Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach

Baking Chez Moi is sure to do just that! These Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach are the cookies that are sure to win over everyone during the holidays! Take some extra time to bake them ~ it’s sure worth it…   Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach |   Please note: traditionally rugelach are rolled into croissant type shapes. Mine? A bit different to say the least! But the elements are still there ~ flaky cream cheese pastry dough wrapped around berry, chocolate & coconut filling. If you are still on the hunt for awesome Christmas gifts then you must put this cookbook on your list.   Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach |   Many of you likely know who Dorie Greenspan is & for those who would like to know more, check out her amazing blog. In her new cookbook, Dorie showcases a large collection of uncomplicated contemporary French desserts. Her goal is to make us feel more comfortable about the elegance of French baking. She has lived in France for many years & has gathered treats for us from all around the country. Her writing style is filled with passion, joy & easy to follow directions. This book is a true treat for seasoned bakers & wanna be’s.   Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach |   Chapter break downs include: Simple Cakes, Fancy Cakes, Tarts & Galettes, Baby Cakes & Petite Pastries, Cookies & Bars, Fruit, Creams, Frozen Desserts & Candies & a great chapter on Basics. Within each chapter you will want to drop everything & run to the kitchen!   Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach |   Classic rugelach has nuts, jam & dark chocolate. In mine I used fresh raspberries, white chocolate & coconut in the filling. I was asked to use raspberries in the filling, which was great because I love them!   Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach |   Please don’t let the long list of directions scare you. These pastries are so fun to prepare & very relaxing too, we all need a bit of that right about now…right?   Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach |   Grab a copy of this cookbook soon! You’ll be very glad you did! You can also follow Dorie on TwitterFacebook & Instagram. xo   For Recipe Details Click Here   Rugelach Recipe Links

Disclosure: I was sent this awesome cookbook to review. This post is also in partnership with Driscoll’s berries.   Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach | Save Save SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave]]>

~ Marla Meridith

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17 thoughts on “Raspberry, White Chocolate & Coconut Rugelach

    1. I tell ya what Averie, you certainly earn eating it when you bake it from scratch. Rolling dough burns calories, right? Thanks for the pin LOVE too! xoxo

  1. Until this moment I’d never thought of rugelach as dessert pigs in a blanket, but for some reason I just realized it. OMG. Can we have a party where we only have little rolled treats? Pigs in a blanket, rugelach, mini cinnamon rolls…I’m on a roll!

    1. OMG!! Yes, of course we can. I love that idea more than anything. These & Pigs in Blankets would make the ultimate holiday party. Now what would the cocktail be 😉