Let’s Ski Telluride!

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travelWe have we been having a total blast here the past two weeks. I mean really, the snow has been glorious and nothing can melt the smiles from our faces. I wanted to shared some in bounds good times, pop colors and fun with you all. As most of you know by now Telluride, Colorado is my home away from home. It is my happy place. My place to find center. My place for ultimate creative inspiration. And of course my favorite place to ski!

Let’s make some turns together shall we?

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

I adore slope side fashions. The rainbow colors pop against the bright white snow and people look dashing in their gear. A little peek a boo fur is fun too! The devil horns on this little guy add some drama too. I bet he rips it down the slopes ~ grinning all the way. I need a helmet cover like that.

We have had a bunch of snow since we arrived. Lots of glorious Colorado, Rocky Mountain powder.

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

How could you not be blissfully happy with these majestic views? What you see here is the See Forever ski run. A visual delight with views that reach out to the La Sal mountains in Utah!

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel


Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

A snow boarder makes some turns on See Forever too!

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

Check out this brightly colored beauty…

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

And how about this gal. In a tutu and bright pink ski pants. My kind of glamour!

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

These ladies were in town for Women’s Ski Week. I could not get over their fabulous outfits and pom pom headbands. They were a blast to watch on the slopes too!

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

The kids ski like little dynamos here. Seems like the common age to start this spectacular sport is 3 years old. Thankfully my kids have been showered with attention by the awesome folks at the Telluride Ski School since they were three. My kids never want the day to end. No matter what you age or ski ability there is a perfect group for you. Everyone fits in here.

In the summer my kids hang out at Tel Ski’s Eco Adventure program. Through the years we have become very close to the folks who instruct and take such great care of our kids.

Here is Eric. He was my daughter’s first ski instructor. *Hi Eric!*

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

Here is Iggy. He has been skiing with my daughter and her buddies the past 2 weeks…

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

Here is my daughter with our great buddy Jonathon. He hikes with the kids in the summer and makes turns with us in the winter. He is also in charge of the goings on at Eco Adventures. Love this guy!

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

My little guy is now 5. He insists on a pensive gondola ride each morning to reflect on the day ahead…

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

After that he gets all geared up and ready to swoosh down the mountain.

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

My daughter is doing amazing. This trip she has been sking some Telluride black runs.

If you have been here then you know this terrain is very varied and you can get exactly what you need out of it.

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

The graphics on skis and snowboards always fascinate me. They are bold, bright and also pop against the glorious white snow.

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

From the wildest double black diamond EX runs to gentle cruisers with the most breathtaking scenery. There is lots of fun no matter what your ability.

If skiing is not your thing then you can also hop into Eco Adventures where you can go on snow shoe tours, cruise the mountain on ski bikes, snow mobiling, nordic skiing, horseback ridingdog sledding and lots more. Come to think of it I need to meet up with a few of those husky dogs. The photo op would be spectacular!

The thing here is enjoying the outdoors even if just for a few minutes.

Let’s take another peek…

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

Aprés ski at Gorrono Ranch is always a treat. A lot of people get married here, all seasons. I think my hubs and I need to renew our vows here….ya think?!

Take a look at a beautiful summer wedding at Gorrono as seen on Style Me Pretty blog. Stunning!

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

It is always nice after a day on the slopes to kick up your heels and unwind with friends and family.

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

Are you a skier or a snow boarder? What is your favorite ski resort?

Let's Ski Telluride, CO! ( @MarlaMeridith ) #travel

Have you ever been to Telluride? If not you must…

Off to hit the slopes!

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~ Marla Meridith

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55 thoughts on “Let’s Ski Telluride!

  1. Oh my gosh, the whole post is loaded with gorgeous after gorgeous photos but I just could not get over the fact that how absolutely adorable your kids are! That photograph of your son with him blue/green (?) eyes is SO cute 🙂 I can see that you have had a great trip loaded with fun!

  2. I went on my first ski trip EVER (I’m 27!) this past weekend in Tahoe! I only made it to the green slopes after my 1st lesson but I had SO MUCH FUN – I cannot wait to go skiing again and definitely felt a huge sense of pride after going down some of my first hills- I’m glad it’s never too late to learn how to ski!

    1. Molly, you are right ~ it is never too late to learn how to ski! Congrats to you for making some turns in Tahoe. I hear the snow is great there! Keep up the great work & before you know it you will be hitting up those black runs 🙂

  3. Telluride is one of my favorite places in the world. I have spent virtually each summer there for the last 10 years. Each visit there is like the first time–I can never get over its beauty. Enjoyed this post as I’ve never made it to ski there but yes, I know what you mean about the varied terrain. Lovely images you shared. 🙂

    1. Jean, I had no idea you were here every summer. We are too! We should meet up sometime. Agreed, each trip here is like the first time. Magical & amazing. Hopefully one day you can check out the winter beauty too 🙂

    1. Thanks Heather! I actually have a Mardi Gras tutu on order over at Etsy for an upcoming party I’m attending. I will bring it next year to ski in 🙂

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for virtually taking me on the slopes. I haven’t been to the snow since before kids (5+ years) and am a terrible skier, though I do love exploring, cooking, and shopping in the snow. Your kids are lucky to be growing up learning to ski.

  5. These photos are stunning. There’s something so peaceful about the mountains and the snow . . .they’re breathtaking.
    The first time I EVER skied was last winter in Vermont up at Jay’s Peak. I was scared out of my gourd! But, I managed to conquer the bunny hill and even take the lift to one of the first hills and manage my way down. I had to coach myself the whole way down. . .and I only fell once! Haha.
    Have lots of fun!

  6. yay! love this post, Marla. The pictures are beautiful, as are the surroundings and mountains and ski shots. Your kids are precious and look like they’re having the time of their life. And you must be too! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. While your post is beautifully written accompanied by gorgeous pictures of the snow and mountains it makes me terribly sad that I won’t be making it to the mountains this winter for some fun. I must make it a priority next year. I love Winter Park but mostly because I have friends and family in that area and we can crash for free. I’d love to try Telluride some time!

  8. Your sons eyes remind me of my sons eyes! They are gorgeous! That photo needs to be printed and framed. All your photos are gorgeous! Love all the pops of color against the white snow. Its snowing here today in Colorado, and although its beautiful it was not fun to drive in this morning 🙁

  9. What beautiful pictures! We ski Breckenridge most of the time since my in-laws have a time share there. My husband’s family member have all been skiing since they were around 3, and I didn’t start until high school, so I’m still working on catching up to them! Thankfully they’re good teachers 🙂

    When we were at Breck in December, there was barely any snow. Glad to see you have had plenty!

  10. So that’s where all the snow is landing. I’m closer to Vail and the snow has been pretty sparse this year. It’s always fun to see you gush over the mountain lifestyle. I couldn’t live anywhere else.

  11. Marla, Beautiful photos! I would have to agree with others… your children are adorable. So good to meet with you and connect. Glad you are finally giving yourself the gift of massage. See you in Telluride soon!

  12. I am the girl in the zebra ski coat and the tutu!!! This whole blog is fabulous – Telluride is my spiritual center as well. I know exactly how you feel. I wish I could live there full time but I will be happy with my visits that always restore my soul!!

  13. Marla! Those photos are crazy gorgeous! Wow! I love the ladies in their tutus!!!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time in telluride winter wonderland.

  14. Your photos take my breath away (oooh, maybe it’s the altitude). I love your post. Having just returned from Park City, Utah, I can appreciate the beauty of the snow and the mountains. Thanks for sharing. Now what’s up with those tutus? I saw a few in Utah. A new ski bunny trend? Love it …

    1. Liz, I do believe the tutus are a new ski bunny trend. I saw a whole bunch of them on the mountain this year. I will have one with me next ski season ~ it is on order now 🙂 Not only were those ladies wearing them for Women’s Week, but also lots on the slopes for festive Mardi Gras attire.
      Glad to hear you had such a great trip to Park City. I always hear great things about that place.

  15. What a fabulous post; I love Telluride. It’s my favorite mountain in Colorado. Your pictures look beautiful and I love the vibrant colors. Glad you had a great trip; looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks here in NYC for IACP!
    Have a great week, Marla.