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You might know this, you may not ~ in my past life I was a textile designer. I designed prints (fabric designs) for the likes of the Disney Store, Warner Bros., Scholastic, Papyrus and so many more. My prints are usually youth driven, which meant bright, poppy, happy and fun!

In an upcoming post I will share some of those designs with you. I think you’ll get a kick out of that!

In the mean time here are some favorites that caught my eye while over at Pinterest (my second home)

*all of the photos and logos in this PinFresh post are pulled from their respective websites


Here is where you can find all this fun stuff! Enjoy….

  1. Lily Ashbury Summer House Collection pinned to Fabrics + Textiles + Patterns
  2. Neon Aztec Pillow Covers via pinned to Etsy Addict
  3. Mini Dachshunds pinned to Kid Cool
  4. Cath Kidston Cowboy Backpack pinned to Fabrics + Textiles + Patterns
  5. Fabric Rehab Bundle pinned to Fabrics + Textiles + Patterns
  6. Ava Rose by Grand Revival Design pinned to Shabby Chic
  7. Room Seven Purse pinned to Fabrics + Textiles + Patterns
  8. Cute Tape Washi Tape pinned to Cool Crafts

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~ Marla Meridith

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10 thoughts on “PinFresh { Pattern Obsessed } 09.30.12

  1. Judging from your eye for detail and color I bet your designs were beautiful. The images here a feast for the eyes. I’m lost in all the happy colors, textures and patterns–in a good way. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your designs. 🙂