Scharffen Berger Holiday Giveaway 2010 blog chocolate giveaway

This giveaway has now closed. Thanks so much for your entries. The winner is David Junot comment #55. Stay tuned for more fun giveaways coming soon.

I have a sneaky feeling there is gonna be a lot of holiday baking going on. With Thanksgiving fast approaching and then the buzz of Christmas in the air I know we all need some CHOCOLATE. What would the holidays be, or life for that matter without this blissful ingredient. Whether you favor milk, dark, extra dark or even white – let’s face it chocolate is synonymous with LOVE. giveaway for Chocolate Brand

The lovely folks at Scharffen Berger and I are teaming up to bring you a BIG gift basket chock full of chocolate everything to get your holiday baking on. Don’t worry, you can also simply munch on pure chocolate bars if you want to go that route. There is more than enough in this gift basket to do lots of baking & tasting along the way.

Recipe for chocolate peppermint layer cakeBy the way. See all of those goodies above? I made those with my stash of Scharffen Berger. They were the first giveaway I ever ran on about one year ago. Since then they have become one of my favorite brands to use in recipes. Their chocolate is rich, decadent and pure. If we are gonna use an ingredient in the Family Fresh household, it better be the best we can find.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Adventure Contest

By the way….did you know about the Chocolate Adventure Contest? This year the theme is Cupcakes. There is a list of adventure ingredients to choose from that need to be incorporated in your masterpiece. I have been concepting my own decadent creation. We have until January 2nd, 2011 to submit. Are you up for the challenge?

Please view my recipe page to see my chocolate creations.


Scharffen Berger Holiday Giveaway 2010

One lucky  friend has a chance to win the Ultimate Baking Set from Scharffen Berger. This prize retails for over $100! The basket includes:

Rules and Entry Details

You must leave a SEPARATE COMMENT per entry for me to include it.  Please do not leave all your entries in one comment form, it will only be counted as one entry if you do so.

Here is a list of 10 ways how you can enter to win (remember more comments = more entries!)

  • COMMENT: Tell us what you plan to bake if you win & all about why you LOVE chocolate.
  • TWEET THIS: Copy and paste the following Tweet into the Twitter message field: @MarlaMeridith has The ULTIMATE @ScharffenBerger Chocolate Baking *giveaway* at

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This contest closes on ****Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 at Midnight, 12:00am PST****

I will send the winner an e-mail.  This giveaway is open to residents of the USA only.  My apologies to my international visitors. Full Disclosure: Scharffen Berger occasionally provides me with product to test and review. I only promote things that stay true to my taste and interests. The opinions expressed here are my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. Thank you Scharffen Berger for sharing your wonderful chocolate with us!

~ Marla Meridith

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215 thoughts on “Scharffen Berger Holiday Giveaway 2010

  1. Oh me, oh my.. I actually just went to Trader Joe’s looking for some Scharffen Berger, as someone said they carried their chocolate, but no luck 🙁
    I wanted to make a triple chocolate cake, mousse, curls and all. If I win that’s what I’ll make!! 🙂 No-name chocolate just won’t do!

  2. Yes I hope to win and make my favorite Chocolate Truffle Pie for a holiday dinner! Also I would use the cocoa to make my Holiday Mint Hot Chocolate that I pass out to neighbors – blend peppermint hard candies in blender and mix with cocoa and sugar to desired taste! Yum! I love chocolate because it makes dessert taste sooo good!

  3. hmmm….what to make? Chocolate pudding…double chocolate biscotti…double chocolate ice cream…ultimate chocolate cupcakes with double fudge frosting…I could go on and on!

    1. M.J: I am loving the idea of chocolate pumpkin cheesecake!

      Gina: I like the way you think. Sounds like you have lots of great recipes buzzing around in your head. My mind is always racing with food creations.

      Kimberly: I think there is only one person I have ever met that did not like chocolate. Comfort food indeed!

  4. I would make up some coconut brownies, maybe some hot cocoa and those pumpkin brownies sound pretty good, too.

  5. We make Italian Cuccidatti for Christmas every year, and distribute them to our family members. The cookies include dates,figs pecans, plus lemon and orange zest wrapped up in a wonderfully flaky dough. I would love to be able to include a dollop of S.B. chocolate in them. Thanks for the giveaway!! Happy Holidays to all!!

  6. What a wonderful giveaway, my mouth waters at the thought! Chocolate Mousse with some of our frozen raspberries is topping the list, but there are so many possibilities! Thanks!

    1. Susan: I could never refuse overindulgence, the Thanksgiving meals at your house must be out of this world. Yes, you certainly could use more amazing baking ingredients to keep up with the goodies you post on your blog.

      Christina: You are always such a great supporter of my giveaways – thank you for that.

      Betty: I recently posted a recipe (method) for ganache. We love it here too – so many ways to use it!

  7. Sweet giveaway. What’s not to love about a chocolate giveaway! Since I’m only half way through my 12 weeks of Christmas post, I’m sure most of this chocolate would end up as a cookie.

  8. I would make a heart shaped cake for my mother when I come visit for Thanksgiving. I love chocolate because, like dancing, you can’t eat chocolate without smiling!

  9. hI Marla cool giveaway who doesn’t like good chocolate thanks for the kind words on the app and for spreading the word very kind of you your a sweetie in the food blogging community Rebecca

    1. Deeba: Sure a US address will do just fine. What is a “quark” cheesecake. You have my intrigued, will google now.

      Dani: Your comment is so sweet – chocolate like dancing, who would have thought! Yes, they do both make us smile. Bet your mom would love that heart shaped cake.

  10. I am not the chocolate addict in my family – my husband is. I’ve been trying to find the perfect over-the-top truffley chocolate cake recipe for him I’m not quite there yet. This would help!

  11. Oh man. I am a chocoholic and I would absolutely be in *heaven* if I won this giveaway!

    I’m planning on making a Yule Log, Peppermint Bark, Christmas Eve Mice and more for the holidays!

    1. Becki: Christmas Eve Mice are sounding mighty interesting. I would love to see those!

      Melissa: You must have some kind of awesome boss if you are going to make them a chocolate cake.

      Justine: I bet your vegan cupcakes will be fab. So much you can do with coconut cream in vegan baking. Sometimes I prefer it to butter & dairy options.

      Holly: Sweet of you to indulge your hubby’s chocolate sweet tooth!

  12. I would make toffee and top it with chocolate if I win. Also some brownies, cookies, cake, cupcakes…I love baking, especially with chocolate.

  13. If I win the Scharffen Berger Holiday Baking Giveaway contest, I see myself perfecting my chocolate/orange lava cake

  14. I would love to grab some of your cool and try to make the peppermint chocolate cake. Beautiful! (I follow you on reader)

  15. If I win, I’m going to make outrageous chocolate cookies. I always want to make them, but the amount of good dark chocolate required for the recipe scares me off — so expensive!

  16. I would love to win so I could make the White Velvet Cake with Milk Chocolate Ganache. Yum! I absolutely love chocolate because it is the one thing I turn to when having a bad day, or I’m unwinding from a busy day (which is often). Chocolate makes everything better.

  17. A premium ingredient like Scharffen Berger chocolate deserves a starring role in great recipes where it can truly shine. I have an amazing flourless chocolate torte with a fudge ganache topping recipe I’ve been making for many years. I’d feature the SB chocolate in that torte. For starters anyway. *smile*

  18. Several years ago I went to Paris with a girlfriend in December. We were watching our pennies, staying in a budget hotel, taking advantage of the museums, etc. The most decadent indulgence was at a bistro across the street from the Louvre. A cup of hot cocoa served in a delicate porcelain teacup that was like hot, liquid chocolate mousse. After returning home – I finally figured out how to recreate it. My Parisian Hot Chocolate made with Scharffen Berger chocolate would make it even better.

  19. What a great giveaway, Marla! I want to win this…okay – if I win this Ultimate Baking Set from Scharffen Berger I would start by make mini-decadent cakes.

  20. You’re on my blogroll (thought you were already!). Under “Favorite Things/Good Reads” 🙂

    Pick me!

  21. I know exactly what I would make because I just made it last week and it was fabulous! I had some bananas to use but but didn’t want to make plain old banana bread. I added some cocoa powder to the batter and then had a handful of chocolate chips and walnuts in the pantry and tossed those in as well- AMAZING! More treat than breakfast, but I can already imagine a really good Scharffen Berger chocolate in them– I’m salivating.

    1. Jenny: Cocoa in the batter of banana bread, now were talking. Great idea – it infuses the recipe with so much more chocolate flavor than just chips. If I sweetened that recipe with just stevia, then it would be a guilt free, high energy breakfast. We are nut for nuts over here.

      Kim: Sounds like you have your Adventure Cupcake very well thought out & it is gonna be amazing! Such a great contest theme this year.

      Cristina: If you make mini decadent cakes (hence your blog name Teenie Cakes) Then you MUST have me over to taste test!

      Denise: I so agree with your statement “A premium ingredient like Scharffen Berger chocolate deserves a starring role in great recipes where it can truly shine.” Sounds like you have many great uses for fine chocolate. Good luck to you!!

  22. Mmmmm chocolate, so much chocolate. First off I’d probably eat a lot on it’s own… you know to taste test 🙂 Then I’d get my little hands working on some of those cheerios and chocolate pumpkins. The thick chocolate layer ontop is calling my name.

  23. So exciting. Scharffen Berger is probably my favorite chocolate to bake with! I’d definitely be whipping up a holiday-themed brownie…maybe with a peppermint icing topping in light of Christmas.

  24. I remember when when you made that gorgeous chocolate cake last year…stole my heart all over again when I saw it just now! 🙂 You are a fantastic baker, Marla! Since I won one of your chocolate giveaways last year I won’t enter this one…but the prize sure looks amazing!

  25. Amazing. So delicious. Your photography is incredible. My mouth is watering. This prize is amazing! I would make chocolate soufflé. Dark chocolate rules!

  26. WOW! i can’t believe the followers you have on family fresh cooking! i had to scroll down so far just to post. Scharffen Berger is a wonderful chocolate to bake with. Love it!

  27. I come from a family of chocoholics, so my addiction to chocolate can be blamed on my genes! I’d love to win this prize & bake what’s known in my family only as “Chocolate Death”… enough said!

  28. Oh my gosh, I’m just salivating thinking about this giveaway – if I won, I think I’d make a batch of gourmet brownies with the cocao nibs, then I’d also try my hand at making homemade chocolate truffles.

    I’m going to take a look at their chocolate adventure contest too!

  29. Hmm, for the Chocolate Adventure contest, I think I’d like to make a vanilla cupcake using the coconut cream and meyer lemon, with a chocolate frosting made with adzuki beans and saffron — too weird?

  30. If I win this, I will be making the fabulous Duncan Family birthday cake with these awesome ingredients! Wish me luck!!

  31. My husband and I have a recipe for a died and gone to heaven chocolate cake which I usually make only around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Chocolate is just a necessity for life.

  32. Love this giveaway, Marla! I’ve been wanting to try Scharffen Berger chocolates for awhile now. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for the cupcake entry for awhile now. I have a lot of ideas swirling around. Coconut or molasses, perhaps…

  33. I would LOVE to win this giveaway and use Scharffen Berger chocolate to bake my favorite deep, dark chocolate cookies, brownies, and flourless chocolate cake.

  34. So many chocolate recipes to chose from, what to do, what to do. I think I will have to play the Eeiny-Mieny-Miney-Mo game and see which of your recipes it lands on. Any day one cooks with chocolate – is a good day!! Thanks for a great blog, great recipes and an enjoyable experience.

    Julie LIpp

  35. Marla, if I win I will try many recipes to make for different events that I am invited to. So many good ones to try that sound sooooo good. I want to win!!!!

  36. i love baking with chocolate because it is the best food group. i will bake amazing goodies to give away to my friends for Christmas!

    1. Ellen: I agree, chocolate is one of the best food groups. With this prize soooo many Christmas/holiday treats can be made.

      Naomi: You have me very curious about David Lebowitz’s Orbit cake. I need to head over to his blog to check out what it is. My thought is if you make it, I know it will be outstanding!

  37. Yum… CHOCOLATE! Quality dark chocolate, such as Scharffen Berger’s is a must all year long… not just for the holidays! Dark chocolate (65% cocoa or higher) should be consumed everyday! Not only is it yummy but full of health benefits!

  38. Did you know that a small bar of dark chocolate has nearly 8 times the number of antioxidants as that found in strawberries? Now dip your strawberries in that! ;o)

    1. Deeta: Sounds like you know loads about the health benefits of chocolate! I tip my hat to the simple yet fabulous idea of chocolate dipped strawberries. One of my all time favorite ways to enjoy a fine chocolate. I have read that about pregnant women who eat lots of chocolate make happier babies. Here’s to that!

      Judy: I need to go look up David Lebowitz’s Orbit Cake because you are the second person to comment on that today. I found this link that looks like it is the one you refer to:
      Chocolate Cake
      The original is in his book: Ready For Dessert

  39. FYI-A small bar of dark chocolate everyday can lower blood pressure by 10% in those who have high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that women who ate dark chocolate while pregnant have happier babies! Chocolate makes everybody happy!

  40. Because too much of a good thing isn’t so good, I love the portion control size of cupcakes. If I win the give away, I will be making dark chocolate cupcakes infused with a real strawberry filling, and topped with a yummy dark chocolate icing.

  41. I love the fact that your give away comes with so many different high percentages of cocoa. I’ve never tried a 99% baking bar. I’m looking forward to that!

  42. As unglamorous as it may be… my favorite way to use Scharffen Berger chocolate is to chocolate dip heart healthy fruits and nuts and enjoy with a glass of vino, since milk diminishes the health benefits of the chocolate.

  43. One of my favorite things to make with nibs is cocoa nib cookies – a slight modification of the chocolate chip cookie base then substitute nibs for chocolate chips. To die for!!

    I’m also going to try to make a spekuloos tart with a crushed spekuloos cookie shell and a chocolate spekuloos filling.

  44. If I win, I’ll use the bars to make hot chocolate and brownies. Then I’ll probably use the rest of the chocoate to make the recipes in that awesome looking cookbook.

  45. Yum! Your recipes using SB chocolate always look AMAZING! I’m hope to win the chocolate to make Gold Rush brownies — a rich treat made better with fabulous chocolate!

  46. Wow, I would love this prize! I think the first thing I would do is whip up a big pot of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows! Delish!

  47. I make so many things with chocolate on a regular basis and at Christmas, just bump it up. I adore my Chocolate Salami recipe that I am definitely going to make. I make at least 9 to 12 different truffles each year, too. What else? Hmmm…. I dip things in chocolate, I use it to decorate items… I eat the callets out of the bag sometimes (slap my hand!!!)
    Love it.
    Great give-a-way. Good for you!