The Moncler Puffy Vest: Cult Favorite and Essential for Winter!

All the “It” girls have at least one piece of Moncler in their closet. There’s something about a Moncler vest that turns heads no matter where you go around the world. I always get compliments on mine. The shiny, quilted, puffy cult favorite Ghany vest is a staple. From there you can move into something longer, belted, fur trimmed or embellished. These layering pieces are investments, but they are durable and look great year after year. Treating yourself for the holidays? Grab one now and look fabulous all season long. Wear over your favorite sweaters or lighter puffy jackets. Also, you can layer under roomier winter coats as well. Never have I seen a down feather poke out in all of my Moncler. The quality is high and they provide the ultimate in luxury warmth, style and comfort.

The Moncler Puffy Vest: A Cult Favorite and Essential for Winter! This investment piece is essential for cold weather layering. Shop them all right here.
Moncler Ghany Vest in Navy Jeans: Mother Denim Belt: Louis Vuitton Rossignol Rooster Sweater, similar to mine 1, 2, 3, 4

Happy Moncler Puffy Vest Shopping!

~ Marla Meridith

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