The Best Beef Ramen

I’m thrilled that ramen has staged an amazing comeback. I’m not sure the buzz ever died, but it is on the cover of every food magazine and it’s being featured everywhere. That means it’s time for an MM version of this recipe for you to make at home.


The Best Beef Ramen recipe that you will crave over & over again! #ramen #soup #recipe


What is it about ramen that makes us all go Oodles for Noodles?! OK, that’s kind of goofy but doesn’t the thought of all those hot curly noodles and briny broth get you so excited? Well, now you can enjoy that noodle bowl with less guilt and make your ramen into a healthy meal. All it takes is a flavor-filled broth, lots of fresh veggies and pan seared steak to add a protein punch. I even added some slow roasted sweet potatoes for more substance. No time to roast them? Don’t worry, you can boil them in the broth if in a time pinch.


When it comes to what noodles to use in your soup, not much compares to those inexpensive plastic wrapped three-minute noodles. Have a few packs handy for this irresistible soup recipe.


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The Best Beef Ramen recipe that you will crave over & over again! #ramen #soup #recipe




~ Marla Meridith

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2 thoughts on “The Best Beef Ramen

  1. Looks delicious. What about cutting raw beef very thinly and let it cook by hot broth, similar to how they cook it in pho? Or would that be considered non-traditional?