Thai-Mex Steak Tacos

Thai-Mex Steak Tacos ~ a zesty flavor combination of two regions, which are located no where near each other on the globe. Together we can take a flavor journey with simple ingredients designed to take us far, far away. Even if just for a few moments… Thai-Steak-Tacos-Marla-Meridith-BO1V7551 I’ve never been to Thailand (or anywhere in Asia) but I sure am fascinated by it’s flavorful cuisine. My entire family loves Thai food & we enjoy it often. Mexican food is on the table a few times a week (who could live without that!) Combining Mexican & Thai ingredients makes you feel well traveled, but better yet….well fed. Let’s make some tacos! Thai-Steak-Tacos-Marla-Meridith-BO1V7549 Thai-Steak-Tacos-Marla-Meridith-BO1V7544 Things have been so crazy busy this week. London has been a blast! It’s been a culinary & shopping whirlwind ~ I’m so excited to share all the tid bits with you soon. I’ve been introduced to many foods I had never tried. London chefs are seasoned pros coming up with all sorts of new inventions. I love the styling & presentation here too. Thai-Steak-Tacos-Marla-Meridith-BO1V7567 Ok. So back to Thai-Mex Steak Tacos. In this recipe succulent beef is seasoned & cooked with coconut milk & Thai red curry paste. In soft taco shells (gluten free corn or flour) layer in a crisp bed of lettuce, chunks of creamy avocado & diced green onion. I told you ~ blissful combo! Thai-Steak-Tacos-Marla-Meridith-BO1V7555 When you have a spare moment to dash to the kitchen, get busy & get cooking….these tacos are great as a main or serve one per person as a super tasty party appetizer. Thai-Steak-Tacos-Marla-Meridith-BO1V7557 My kids & hubs love these & crave them regularly. Don’t you love a total win for the entire family?! Makes life way easier.   Enjoy!   Click HERE for Recipe Details.   Taco Recipe Links to LOVE on!  


~ Marla Meridith

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  1. Thai tacos! Far out what an awesome idea!
    Since you commented on my post, I can’t help but look through your recipes. Absolutely beautiful blog. Thank you for all of your hardwork!
    I’m in love Xx