Italian Couscous Salad

July 22, 2015
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Looking for a totally tasty summer salad recipe? Look no further…here is a great one to satisfy hungry tummies! My Italian Couscous Salad can easily be one of your main dishes for family meals, picnics, lunch boxes and brunches. Don’t you love when something so delicious can be on the table in minutes?! I do!

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Oodles of Sesame Noodles

July 6, 2015
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This recipe is a favorite for kids & adults. Delicately flavored soba makes for the perfect light meal! One of my favorite summer salads is Sesame Noodles. It takes great restraint not to eat 6 servings for one meal. Twist my arm & I just might!

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How to: Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

June 11, 2015
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Eggs. The perfect food that conveniently comes in it’s own packaging! Here we live on Hard Boiled Eggs. It used to be a bit mysterious when I cooked them. Sometimes they ended up way too soft. Other times too rubbery. With years of practice I now finally have them just right. In a few easy steps […]

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SkinnyMint Teatox

June 1, 2015
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This post is sponsored by SkinnyMint Teatox. All thoughts & opinions are my own. I’ve tried many herbal teas & plenty of tea detoxes. I’ve yet to find one I truly like until now. To begin with, SkinnyMint Teatox tastes so much better than the others… and it’s a very effective detox!

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Pasta with Sugar Snap Peas

May 10, 2015
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Embrace the warmer seasons with fresh veg & delicious meals that can be served in a jiffy… It’s the time of year where veggies are abundant. Less time indoors and in the kitchen are a good thing. Dishes like my Pasta with Sugar Snap Peas are perfect for family meals, lunch boxes. pool parties & picnics. Hooray […]

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Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl

April 13, 2015
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As you have likely seen on Instagram I’m majorly into smoothie bowls right now. I enjoy at least one a day… Smoothie bowls are all the rage right now. Admittedly it’s taken me some time to try one…but now they are a daily treat. Just one try is all you need to become a fan! My Strawberry […]

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Hibiscus Mango Coconut Smoothie

April 7, 2015
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 Taste the islands with a smoothie….Drinking this can take away grey day blues in seconds! My Hibiscus Mango Coconut Smoothie is a creamy, irresistibly fruitful creation of exactly what the name implies. With a hit of citrusy lemon too… (heres a little insta video of me loving on this smoothie!)

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Strawberry Mango Smoothie

March 9, 2015
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After a wild weekend of heavy eating & lots of’s time to healthy up with some fruit & vitamins! This Strawberry Mango Smoothie is exactly what we need to get back on track…

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Quick Mango Oatmeal

March 7, 2015
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Happy weekend everyone! Here’s a quick & easy oatmeal that is great when you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen…. Quick Mango Oatmeal….This is a quick taste of the tropics even on the coldest winter days…

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Family Favorite! Vegetarian Lasagna

February 22, 2015
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Thank goodness for go-to recipes that can be featured over & over again at dinnertime! This simple & delish lasagna is a hit in our house & I’m sure it will be in yours too! It’s about time for me to blog this Family Favorite Vegetarian Lasagna recipe. I’ve been making this dish for years and […]

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Quinoa & Shrimp “Fried Rice”

February 4, 2015
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I’m always on the quest to feed my family a singular meal that everyone will love (not having whining at meal time is magical) Guys & gals….I’ve nailed it with this recipe! We sat down to dinner last night & I introduced my family to this Quinoa & Shrimp “Fried Rice” There were ohh’s & ahh’s all around […]

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Kale & Berries Super Smoothie

January 30, 2015
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I’ve been in the Swiss Alps for a week now. You know what that means? Lots of cheese (LOTS), flowing cocktails, cured meats & cakes! It’s soooooo fabulous to indulge, but it’s time for some fruit & veggies… This Kale & Berries Super Smoothie will set you up just right for any big day you might […]

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Vegan Power Salad Bowl

January 7, 2015
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Are you feeling lighter & brighter now that the holiday parties are behind us? Fresh flavors combine in this power salad. It will more than make up for all those holiday indulgences… This Vegan Power Salad Bowl has a stunning combo of roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, chickpeas, avocado & kale…all dressed with my Lemon Shallot […]

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Blueberry Beauty Smoothie

January 2, 2015
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You are beautiful…..oh yes you are! It’s just day 2 of 2015, Are you ready to hit the ground running? Did you answer yes I hope? Perfect! Drink up this smoothie & your skinny jeans will look better than evahhhhhh….. People ask me all the time how I maintain a tight & trim figure. My answer: […]

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Matcha Chia Smoothie

October 23, 2014
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Hi everyone & Happy Friday! Hope you all had busy & productive weeks. I’ve been cruising around the Caribbean & enjoying all the sights & flavors. I made sure to play with lots of new recipes before I left so you could have new things to taste! This flavor packed, superfood filled Matcha Chia Smoothie is perfect […]

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