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I am so excited to share TidyMom and her amazing recipes with you all. Not only does Cheryl (Mrs. TidyMom) have great tips, trick and techniques to make you the ultimate home maker. She does it all with tons of style, sass and wit. We became friends online about a year ago and now we are friends for reals which makes me so happy!

I turn to her often for great inspiration and if you don’t all ready know her then you must pop over to her place to *say hi*………..

Hi everyone! My name is Cheryl, and I’m flattered to be here posting on Marla’s lovely blog today… might even say a little intimidated! I first “met” Marla when she started leaving the sweetest comments on my blog and I just knew I needed to check her out. It was love at first click! I was so impressed with her recipes and what a fabulous job she does with feeding her family in such a healthy way (I started to wonder how she found her way to my site! hehe)

TidyMom guest post on

Marla graced my pages with a wonderful guest post (I have to be honest, she really dolled up my space with all her loveliness) and I got to know her a little better, but it wasn’t until this past July that I got to meet Marla in person at the EVO conference! And let me tell you….she is one little dynamo!! That girl has more energy and spunk than most people I know along with a sincere generosity to get to know others. She quickly welcomed me in as a friend and made me feel loved! I call her the Energizer Bunny, she just goes and goes!

So a little about me…… name is Cheryl, but many know me as TidyMom. I’m a self-proclaimed neat freak, who chronicles my journey through homemaking on my blog,, with posts on recipes, tutorials, crafting and my ever-growing love for photography. I’m a wife and mom with a teenager at home and a 20-something making her way into adulthood. So there’s always something fun and exciting going on while I clean up the trail blazed behind me!

Today I thought I’d share a few of my healthy favorites!

Fruit Dessert from TidyMom blog

We’ve had a hot hot summer here in Missouri, and this Banana Pineapple Italian Ice is a refreshing treat with no added sugar! So simple to make you’ll have no excuse NOT to make them!

Healthy grilled pizza recipe from TidyMom blog

Of course with all the heat, I try not to heat up the kitchen too often, so we grill outside a lot. Flour tortillas make the perfect crust for this Grilled Italian Pizza, which is a huge favorite with my family. They are quick and simple and everyone can top their own to their liking.

TidyMom recipe photo with dip and chips

I’ve been trying to incorporate beans into our diet lately. Beans are versatile, cheap and good for you! They are great protein packed snack for anyone who wants a quick, healthy choice to fuel their bodies. Beans will keep insulin levels in your body low, causing you to feel full for hours and preventing you from overeating later in the day. – MY kind of snack I say! We love this Caramelized Black Bean Butter.

Healthy tuna salad with salad greens

I’ve been pairing canellini beans with tuna for a protein packed lunch this summer! Canellini Bean and Tuna Salad can be severed over a bed of spinach, or tuck into a whole wheat pita for another variation.

Penne Frittata in a skillet recipe

When it’s not so hot, I love to cook in my cast iron skillet. Frittata are a favorite “clean out the fridge” dish that’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner!! This Penne Frittata is one we love and is even good left over, I’ve been known to tuck a slice in my daughter’s lunch box, she loves that!!

TidyMom guest post on

Thanks so much for having me Marla! I hope you all enjoyed some of my goodies!! I host a weekly party, on thursday evenings where bloggers can link up posts about anything they are loving (recipes, products, crafts, your family…anything) feel free to stop by and link up and or browse thru all the links at I’m Lovin’ It.

TidyMom guest post on blog

Feel free to contact me any time. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Pinterest. You can also find more recipes and even crafts and household tips on my blog TidyMom.

Thanks Cheryl! I hope you all have the opportunity to try her awesome family friendly recipes. I know I would love to dive into all these goodies now.

~ Marla Meridith

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39 thoughts on “TidyMom Guest Post

  1. Cheryl, your photography, your recipes, the fact that you’re a Mom (us busy moms need to stick together!)…always so inspiring.

    And Cheryl you look 30. I am always shocked that you have a 20something??!

    Marla is one of my dearest friends and I cherish our coffee meetups. I only wish I had the presence of mind to have attended Evo and met you too. I was traveling on a photography workshop in Mexico City though so that’s my excuse 🙂

    Great tag team, ladies.

    1. Thanks Averie! Not only does Cheryl look 30 (she is beautiful) but her hair is always perfect! At evo I was so impressed with her beautiful smile, fabulous wit and…….perfect hair. I met her daughter in Utah too, she is a gorgeous, sweet girl with a smile like her mamas. Cheryl & her family offer lots of inspiration to make the world a happier place. So glad I could share her with all of you. Next time hopefully we can all meet at evo ’12.

    2. lol thanks so much Averie. and yes, our oldest will turn 24 in November, and our youngest just turned 15 and got her drivers permit….pray for me! haha

    1. Hi Brenda….I know that Italian Ice looks amazing! Great for the crazy hot days so many folks are having. I can’t wait to try that savory bean dip.

  2. Thank you Marla for featuring Cheryl!

    What great looking dishes, and I love myself a good craft! And I too am in disbelief that you could possible have children that old! you look great girl 🙂

  3. I love the thin crusted pizza~crunchy and delicious! My other favorite to try is the bean/tuna salad! Cheryl’s awesome! 🙂

  4. Great guest post! Marla, thanks so much for introducing us to Cheryl! That canellini bean tuna salad looks killer — I had something similar for lunch today but with hardboiled egg instead of the beans!

    1. Faith, the eggs are a great twist to this salad. Any which way I love eggs. A great source of protein & energy sustain. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love these guest posts. What a great way to support each other and for devouted Marla followers (like myself) to learn about these ab fab bloggers. That pizza looks amazing Cheryl! I will be sure to visit your blog for more yummy ideas! Angie

  6. I think Cheryl is amazing. Great list of links there but my heart is on grilled Italian pizza! Can you send some 🙂 I agree with Cheryly (even though I have not met you in person) your energy and spunk is so positive and inspiring. xo

  7. Thanks for introducing Cheryl and her Tidy Mom blog – love all these healthy recipes and beautiful photography! The Banana Pineapple Italian Ice with no added sugar had me from the start.