Smoky Marinated Chicken Breast


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We love smoky marinated chicken over here, Make a big batch and you will have protein on hand for a few days.  Chop it, slice it, dice it. Use it in soup, quesadillas, or even a Monte Cristo sandwich. Toss this smoky chicken with some veggies, a salad, have it alongside brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa or cous cous and off you go with a fit, fabulous meal.


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My suggestion: when you buy your chicken look for the freshest, most sustainable choice at the market.  Opting for Organic is always best (I don’t like hormones with my protein, thank you!)  If you can’t get organic look for labels that have no wacky ingredients and no added hormones.  What your chicken eats is eventually what you are gonna eat.

  • For a quick primer on Organic vs. Free Range vs. All Natural Chicken, click the following:
  • To understand more about the benefits of choosing organic for our health and the environment: Organic Education


Smoky Marinated Chicken Breast

Makes about 8 servings



Combine yogurt, lemon juice and all seasonings in a bowl. Add chicken to marinade and combine well.  Make sure chicken is completely coated with marinade. Cover and put in fridge for at least 1/2 hour.  I marinated ours for about 3 hours (it could stay in fridge marinating all day if you need it to.)

Lightly spray or add a splash of oil to a large sauté pan.  Heat pan on medium high. Add chicken, cook about 7-9 minutes per side or until cooked through.


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~ Marla Meridith

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  1. Amazing photo! Looks gorgeous! I love the post about the baked oatmeal as you try to get it all done with the kids there! You are a real woman a real mother! Your recipes help real, stressed out moms feed our crazed kids! Thank you