Giveaway: Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten Free Treat Basket + Cookbook

Bakery brownies and cookies on blog

By now we all know each other pretty well. We all love healthy food and we celebrate it each and every day. Sometimes treats need to happen. Tate’s Bake Shop recently contacted me and wanted to share their gluten free gift basket with me and you. My folks have been visiting from NY and this basket came just in time. Besides they have walked by this bakery on many occasions in South Hampton NY but have never tried it.

The goodies in this basket have been tested the past week by my folks, kids and hubs. Multiple times…

Bakery brownies and cookies on blog

With the holidays quickly approaching it is nice to have something to put out when you are in a pinch for time. I bake often….but sometimes I am caught off guard with no homemade treats on hand.

Being a gracious host, I want everyone to be happy. These gluten free chocolate chip cookies and dense, fudge brownies from Tate’s made everyone here happy.

Tate's Bake Shop Cookbook on blog

And look. Tate’s Bake Shop even sent me their signature cookbook. Out of the kindness in their hearts. I did not even ask for it. A perfect addition to my busting at the seams fabulous cookbook collection. A girl can never have enough shoes or cookbooks. For me the ultimate shoe collection includes cowboy boots in every color of the rainbow.

Park City Utah Burns Saddley boot store

A while back I admired these $2499.95 Lucchese cowboy boots from Burn’s Saddlery in Park City, Utah. I need these. That 5 cents shy of $2500.00 really makes them a bargain. Don’t ya think?! Here is a close up…

Burns Saddlery in Park City Utah on

A girl can dream. Thanks for letting me digress to cowboy boots. That is the way my mind works. I cannot stay on one subject for very long at all…the boots are just a figment of my imagination.

Apparently they will not happen in this lifetime. Back to cookies, brownies and cookbooks!

Stack of gluten free chocolate chip cookies on blog

Above is a pretty little cookie stack. What you don’t see are the two sets of little hands that were reaching in to try and grab some from the right side. As if cookies and brownies aren’t enough of a temptation. When mommy puts them on pretty little plates with dainty cups of milk they become even more fascinating.

Right after this photo was taken they had to taste taste. Again.

Bakery brownies and cookies on blog

Graphic with pink fleur de lis for


Bakery brownies and cookies on blog

Giveaway Details

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to #115 Melissa! Stay tuned for more fun giveaways soon.

I have a beautiful & very tasty Tate’s Bake Shop gift basket for one lucky reader! They have an awesome line of gluten free baked goods that they want to share with you. With the holidays coming up, a sweet basket of baked treats is always a wonderful gift idea. The lovely gals at Tate’s can hook you up with gobs of great ideas whether for yourself or someone else! Check out what they have for Thanksgiving.

Included in my giveaway is a gluten free basket + a cookbook! (the retail value of this is about $65.00) In the basket are:

How to Enter

Leave some comments….tell me what your favorite bakery item is. You have until Sunday, November 6th, 12 midnight PST to enter this giveaway. One winner will be chosen via and will have 3 days to respond or a new winner will be selected. Open to residents of the USA.

To earn additional entries, leave a separate comment for each of the steps listed below. If you don’t leave separate comments for each step, we will not be able to include them.

  1. Tell me about your favorite baked treat…anything.
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Gluten Free Cookie Recipes on disclosure: We received a sample basket of Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten Free goodies and a wonderful cookbook. My kids, hubs and parents swooned over these goodies.

~ Marla Meridith

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262 thoughts on “Giveaway: Tate’s Bake Shop Gluten Free Treat Basket + Cookbook

    1. Averie, it is fun to have rotating favorites! Your Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies look ahhhhmazing! Thanks for sharing the link with us 🙂 xxoo

  1. Marla, we love Tate’s in the house! My 7 yr old who’s gluten-free has a stash of them in his classroom for parties — for when everyone else is eating the gluten-FULL stuff! His favorite are the chocolate chip. And of all the store bought GF cookies, I definitely think these are the best and don’t taste like they’re missing anything! 🙂

  2. I love all baked goods… but I was just talking to a coworker and she had to stop eating gluten – this would be a great treat to bring in for our holiday potlucks for her to enjoy!

    1. Belle, we know how quickly cookies can be munched over here. Good thing Tate’s has a whole bunch of them in this basket. They last a while….for some 😉

    1. Rachel, I wish I could walk into Tate’s and have them wrangle up a pair or those boots for me. Tie ’em up in a white box with bakers twine and send me on my way…… Oh and throw in a cookie/brownie tower too!! xxoo

  3. Hi Marla!
    My favorite baked treat would be chocolate croissants- hands down! I’ve had some of the best while traveling in France, and they are wonderful- enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee, sitting in a cute little cafe.

    1. Melissa, back when I live in NYC I had chocolate croissants like all the time. There are so many awesome bakeries there. Here in So Cal not so much….
      My kids love them too. I have never had on in France. That would be true bliss!

  4. Do I spy Cath Kidston wares in these photos?! I LOVE her stuff to pieces. My whole house would be full of it if I could afford it. I was lucky enough to find a mug at the thrift store for just a dollar and drink my cocoa from it every morning. Love seeing them here. =)

    1. Clair…I am a Kath Kidston addict. They just started shipping to the USA & now I am in BIG trouble! I want like everything. You will be seeing her stuff often in my photos. Maybe so often that you will tire of it. OK maybe not 😉 I bet that mug makes your cocoa that much better!

      1. Yesss…can’t wait for the inspiration! And maybe I’ll just have to request a few pieces for Christmas. 😉

        And you’re right…eating anything off a pretty dish makes it taste way better!

  5. I LOVE this sour cream chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting & chocolate peanut butter glaze. I got the recipe off of Smitten

  6. This is hard… my favorite baked treat would probably be a really great scone, followed closely by any type of cookie!! YUM!

  7. I’m also dying to try your homemade cheddar cheese “goldfish” crackers – gluten free of course! Before I became GF, I LOVED eating these!

  8. I lived in Solvang Ca where there are Danish bakeries everywhere. I loved going to them and getting to pic something out because.everything was always fresh.

  9. My favorite baked treat are those cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks. I could eat an entire pan. Going to try to make some.

  10. favorite baked treat has to be cookies, would love to try some gluten free that could convince my teen she can be gluten free and still eat good cookies!

  11. I got to experience my first Tates cookie this past summer, and my life has not been the same. Living on the West Coast has created a considerable amount of distance from my so-called new idea of heaven. Guess my waist is thanking me though. I would have to say that the classic Chocolate Chip would be my go to…with a side of milk!

  12. My fav baked treat is the chocolate crinkle cookies from the old Golden Pear Bakery in Southampton, NY. I still dream about them…

  13. I love pastries, here In Puerto Rico we have “Quesitos” which are puff pastry filled with a cream cheese filling and topped with a doughnut sugar glaze. yummo!!

  14. my favorite bakery is Three Tarts in Northfield, Illinois. There is also Tag’s in Evanston which runs a close second. Then Deerfield’s in Deerfield Illinois.

  15. I would love to try the Peanut Butter Pumpkin Muffins recipe. My husband is fanatical about both pumpkin and peanut butter.

  16. I love this site as it is so hard to cook for a gluten yeast free family-so many of the recipes help me have a variety of foods to entice them-I really appreciate it-thanks so much-the giftbox sounds yummy!!!!susan

  17. I never found anything chocolate that I didn’t like! (it’s kinda my weakness!) And am always looking for new recipes!

  18. My favorite baked treat is a tie between the classic chocolate chip cookie and a snickerdoodle….I wonder if they make chocolate chip snickerdoodles?!?!

  19. My favorite baked good is always changing 🙂 But right now I’d have to say healthified chocolate cupcakes! MMM!

  20. I tried your pretzel banana bars earlier this year and I loved them! So I made a batch for my brother who lives in D.C. for his birthday. They were supposed to get there within about 3 days, and I was sure they would stay good until then! Well… to make a long story short, they never got to my brother and the package got returned to my house in about 3-4 weeks. Needless to say, those bars got pitched immediately!

    1. Andrea, LOVE that you sent these to your brother. So sorry they never made it there. You are right, because these are whole food based you would want to chuck them if left out for a few weeks!!! 3 days would had been fine…better luck next time! xo

  21. RIght now, I am thinking my favorite baked treat is New Orleans Beignets. Oh, how i love the powdered sugar mustache they leave!

  22. Your Mini Polenta Cakes with Feta & Wild Mushrooms recipe looks yummy. I plan to make this when my daughter comes to visit. I’m the only one at home that likes polenta.

  23. The Family Fresh Cooking recipe I would love to try right now is the Peanut Butter Pumpkin Coffee Cake! So perfect for this time of year!

  24. My favorite bakery item would have to be cookies….Any cookies will do as long as they have chocolate in them!! Oh and chocolate croissants….yummo!!

  25. Just found out my 7 yo dd is allergic to wheat two weeks ago so right now we don’t have any favorite gluten free bakery items…hoping to soon though cuz her birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks…Yikes!

  26. Favorite Bakery item, umm All of it! There isn’t a bakery item I have met that I didn’t love. Something about baked items, is so good, especially when someone else makes it. Fresh, chewy, crunchy, soft, hard, sweet, tart, oh my, I just love all baked items! Love, love, love!!

    My favorite recipe I have tried from you is the Fruit Crumble! I couldn’t get enough of it! I have also tried your Snack Cakes and Peanut Butter Banana Bread, love them too!

    1. Hi Jennifer! love your enthusiasm about baked goodies and the fact that you have tried so many of my recipes with great success 🙂 xxoo

  27. I plan on making your avocado scones. Just need to wait for an avocado to ripen. It’s a bit of a science since they go bad so quickly.

    1. Kim, keep your avocado out on the counter at room temperature until ripe. If you feel that it is about to over ripen put it in the fridge. That will slow down the ripening BIG time 🙂 Let me know if you bake up those scones. They are awesome!

  28. my favorite bakery treat is scones from panera!!! they are so fluffy and dont feel too heavy like their other pastries!!!

  29. Oh fun! We recently started eating gluten free so this caught my eye. My all time favorite baked treat is….BROWNIES! 🙂 Thank you for offering this giveaway.

    1. Lisa…yum and yum. Pumpkin bread and ginger cookies embrace my favorite chilly seasons (though of course I love those flavors all year long) Pumpkin & ginger together are always fabulous too!

    1. Millie, I think that is a fabulous idea. Follow your dreams girl and open that cupcake bakery. Following passions is what life is all about! Cupcakes rule 🙂

  30. I don’t like anything better than pie: lemon sponge pie, Gravenstein apple pie, mixed berry pie, pumpkin pie with honey on top, wild blueberry pie, sour cherry pie — can you tell I like pie. Also cinnamon rolls made with yeast dough, but not with puff pastry.

  31. I actually still have a sample of these that Tate’s sent me sitting on my counter, but I can attest to their deliciousness! And I love that they are made from real ingredients. If you’re going to buy cookies, tate’s are definitely the way to go!

  32. While the Tates treats made me swoon, the cost of the boots made me nearly fall over. I got a nice pair and are SUPER cute an comfy that were a few hundred dollars. I guess the extra couple thousand is all in the stitching, right? RIGHT? 😉

  33. I don’t think I could pick a favorite baked treat. Depends on the day. But ooey gooey brownies are usually a pretty dangerous thing to keep in the house.

  34. My grandmother’s Applesauce Cake-it’s the best. Everything is homemade from the icing all the way down through the delicious 4 layers of it. Can’t get enough!

  35. I seriously was crying just last night because of health issues I’ve had to go gluten free – and the bread I made tastes chalky and GROSS! I would love to win this – I miss brownies! at a bakery my favorite thing is fresh bread

  36. I can’t wait to make the Very Blueberry Layer cake…my husband loves blueberries so it will work out for us both! Love your site!

  37. What a fabulous give away! How wonderful that Tate’s offers gluten free products…there will be a lot of happy folks who can now enjoy there fabulous baked goods. I love to bake cookies…and I’m craving oatmeal at the moment 🙂

    PS…thanks for sharing my Monte Cristo bread pudding on facebook! You’re a gem 🙂 xo

  38. The items in the giveaway look amazing! Who DOESN’T love chocolate chip cookies or brownies… if these people exist I don’t think we could be friends. Now if only they could package up my bakery weakness… “real deal” bakery cinnamon roll 🙂

  39. What a beautiful gift basket. And, by the way, you are rocking those cowboy boots! As for my favorite bakery treat – well, that’s a tough one, but I’d have to choose Nanaimo Bars, which were a childhood favorite.

  40. What a great prize package! It all looks wonderful. One of my favorite baked treats is chocolate eclairs. Yummy!

  41. I LOVE Tate’s, I LOVE the Hampton’s we are in Montauk …… I LOVE your blog ….. AMEN!!! And how about some perfect salted caramel chocolate from [url=]The River Cafe[/url]