Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shake

Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shake | Recipe on
Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am! How about making some delicious Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shakes? These shakes are perfect for the whole family.

Let’s roll!

Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shake | Recipe on

Shakes & smoothies are such great ways to curb sweet cravings in a healthy way. They are a volume food & fill your tummy quickly & keep ya nice and satisfied.

Strawberries are always a hit around here. Such a hit that I LOVE creating lots of recipes with them to share with you!

Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shake | Recipe on

Here are a few that you can visit with and make over the weekend.

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Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shake | Recipe on

Have you ever had kefir? It is kinda like a liquid yogurt. Great for digestion and packed with protein.

If you are vegan or can’t find it go with some light unsweetened coconut milk instead. Something a little thick is nice in this drink to give it body.

Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shake | Recipe on


Strawberry Smoothies & Shake Recipes

~ Marla Meridith

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27 thoughts on “Strawberry-Maple Kefir Shake

  1. Already have Strawberry Kefir in my fridge. Going to make this right now. Wow! so good. I threw in a handful of blueberries for good measure. Delicious!

  2. There was a big sale on strawberries at the grocery store and now your post is making me think I need to go up and get them! Strawberries and Quinoa? Cowgirl Coolers? Love it!

  3. I have not tried kefir either. Is it different than using yogurt? Do you drink the 16 ounces yourself or share? Also what kind of blender do you use? Thanks!!!

  4. I like the strawberry plus kefir combination, too, and this looks like a healthy smoothie with just a touch of natural sweetener. Perfect for our June Northwest strawberry season