeks of summer! I am so sad to have to say good bye to blueberries, so this is the perfect breakfast to load up on over the next few weeks!

  2. Looks and sounds delish! question: If I chose to use Almond milk instead, do you think it would turn out just as yummy?

    1. Daniela, the red quinoa has a bit more quinoa “flavor” and it stays a bit firmer as well. Do give it a whirl when you can πŸ™‚

    1. Aimee….I think you & I are on the same page. This was one of my all time favorite photo shoots. Was so fun to work with this composition & one of my favorite subjects, blueberries! Only thing i wish is that I had swapped out the background…been using it way too much lately!

  3. This is a great breakfast recipe– especially on the weekends when all you want to do is eat pancakes and waffles. As one of the world’s healthiest foods, quinoa definitely seems like a better alternative.

  4. I’m thinkin that you can probably turn this into an awesome breakfast by adding maybe some cooked oatmeal..nuts…and it also takes on the flavor you cooking it with…nice!!