Summer Sun Tangerine Wine Spritzers


Woo hoo it’s Friday! TGIF! Hope you had a fantastic week & you’re ready to celebrate the weekend. Over here we’re so excited to play outside all weekend long. There will be golf games, pool parties and mountain hikes. When we’re done being all athletic & outdoorsy it’s obviously gonna be time for some ice cold sips. Our Summer Sun Tangerine Wine Spritzers would look so pretty in your hand as you float in the pool. Don’t cha think? This refreshing cocktail is a sure hit on these steamy summer days. Enjoy! xx


Soak up summer with these sips! SUMMER SUN TANGERINE WINE SPRITZERS #cocktail #recipe ( @marlameridith )


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Watch the #video for these delicious SUMMER SUN TANGERINE WINE SPRITZERS ( @marlameridith )


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Summer Cocktail Recipe to Try!

Soak up summer with these sips! SUMMER SUN TANGERINE WINE SPRITZERS #cocktail #recipe ( @marlameridith )





~ Marla Meridith

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10 thoughts on “Summer Sun Tangerine Wine Spritzers

  1. I most definitely think this Summer Sun Tangerine Wine Spritzer would look SO pretty in my hand! Such a perfect summer libation! Can’t wait to try this! Thank you for including my Mojito in your summer cocktail recipe links to try! Cheers to a weekend as fabulous as this drink!

  2. Love a good cocktail! This looks delightful — wonderful color, super flavor. And not too much alcohol — so you can have a couple of these. Thanks! And thanks for the the shout out to my Vicious Virgin Cocktail, too.