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Smashed Squash

Smashed Squash | Recipe on

On one of my recent trips we cooked a whole bunch. I mean a lot. Or maybe I should say we didn’t cook took a whole lot of photos. One of my friends is a reaaalllly good cook. Same kinda cooking I love to do. Real. Whole. Foods. Nothin else to it and nothing else will do. We share a great enthusiasm and genuine love of food.

Love squash? Great than you will love this smashed squash that needs nothing more that a pat of butter (if you wish, you don’t even need that.)

Smashed Squash | Recipe on

My pal trades fresh fish he catches for all kids of vegetables and produce. He gets loads of squash. I mean enough to fill the back of a pick up. Heavy amounts of squash. Muscle making squash.

As we all know, none of that can go to waste. What do you do with all that squash? Bake the heck out of it and smash it.

He says that the main trick to get this right is to combine these 4 squash varieties for these 4 reasons & I have to agree….

Smashed Squash | Recipe on

All you need to do: Pierce, bake until reeeallly soft. Let the squash cool. And then start smashing, mashing….and bagging for freezer storage.

Fast food? Yup. This is natures fit fast food. You grab a bag of this sweet stash from your freezer on a chilly winters day. Heat it up and you have a delicious, comforting, healthy side or meal.

Artisan Cheese |

I enjoyed mine with hunks of artisan cheese. Amazing I tell ya! (Obviously you will skip that if vegan or Paleo.)

I purchase my cheeses locally at Over the Moon in Telluride. Two of my favorites are Spanish Idiazabel and San Joaquin Gold from California. They are both full flavored firm cheeses.

Want your squash a little sweeter? Don’t be shy to add a pinch of salt, pure maple syrup and a dusting of cinnamon. Do that when you serve it though.

Smashed Squash | Recipe on

Serve this up in cute little soup/bean pots like you serve here or cute little Le Creuset Mini Cocottes.

Smashed Squash | Recipe on

How do you like to prepare squash?


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~ Marla Meridith

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28 thoughts on “Smashed Squash

  1. Marla- this sounds great, I also love these dark moody pictures- it has been interesting to see how your photography has changed since your move (probably with the mountain light) very pretty.

    1. Thanks Heather! A few of these posts were shot when I was away in a rustic, darker location. You will see a mix of the bright-light and darker in my photos. Will be experimenting with the dark rustic look more now that my home has more of that. Thanks for your compliments!

  2. I love the idea of mixing different squash varieties for color, flavor and texture – I find some squashes are more watery than some, and others starchier. Roasting winter squashes is my favorite way to prepare them, brings out the sweetness a whole lot more than other methods.