Remembrance Cakes for 9-11

Healthy cakes and muffins by Marla Meridith

They were sitting at desks, talking on the phone, in board meetings, dashing out to grab a quick cup of Starbucks coffee. They were surfing the internet, chatting around the water cooler, giggling with friends. Living life.

I cannot believe a decade has gone by since the world changed forever. 2,983 people gone. They lost their lives in multiple terrorist attacks on US soil on 9-11-2001. We also lost brave folks that gave their lives trying to save others. They are all heroes. So much damage, sadness and wreckage. Faith can be restored (I hope) but the loss for many will be forever.

These folks were innocently living their lives…..people like us. We came together for them then. We have not forgotten. As bloggers with voices. We bake, we love, we share.

This Sunday morning marks a decade since the 9/11 attacks. Together we can remember and share loving prayers with the moms, dads, children, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, friends, colleagues. Everyone who lost.

Please join me to remember. With cake.

Gluten Free blueberry layer cake recipe by Marla Meridith

There is a World Trade Center Memorial Waterfall that will be unveiled to the public on Sunday. Constructed on the site that has been closed with harsh gates for ten years.

A place where people lived. The gentle whoosh and whisper of the water is meant to drown out the sounds of the noisy city. It is supposed to help us reflect and meditate. To count our blessings and pray for all the people affected by this tragedy.

Healthy gluten free muffin recipe by Marla Meridith

In 2001 I was living 3000 miles away from New York, in California. I am still here. I am a born & bred New Yorker. NYC was my home for many years before I came out here.

September 11th, 2001 was a peaceful, bright bluebird sky morning. I had a big smile on my face. On October 5th, just a few weeks away we were to fly back to NY to get married. Homeward bound with open hearts.

Gluten Free ratio rally mini cakes with strawberries and coconut milk

I will never forget turning on the TV at 6:30am with my breakfast all laid out in front of me. A plane “accidentally” flew into the World Trade Center. How odd? How could a pilot make such an error. I ran up to tell my husband about the disaster. And then another plane crashed. Obviously not an error. Intentional chaos. We sat glued to the TV. Held each other, and cried.

I freaked knowing that a my little brother often worked in and near those buildings. By the grace of God that day he was in mid-town Manhattan. Not near, but near enough.

Coffee cake with peanuts and pumpkin for breakfast and snacks.

Please post a remembrance cake with me. I will post mine some time this Sunday. If you do not have time to bake a new cake/cupcake/muffin that is OK. Relax. Breath. Share something you created and posted a while back.

This is a celebration of life. Between now and next Wednesday I will keep the link up active. Any kind of cake will do. If it has a crumb go ahead and share it. With love.

Sugar free healthy blueberry muffins with cream cheese frosting

I created a badge for us. You can find a few sizes to use on my badges page. Paste the code and add it to your post or somewhere on your blog. Let’s show that we stand strong and we support those who still suffer and are trying to heal. You can also link back to this post.

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news about the attacks? Do share if you wish….

Here is a hashtag we can use on Twitter and Faceboook #cakes2remember

Please link up your cakes & such here. This link up will be open until Wednesday 9~14-2011 to give you all an opportunity to share.

In case you are wondering, the cakes featured in this post are my:

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~ Marla Meridith

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123 thoughts on “Remembrance Cakes for 9-11

  1. I vividly recall where I was, and it renders me speechless each time. my very best friend lived 3 blocks from WTC, helped with the recovery effort (she was a nurse/emt) and left the country not long after, forever changed by what she experienced. i miss her so much, and i miss the city I love SO much.

    i will bake a cake.

    1. Hey Kristina. I am so glad you will join us in baking a cake. That is such a sad story about your friend. The recovery effort sounded so depleting and scary. I can not even imagine the painful emotions she faced, sounds like a wonderful person. I hope you still have the opportunity to speak with her from time to time.

  2. A beautiful cake! A great collection of cakes.

    Impossible to forget this day… So sad and eerie! I remember it like it was yesterday.



  3. Marla this post is touching and beautiful. I love how open you were with your heart and thoughts and the cake/links/love is a wonderful idea.

    “Do you remember where you were when you heard the news about the attacks? Do share if you wish….”
    Scott and I had JUST moved across the country together about 3 weeks previously. We were living in a REMOTE beach town in coastal NC, far, far away from any friends of family. He and I hardly really even knew each other but moved across the country with each other and started our lives together that way. And we were coming back from yoga and had the car radio on and heard this news and raced back to our condo, turned on the TV, and felt like we only had each other in the entire world. It was quite surreal.

    Thank you for allowing people to share their memories here on your space and blog.


    1. Averie, that is quite the story. Thanks for sharing this post with your readers today. I do hope lots of people can join us in this tribute.
      I can totally picture what you and Scott were going through. Interesting that you you were in that remote town in NC. You will have to tell me more about that some day. Perhaps at coffee next week.
      Can’t wait to catch up with you then 🙂 xo

  4. Beautiful post, Marla. I feel like 9-11 was forever ago… I was actually in high school at the time! I remember walking into class and everyone was talking about an airplane that crashed into the towers… I assumed a tiny plane by accident!

    1. Lauren, I think we all did. That plane looked tiny. At first. Took a little while until the harsh reality settled in. I could only imagine the scene at school.

  5. What a beautiful tribute. I was in the 9th grade. In all of our classes and the cafeteria we were watching the news. They sent us home early, too. On the day, I was glad for a day from school, but once I realized what had happened, it was a sad day. All of the churches in our city had memorial services. A very sad day indeed, but a beautiful way to remember.

    1. Caroline, I was all ready in my 20’s when this event happened. I could not imagine being in grade school. So difficult to understand even as an adult. A tough one for the teachers to handle too. Very cool that all your local churches prayed and sent love around. I am sure a lot of that will happen agajn this weekend.
      I would love if you baked a cake, or submitted some posts you might all ready have to honor & pay tribute 🙂 xo

  6. Oh my goodness – this is so touching and beautiful. Your writing captured just how everyone felt on that tragic morning almost 10 years ago. Brought tears to my eyes. I am baking cupcakes and brownies for a planning meeting we are having tomorrow night for the local 9/11 Heroes Run on Sunday. Will definitely make the theme red/white and blue based on the pictures and recipes you shared here. Thank you, Marla. The world needs more people like you. If any of your followers would like to participate in a run in their area, here is the website.

    1. Sandy, thanks so much for stopping by. The 9/11 Heroes Run is such a lovely tribute. I will add this link to my post and post on my Facebook/Twitter page as well. Good luck with your baking 🙂

  7. Beautiful tribute, beautiful cakes. It’s hard to believe 10 years has passed since that horrible day. Bizarre that most of us can remember exactly what we were doing that very day. Lovely post girl!

  8. Marla – Beautiful post. Did 9/11 end up altering our wedding celebration? Certainly it affected it, but just wondering if you were able to still head back. My friend and I still call the pizza place we gathered at that morning the 9/11 Mellow Mushroom. And, I ended up back in NYC a few weeks later and saw the devastation. My lord. It was horrible. The whole country felt the same thing – so odd. Thank you for sharing! Molly

  9. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to all those that lost loved ones on 9/11. I still remember that morning, my husband and I were driving to work together (which we never do), when we heard on the radio that a small plane had “accidentally” crashed into one building. Then the second plane hit. We called our friends that worked in the area and they were all evacuating their buildings. Our town lost a number of loved ones that day, and 9/11 will mark a day to remember them and all those who lost their lives.

    1. Jeanette – the fact that we all thought that the first plane was an “accident” Gosh were we wrong. Sorry to hear so many people were lost from your town. xo

  10. Marla,

    What a wonderful and beautiful idea. I will link up soon.

    I am in CA also, and was at work. Someone brought in a t.v. and we all watched, speechless and teary. OUR world (the world of our children) as we knew it, would never be the same.

    1. Sue, you are right. Never will be the same. Glad my kids are still so little that we will not need to talk about 9-11. Not yet. Some day though. When it makes more sense to them. Then again is this supposed to make any sense? I look forward to seeing your links 🙂

  11. What a beautiful and touching post Marla, just brings tears to my eyes. I think we all reflect on where we were and what we were doing that day; its still haunting. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful remembrance. We all need to take a moment, reflect, and like you said with cake.

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  13. there’s something about baking a cake that’s so good for the soul so love this idea of baking for 9/11 – I was in London about to board a flight to NYC where we were living at the time – we then spent a week in London as refugees reeling from the attack and loss of life

    1. Lucy, “reeling” is the perfect world when emotions get the best of us. A bunch of my relatives from the UK flew out to our wedding on October 5th 2001. We were not sure they would actually make the trip but were very grateful that they all did. About 15 of them. Life was on stand-by at that point in time wasn’t it?
      Baking is a great escape, loving and wonderful for the soul.

  14. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing that horrible day.
    On Saturday I will remember by baking and putting one very essential ingredient in those cookies…….love.
    Beautiful post Marla. Thank you

  15. Beautiful post Marla. I still shudder thinking about that day and the chaos that ensued. It makes me appreciate everyday, even though I get too caught up in it sometimes. What a wonderful way to remember those lost and show our support as a community.

  16. Nice post Marla. I’m sure even more tough for you as a New Yorker. We all remember where we were, at first recognition, then being glued to the horror of it all, in shock. I was apprenticing with a catering company, working in a restaurant kitchen. Watching the bar TV and listening to the radio non-stop. Numb. Hard to believe 10 years has passed. So many lives lost. We remember and commemorate their sacrifice, and pray for all of the families effected this weekend. Our church is holding special services all weekend. Saddleback in Lake Forest. Will be awesome. God bless those who lost loved ones. May they find comfort.

    1. Hi Sally. That is awesome that Saddleback will hold memorial services all weekend. People will want to share their blessings. I hope around the world there are similar acts of faith and devotion. My guess is there will be. Nice to know those services are close to home. Numb & bone chilling are the words that come to mind from that day. Must have been so hard for you to carry on at work. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  17. Such a lovely tribute, Marla ~ Bake a cake and gather your loved ones in remembrance. We will be joining the memorial and bake a cake and share with our loved ones.

  18. Beautiful post Marla. I will never forget either. I was teaching third grade at the time and kids were running in the class at the beginning of the day saying, “I heard on the radio, planes are flying into buildings.” There are only a few moments in my life that have caused such intense heartache.

  19. Such a beautiful and touching post, Marla. I still remember that morning too…I was an undgrad and I went to an early morning class not realizing what had happened…the whole school was in an uproar.

    Such a beautiful tribute, Marla.

  20. I was in 11th grade. We had just started class for the day and they sent us all back to homeroom. Every TV in the building was on, watching it unfold. What struck me was how quiet everyone was – schools are never quiet, no matter what, but there wasn’t a sound while the TVs showed the buildings coming down, the people trying to escape. We weren’t sent home, but there wasn’t much more sound the rest of the day. Teachers had a hard time teaching; kids had a hard time paying attention. When I got home, I cried in the living room. The next day at school, it was almost like it hadn’t happened. Very surreal.

    Lovely post, and sentiment. Thank you for allowing us to share with you.

  21. Thank you for this moving post and personal insights on a day that we as a nation will never forget. Thank you for telling us your perspective on that day and sharing with us your strength, hope, and commitment to honoring those that died on 9/11.


  22. Beautiful way to commemorate the fallen and survivors. I recalled having dinner in Malaysia and suddenly hearing the breaking news over TV. It was beyond surreal. We couldn’t believe the devastation that was going on. It almost looked like a movie and I wish it was. So humbled to be able to contribute my thoughts and prayers with something sweet this Sunday. Thank you for the opportunity, Marla.

    1. Hi Kiran. Malaysia…wow it must have been nuts to watch 9-11 unfold from over there. I be everyone wishes it was some kind of twisted movie. Wish we could hit rewind and take it all away….xxoo

    1. G, cool that you had that wi-fi while on the airplane. Weird to be way up high reading this stuff huh?! This post is certainly the least I could do.

  23. It is so surreal! My brother was on the 9th floor of the second tower to be hit. By the grace of god he survived. I remember seeing the plane hit the building and asking my dad if we knew anyone who worked in that building. My dad’s face when white, at that moment he realized that my brother was in that doomed building. I don’t know how much time lapsed between when we saw the plane hit and when we got the phone call saying that he was alive, but, let me tell you, I got down on my knees and prayed like I have never prayed before. God listened that day, he spared my family so much pain and suffering, when I think of all the people who said the same prayer as I did that day, only to find out there loved one was gone forever. God bless America, please, let us never forget!

    1. Irene, time stood still & I cried while I read your comment. I cannot fathom the life drained from you and your dad as you waited…..when that phone rang I can only imagine your emotions. God bless. We must always keep praying. I am so happy for you guys 🙂 xo

  24. Wow, Marla. What a moving, beautiful post. I will make my husband’s favorite cake this weekend (angel food) for our remembrance cake. We were together on that chilling day that none of us will ever forget. My husband heard about the first plane on the radio and came downstairs to tell me. I turned on the TV just as Katie Couric was talking about it on the Today show. Seconds later the 2nd plane hit. We stood in our kitchen watching the TV in stunned disbelief. Like you, I can’t believe 10 years have passed since then. Our country forever changed. Thanks for this wonderful idea to bake a remembrance cake. I’m in.

    1. Hi Monica. Disbelief still on so many levels. We all need to live with the hurt and question marks, unfortunately some way more than others. This has got to be a very difficult time for families who were directly affected by this tragedy.
      I look forward to seeing you Angel Food cake this weekend 🙂 xo

      1. Hi Marla. I ended up baking Blueberry Oat Muffins (instead of Angel Food Cake) for my “We Bake to Remember” post. They’re my husband’s favorite muffin and what he requested for breakfast today. We’re watching the moving TV coverage of the 9/11 memorial service in NYC as we eat our muffins and spend a quiet day together. We remember, as a whole nation remembers.

  25. I remember where I was. I was working in the morning and had just agreed two days before to move to NY. I was shocked, scared and confused. How could something like this happen? I went home that day and immediately donated blood and thought about my life. In the end I did decide to move to NY but that day still haunts me.

  26. Thank you for doing this. I have my post written for Sunday, and typed it crying. I haven’t made the cake yet, but already had plans to make one this weekend. If it doesn’t for some reason happen, I’ll include a past one. Thank you.

    1. Caneel just do what you can. It is the prayers and the thoughts that is most important. The cake is well, the icing on the cake. A symbolic gesture of our support. I look forward to reading your Remembrance Post and seeing your lovely cake 🙂
      Tears come to my eyes when I read your comments. Check out Irene’s #54. That will really make you cry….

  27. Same as you – born and bred New Yorker, living in California 10 years ago, glued to the TV early that morning. I was in the bedroom crying. My older son was two and to keep him out of the room I let him watch about 10 Blue’s Clues videos in a row. I knew a number of people who died that day, and more who spent the day walking uptown through the ashes. I still can’t look at the photos and video from that day. It makes me retch.

    1. Oh Erika, that is awful. Such a graphic portrayal of raw emotions. With your innocent little baby in the room next door you had to watch such horrors unfold. Bet you cannot believe he is now 12, at an age where he can no longer be shielded by the innocence of Blues Clues. I wonder how they have been discussing this in his classroom? Sorry to hear you knew so many directly affected by this disgrace. Peace be with you this weekend, unfortunately a great deal of those emotions will be faced again. xo

  28. What a beautiful post, Marla. We all have our memories of that day, sure to be emblazoned into our minds for many years to come. I was in high school in Florida, many miles away, but our teachers let us watch the coverage all day long. It seems that we all sat stunned in disbelief of what was happening. I remember coming home and hugging my mom and dad for a very long time. I love your idea of baking cakes to remember those who perished.

  29. Thank you for the beautiful post and opportunity to remember through baking. I remember driving to work in Austin, Texas, being stuck in traffic when I heard it over the radio. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. As soon as I got to work my colleagues were huddled around the TV and we began watching in disbelief. Many tears were shed that day and days after. I know I will never forget that day.

    1. Hey Jennifer. No matter where we were we all remember. Today will be difficult. Everyone will re-live the tragedy……those poor people who lost. I am sure not a day goes by without the deep suffering.

  30. What a touching tribute Marla!
    I hardly remember what was I doing during that day. I was back in Romania probably enjoying my last days of summer vacation before collage classes. I remember all the TV channels were showing short clips from the tragedy and they talked about it for days. So sad …

    1. Roxana, yes so very sad. You were far away from the events….must have been really odd to watch it unfold from Romania. Here the coverage was non-stop. I am sure today will be the same.

  31. That morning I was at my job, working for FAA’s little department of Civil Aviation Security that soon after 9/11 became TSA. That day and the afterward, wow, it was quite an experience. I added my cake. Thanks for this post!

  32. Hi Marla,
    I tried to post the cake, but the picture wouldnt bridge so I had to post the candle and the cake seperate . I love this idea and will be making that cake today along with burning the candle at 6pm hope you will join us as bloggers unit tonight… thanks

  33. May we pay tribute to all the innocent victims & their families, to the heroes who died in honor, and to the brave men & women who have and who still are sacrificing their lives to keep this great country safe, strong, and free.

    I have two brothers serving in the Army… one who is currently in Afghanistan. I am so proud of them and pray for their safety every day.

    What a great way to remember that day 10 years ago. I will share my muffin recipe before Wednesday.

    1. Hi Leah. Thanks for checking in. Here’s to the brave souls like your brothers. We are all proud and so very thankful for their service to all of us. God bless. xo
      Looking forward to seeing your tribute post.

    1. Fringe Benefit: “Make a Mess” I love that! Cake messes are a blast. Your cake turned out beautifully. Thanks for participating and sharing you emotions, recipe and baking with us today 🙂

  34. Hi Marla, I just wanted to thank you for letting me know about this. I baked a Pumpkin Crunch Cake for just this occasion! Thanks again and God bless!

  35. Im baking a pineapple lililoi upside down cake today! I live in hawaii and felt so distant and scared when 9/11 happened. Im thankful everyday for my life and beautiful island.mahalos and aloha!

  36. I remember where I was, driving home from an OB appointment with my then boyfriend. The music on the radio was interrupted with the news of the first tower being hit. We were almost home. We rushed in and turned on the news. Then the second tower was hit. I cried. I knew no one there. I wanted just to sit there and watch the news, but I had to go into work. I worked at a pharmacy at the time and every single customer remarked about the attack. To this day I still tear up and get goose bumps. We also had a happy blessing on Oct. 5th, our son was born.
    Thank you for sharing this, and for all those who baked, and all of us who remember and try to make this world a better place.

    1. Hi Alicia. What a sentimental comment. Driving home from an OB appointment to hear that awful news? I am so happy to hear that you had such a beautiful blessing, as you welcomed your son not even a month later. Sounds like he has a tenth birthday coming up. Where is the time going?? xo

    1. Heather, I am so glad you participated too. Such a great community we have. I am so grateful for all of you every day 🙂 Love your remembrance post. xo

  37. Such a wonderful idea, Marla. I didn’t know that you are/were a New Yorker.

    We spent the day yesterday watching the specials and tributes. I really did not expect the emotions to come bubbling to the surface so quickly and with just force. Our son is 12 and I felt like it was the right time for him to see what really happened that day. Of course, he knew about it, but we spent a lot of time watching the stories…and telling him ours. I hope we’ll never forget.

    1. Hey Bridget, isn’t it amazing how quickly the tears start pouring out when you re-watch the coverage from that day? My emotions got the best of me much quicker than I thought they would too. Watching all the first responders and the chaos everywhere is just torture. My kids are still so little so we did not get into explanations with them. In time they too will learn. Very cool that you could explain things to your son. I agree that is an appropriate age. My daughter is only 7 and my son 4….so a bit too early for my little gal. Your son is so lucky to have such a cool mama like you 🙂 xxoo

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