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Caterpillar Roll | Pescado Sushi Restaurant | Telluride, Colorado #travel
Oh did we need Pescado here in Telluride, Colorado. I mean really. I crave amazing sushi all the time. Problem was I couldn’t find what I was looking for in my small mountain town.

This is the second incarnation of this sushi bar…a few years ago it was across the street (still on Colorado Ave.) It closed before I ever had a chance to try it out. All I heard were rave reviews about Chef Brady’s culinary magic. Thankfully now Pescado is here to stay!

Pescado brings it…with great flavor, atmosphere, service & style. Let’s dig in…

Ginger Cocktail | Pescado Sushi Restaurant | Telluride, Colorado #travel

My pal Bill (Blues & Brews Marketing Director) coordinated this amazing review dinner for us.

I got settled in with a cocktail immediately…I went with the Sweet Ginger.

This cocktail was a little sweet, a little spicy & perfectly balanced. Muddled ginger, TyKu soju & pineapple juice make me want to go back for more!

Edamame | Pescado Sushi Restaurant | Telluride, Colorado #travel

Every sushi experience needs an Edamame appetizer (especially when I am with my kids!) Ours had a Mixed Green Salad & Chukka (green seaweed medley) to hold it’s hand.

Kobe Beef Skewers | Pescado Sushi Restaurant | Telluride, Colorado #travel

I fell madly in love with these Kushiyaki ~ marinated Kobe beef skewers with scallions. Sooo much flavor!

Tuna with Crispy Jalapeño Roll | Pescado Sushi Restaurant | Telluride, Colorado #travel

This El Martillo inside out Uramaki roll was wonderful.

It was filled with spicy tuna, shiso, avocado and topped with crispy jalapeños. The perfect blend of flavors and the peppers did not overwhelm the more delicate flavors.

Caterpillar Roll | Pescado Sushi Restaurant | Telluride, Colorado #travel

The classic Caterpillar Roll is always a sushi bar favorite. It is beautiful to look at and filled with the tastiness of BBQ eel, cucumber, spicy aioli, avocado & kabayaki. I love all the mouth popping fish roe on the top.

Sashimi | Pescado Sushi Restaurant | Telluride, Colorado #travel

Our last course was this beautiful sashimi platter. Sorry folks ~ the light was down to about 5%. I could have gotten you a better photo if it was not dark…

This dish is called Around the World. In it is salmon, tuna and jack with ponzu & shaved jalapeños. Chef Brady sure likes his spicy peppers & I’m ok with that! They add lots of character & dimension to the dishes.

I have been back a few times since and have tried rolls like the Pescado BACONator (salmon, cucumber, avocado, BBQ eel, kabayaki and of course bacon.) We all need this in our lives.

For dessert my kids are in love with the Mochi. They never let me have any…that’s OK as I’m cool sipping on my ginger cocktail. Visit us here in stunning Telluride & make a stop at Pescado!

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