The Butcher & Baker Cafe – Fall in Telluride, CO

The Butcher & Baker Cafe - Fall in Telluride, CO |

Telluride, Colorado is known for many things. Among that is it’s stunning natural beauty, distinct box canyon location, high altitude, awesome people, skiing, hiking, mountain biking….. The list is endless. Thankfully I call this slice of heaven my second home, I always want to call it simply home. Among the praise I have for this gem of a town, the amazing food has me jumping for joy every which way I turn. I love to cook when I am there and I also enjoy the good eats in spots like The Butcher & Baker Cafe located on Main St.

It thrills me that I can indulge my active lifestyle and food even more when in Telluride…the altitude and views enhance every single experience!

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado |

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado |

Do you think the mountain is the bump they are referring to?

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |
One of the main reasons I love escaping to Telluride is because of it’s rustic charm. The people that live here take great pride in preserving it’s history. They appreciate the finer things in life with true mountain grit mixed in. Great food fuels the culture in a big way.

You burn a lot of calories when you live at nearly 9,000 feet.

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

No matter what season I visit I am always inspired to really live. In Telluride there is always a reason to celebrate life & even more reasons to host a festival!

There are festivals for festivals. These folks celebrate everything from Hot Air Balloons, to the Wild West, Mushrooms, Chocolate, Yoga and every kind of filmmusic and the arts. Throughout the year there are amazing sporting events to challenge the toughest athlete.

You can take a peek at my experience at Mountainfilm. A truly life changing experience. I did not attend the Horror Show, though it sounded tempting. And spooky.

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado |

With the magical mountain back drop it is no wonder this town is often noted as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This place is filled with creative thinkers who have open hearts and minds. That is why I need to be there as often as possible.

Throughout the day you just need to stop everything and gaze at the natural beauty that surrounds you everywhere you look!

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado |
These are the two ladies who co-own this neighborhood deli cafe, Megan Ossola (the butcher) and Cinda Simons (the baker) How cute are these gals? And that precious baby!

They source local ingredients when available & organics are menu staples.

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |
It is very obvious why kids and adults love coming here for their homemade desserts and pastries. I mean really obvious

The Butcher & The Baker’s catch phrase is Fresh and Friendly in Downtown Telluride That sums up the vibe in this town and the aesthetic of the restaurant.

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

The Butcher & Baker Cafe serves up fresh and friendly food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and take-out.

Take a peek at my lunch….a local + organic curry, vegetable stuffed bell pepper. A beauty huh!

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

I also dabbled in a whole lot of protein with the hearty egg salad & the chicken salad. Can you believe the huge pieces of Italian parsley & dill?! These salads were in the deli refrigerator and I asked to have them both side by side in a bowl. I then asked for garnish for the photos. Out came giant pieces of fresh herbs…

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

I love the bread board menus. Homemade is the key word for everything.

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

I also love the handmade napkins with brightly colored fabrics. It’s all in the details…

Mindful details.

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

Beyond the ever changing menu options they have a large catering menu and are open to all kinds of creative thinking as well.

Let’s not forget about all of the nibbles you can feast on for snacks too! The pastries, breads and treats are beautiful!

Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

After a long day of hiking, skiing or mountain biking perhaps a large frosted cupcake is due…It almost resembles the snowy cover peaks. Yes?

Cupcakes! Butcher Baker Cafe in Telluride, Colorado |

A few last glamour shots of my favorite town. Can you see why I never want to leave once I arrive? I mean really?!

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado |

In the fall it glows…

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado |

And glows some more…

Glorious Fall in Telluride, Colorado |

Have you ever had the dream to open up a cafe or bakery? What is your favorite town & great escape?

More about Telluride

~ Marla Meridith

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63 thoughts on “The Butcher & Baker Cafe – Fall in Telluride, CO

  1. Telluride looks like an awesome, beautiful place! I’ve never been, but would love to go visit someday. The Butcher & Baker Cafe seems like a really neat place, and the food looks delicious! Love that they source local ingredients when available and use organics.

  2. I have never been to Telluride and really need to change that. It sounds like an amazing town and I’m pretty certain I’d want to eat every meal in the Butcher and Baker Cafe, starting with those curry stuffed bell peppers. Fantastic post, Marla!

    1. Hi Dara! You would love those veggie stuffed peppers…so light & healthy. I think a post on those alone are worth the effort. Yes you do need to get to CO for a visit!

    1. Brooke, no matter what time of day or season – the light in Telluride is amazing! A photographers dream indeed. The place is like a freaking supermodel!! Glad you liked to meet the Butcher + Baker!

  3. Marla, the images are just beyond gorgeous. Magazine-worthy, indeed. Now I have the visual to accompany the story you told me about clicking away and just being on a creative burst….you outdid yourself!

    (and now I know why you had lots of photos to edit, too!)

    1. Averie, the creative burst in T-ride is amazing no matter what the season. Yes the edits take forever & I have about 600 more clicks from that week! Perhaps I need to make a calendar next!

  4. I haven’t been to Telluride but I’ve been all around it. I used to go to Montrose, CO each year to visit family. We would pick cherries in Paonia, watch fireworks in Ouray, and swim at Ridgeway. I love there!

  5. How gorgeous! My favorite place to go is Stinson Beach in California it’s so beautiful and peaceful with the smell of the ocean! I also love going to Malibu, there’s a little cove called Paradise Cove, you can eat breakfast under an umbrella with your feet in the sand and watch the sun rise. There breakfast is just wonderful! Nothing like sipping a cup of coffee or have a freshly squeezed orange juice as you see dolphins swimming and seagulls flying around.

    1. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your happy place with us. The visions of the dolphins swimming while sipping tea is perfection! Must find that Paradise Cove you speak of.

  6. Stop! You’re killing me! My mouth is watering I want that curried veggies stuffed pepper! Yum! Marla, those photos are so incredibly beautiful.
    Love the speedbump mountain. xo

  7. Haha, I thought the same thing about the speed bump (mountain) before I read your caption! Great minds…

    I’ve always (and still do?) dream of opening a bakery someday. I’d love to do it in a small town where everyone knows each other.

  8. Oh wow, Marla! I just started following your blog and I have to say these pictures are nothing short of perfect!! I’ve been wanting to take a trip to the west coast, but hadn’t started researching where to go yet…I may not have to look any further. I’m sold!

  9. Honestly, if I were to ever open up a cafe, that is EXACTLY what I would want it to be like. Simple fresh delicious food that appeals to all. Food for the soul.

    1. Jen, I have heard that about Camden, Maine. I have never been though it sounds like the kind of town I would adore. When I grew up we would take occasional road trips to Maine, usually for L.L. Bean though 😉

  10. Love these shots…and, of course, I zoned in on that cupcake. Wow! Of course, that would only come after a hike up the mountain…then it’s a well-deserved cupcake. Thanks for sharing about your trip!

  11. I so love your travel photos from Telluride, so pretty! I need to get use to lugging the camera around when we’re on vaca, it’s so heavy and I’m so lazy though, lol.

    1. Angie, I agree the camera can be a nuisance to lug along ~ but I am always happy when I do bring it. I do need to set boundaries with it though. Sometimes it needs to be left behind. That’s when the iPhone & Instagram happen!

  12. So breathtakingly beautiful! Glad to see the product of your telluride inspired creativity! I bet the coffee was delicious too. xxoo, Andrea

  13. Love Telluride! This brings back memories.

    I spent two weeks there in the summer of 1983 during my solo bicycle touring expedition in the Southwest. I visited with a friend who lived there at the time, and we hiked up past Bridal Veil Falls and beyond. And, then with my family we drove there in March of 2002, with several feet of snow, fun place anytime of year.

    Bon appetit!

    1. Ryan, it really is splendid in Telluride every time of year. Bet you have great memories of that solo bike ride. I would love to do something like that one day.

      Bridal Veil Falls is such an awesome hike ~ especially when you cross over the mountain to see Mirror Lake (I think thats what it’s called?!)

      Thanks for sharing 🙂