Thai Spiced Baked French Fries

Guess what? My Thai Spiced French Fries have made it to the Alexia Foods  top four in the semi finals of the Reinvent a Classic blogger contest. That means you can vote for them to become the next fry flavor to hit the stores in 2013. You can cast a vote every day (one time per 24 hour period) from now until March, 30th 2012. Each and every vote counts!

Go ahead and click over to their Facebook page to vote & then come back to get the recipe to make them yourself…..



This Spiced French Fries in Reinvent a Classic

Buddha Head piggy bank with red berries


If you don’t believe me how good these fries are then ask the Buddha above and the little girl in my pink ski jacket below (She came running downstairs in 90˚ weather modeling it.)


Girl with brown hair in Jet Set ski jacket


There were a few things for certain when it came to my contest entry. I knew I wanted to use sweet potatoes and I wanted a unique flavor twist. The Thai spice adds lots of flavor. I also knew I wanted julienne cut fries because those are best for dipping.


Baked sweet potato and russet french fry for Alexia Blogger contest

Around here we really like to dip. Ketchup works, so does aioli. We are not too picky. Do you like to dip?


Baked sweet potato and russet french fry for Alexia Blogger contest


I asked the folks at Alexia if I could submit an entry for a “mixed bag” meaning a blend of half sweet potatoes and half russets. That was not allowed, so I needed to do that at home. I suggest you do too – as both potatoes make very good baked french fries……the russets were very tasty and they crisp up well.


Baked sweet potato and russet french fry for Alexia Blogger contest


Although I was very tempted to submit my recipe for Indian Spice Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Aioli (which by the way are outstanding.) My husband and I talked out our strategy and decided perhaps the flavor of a yellow curry was not broad enough. People have a love/hate relationship with that spice.


Marla Meridith photo of cinnamon sticks


The Thai red curry spice blend seems to suit more palates. We enjoy the one that comes in a little jar by Thai Kitchen. This paste has aromatic herbs such as lemongrass, galangal (Thai ginger) and fresh red chilis. I added a dash of cinnamon, a little bit more ginger and some lime juice to brighten up the flavor a bit more.


Baked sweet potato and russet french fry for Alexia Blogger contest


Have you ever cooked with Thai red curry paste before? If so, what do you do like to make with it?



For Recipe Details Click Here


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~ Marla Meridith

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63 thoughts on “Thai Spiced Baked French Fries

    1. Hi Damaris! We are having a great summer. I enjoy reading about your adventures with your family as well. Those kiddo’s keep us way busy huh?!

  1. “Around here we really like to dip. Ketchup works, so does aioli. We are not too picky. Do you like to dip?”

    Welcome to my life! I like a little food with my jar/bowl of dip. Ramekin? Nah. I need a BOWL of dip sometimes 🙂

    Just like I like a little coffee with my cream. hah!

    As for a dip you may like…TJ’s Mango Chutney. It’s spicy, but no garlic/onions/added salt which for me is heaven on earth. But still packs some heat.

    Your fries and spice blend look soo good!

  2. I have been obsessed with baked sweet potato and russet fries this summer! These WILL be made this weekend 🙂

  3. Sweet potatoes are a pretty new ingredient for me. The idea of pairing them with thai red curry flavour is amazing! Must be a nice balance between the spices and the sweetness of the potatoes!

    1. Yay! Awesome that you have jumped into the wonderful world of sweet potatoes. They get so sweet when baked & the little caramelized bits are out of this world!

  4. This looks like a winner to me – well done you. Glad to see the latest female in a ski jacket on your site has it zipped up and is not exposing her melons ; ) I see a theme developing here… snow bunnies you have known

    1. Lucy, I really think the pinnacle of my existence is to be a snow bunny & to be surrounded by them. Thank goodness my daughter knows not to expose melons. Hopefully she decides to keep her zipper up when she is a teen on a spring break ski trip 😉

  5. I love Thai spices, especially red curry paste, it’s one of my favorites. I’ve used it in meatballs, soups, and stir-fries. It’s so fragrant. Can’t wait to try these fries!

  6. These look delicious Marla! Just I was thinking what to do with my left over harissa you left me craving for fries. I will make these! Might even dip into my harissa ’cause we’re dippers too 🙂

  7. this seems like an awesome french fry idea! I definitely toyed with submitting the Thai peanut butter flavor I came up with but just didn’t really work texture-wise. This, however, looks perfect!

    1. Joanne, the PB sounds like a great idea. Also drenching these in coconut milk would have been great too. We’ll see what happens!

  8. That shiny Buddha head is brilliant and I can see your husband’s head reflected in it as well :-). I like to cook Thai red curry chicken so I know the spices mixed in with these sweet potatoes make for some awesome baked fries!

    1. Sarah, I hope I at least get a spot as a runner’s up in this challenge. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for your sweet comment 🙂

  9. I love red curry. Lately I’ve been thinking plain old French fries are kind of boring. I used to LOVE them, but now I’m content with just eating a few. But with extra spice, and yes, I’m a fan of good dipping sauces, fries become addicting again! I just recently whipped up some green bean fries. It was definitely the basil dip that made those babies addicting. Will have to try these out…on both kinds of spuds of course.

  10. My passion for sweet potatoes is still at large. This summer we’ve prepared variations of potatoes but yours looks savory, I’ll have some and try to mix something with catsup.

  11. The first time I ever used red curry paste I added two heaping tablespoons to a curry. A little too spicy! Other than that experience I love cooking with it. Coconut milk and cardamom are a lovely addition as well.