One-Pot Beefy Lasagna Soup

Lasagna is such a great dish this time of the year. It’s hearty, delicious and feeds a good amount of hungry apr├ęs skiers. One-Pot meals make me so happy because there’s much less clean up (my least favorite part of cooking!) This gets you in and out of the kitchen way quicker.

One-Pot Beefy Lasagna Soup Recipe

If you don’t own a 7.5 quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven pot I suggest you make the small investment. It’s one of our most used kitchen items and they last forever! They have wonderful heat retention and heat evenly which makes the outcome of dishes so much more predictable. They also look great on the dining table.

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One-Pot Beefy Lasagna Soup Recipe

~ Marla Meridith

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